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Thank you ladies for reading my Testimony... it is not easy putting it all out there for others to see and read. But, it is necessary for others to know how God can move mountains and how only He can bring all the shattered pieces of someone's life back together again!!!

There may be a member out there hurting.... they need to know that God/Jesus can do it all for them! There is always hope if they believe in Him.

Even in the 'Hereafter'! Amen!


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2/27/16 12:03 A

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Wow....what a beautiful story...thank you for letting us know how God worked, and changed your life! emoticon

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What an awesome story of how the Lord captured your heart and turned you towards HIM. Thanks sooo much for sharing.

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HELLO TEAM MEMBERS! Share your Story/Testimony with us. It can be very short, or you can pour your heart out! IT IS YOUR (STORY)TESTIMONY OF HOW YOU DECIDED TO FOLLOW/ACCEPT THE LORD!

AMEN! John 3:5
Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

This is MY Testimony:
For those of you who do not know me, my name is Phylis.
I live in the beautiful Adirondacks. Very secluded and we like it that way. My second husband and I owned a Motel/restaurant that we sold many years ago up here. I fell 3 years ago, injured my knee, had 2 surgeries and gained over 80 pounds. Henceforth, my reason for joining Sparks People.

My testimony is not that exciting, except that I was a late believer.
I was not raised as Christian in the real sense of the word. My parents would drop us kids off at Church and they would go back home and expect us to absorb something.

Then, they would fight all the time at home. I was raised in a very unloving, dysfunctional atmosphere. Probably why I eat all the time when I am feeling unhappy. Not sure about that.

Anyway, after my first marriage failed and I moved to the mountains of NY, with two kids in tow, I met my second husband. We both had issues and we both started drinking... a lot! This became a disastrous mess! I became pregnant and my alcohol consumption stopped but my husband's drinking did not. Needless to say... our marriage was failing. I needed help desperately...

We attended marriage counselling for a short while and he would not accept any responsibility and kept on drinking... he quit going to counselling. Our marriage, business and my well-being was at stake!!! I started going to Churches trying to find something that might help me... I WAS SO DESPERATE FOR SOMETHING TO SOOTHE MY SOUL!

I could not find any comfort in any of the churches that I went to. None of them were speaking to me. Not saying what I needed to hear. Finally one night, when my husband was passed out on the bathroom floor and we had received another Tax notice to close down our business, I went outside out back and sat on a huge rock. I cried out to the heavens. I cried out to God. I told Him I did not know what to do. I asked Him for help. I asked Jesus to save me. I told Him the situation I was in and that I needed Him to help me and to show me the way. I prayed to God and said that I was aware of all of my mistakes and would He forgive me......... I knew I was a terrible mother. I did a terrible thing when I was a teenager..and I would go out drinking and leave my children with a babysitter when I should have spent time with them...I felt so guilty, ... I did this too often. I felt so broken.
I prayed.

After that night... I felt different... calmer.... relieved.
Somehow I knew things will be alright. I prayed more. I started to think clearly. I continued to seek different churches, and felt at home in a local Baptist church.
I asked God for His wisdom. I started an Al-Anon Group in my town! I sought help for myself and got it!!! I started taking better care of myself and my children(5 at the time)...
I focused on us, not the alcoholic. Things actually started to get better.

I finally had the strength to tell my husband that if he did not get his act together that I would move out of the business and the house and take the children also! And I would seek
counsel and use his addiction as the reason!!!

We both agreed to put the business up for sale, it was loosing money drastically!

I told him he needed help. He was terrible to us when he was drunk. At first he wasn't ready. But, he did not want to be alone with the business. He agreed and he has not had a drink ever since...... It has not been easy! He is still a 'dry drunk', but he is a good man! A loving man. And I do love him in spite of everything. He is forgiven by me. He accepted the Lord, 7 years after he stopped drinking! AMEN!!!

That was the summer of 1995. I was baptized into the house of the Lord on 11/12/95.

Two of our five children are believers of Jesus! Amen, we are still praying and never stop for the other three! It is all in God's timing. Also, my first husband and I are good friends now. Life is so good, with Jesus in it!!! Praise the Lord!

Share your Testimony if you'd like. Let us know how God worked, and changed your life! Amen!


Write your story:

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