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11/26/12 5:53 P

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every day offers a new start. learn lessons from past sins - but start fresh. get rid of stuff that should not be put into your mouth and have all the best things on hand. even if you overdo it on apples, oranges, celery and low fat cheese etc - you won't do a lot of harm.
i too am in a care giver role and to say it is 'stressful' is an understatement.
set some time aside for yourself - have some friends you can net work with, or call when you need to talk to some one .
feel free to send a spark note and keep in touch - all the best

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11/26/12 9:01 A

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The things you mention are not unfamiliar to me!
Stressors, and starting out with a healthy breakfast.

My personal idea is that it's important to become less not more tough with myself. Being very tough and demanding too much of myself disturbed my relationship with myself AND with food to begin with, I sometimes think.
I also think to myself that it's important to just keep trying and looking for tools and to keep moving in the direction that you want to go. It's not about doing it perfect but about continueing in the right direction even if there are bumps and holes in the road.

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11/26/12 6:31 A

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Don't give up,all is not lost.
Just keep on going doing right choices from now on!
emoticon emoticon

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11/25/12 10:15 P

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support tough or loving is what this team is about.
keep telling yourself that you are worth good care. hard concept I has taken me years to grasp but I don't buy or use rubbish in any area of my life so I am trying not to do it with food.
just remember no self punishment just try to make the next food choice healthy
oh and welcome to the team

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11/25/12 3:59 P

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Not much else to do except occupy yourself pleasurably or productively until the next appropriate time to eat.

I often tell people to be tough on themselves (not nasty or insulting, just tough) BEFORE the binge, but gentle afterwards, mostly because the other way around doesn't work.

Bingeing is a habit we have perfected after pairing overeating with many situations. The situations are not going to go away, but we can unhook the behavior with repeated practice and remembering that nothing makes us binge except us actually putting the food in our mouths over and over. We can feel stressed and feel the urges to eat without participating. They can feel irritating, nerve-wracking, annoying, and even excruciating, but they are tolerable and certainly less horrible than many other possibilities. emoticon It can take a long time between knowledge and action, but we just keep moving.

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*Get to the next meal hungry!

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11/25/12 2:52 P

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Ironically after trying a healthy breakfast, I went totally off the hook with leftover home made chili, a bunch of guacamole (not a healthy or diet version at all), and a whole stack of Ritz crackers. I did put some hot sauce on it and took my vitamins afterwards, but have started the day feeling bloated and like I want a nap.

It's not like this is a "bad day", I have had "cheat days" since Thanksgiving. The main difference is now I started a day on the wrong foot. I have read various forum threads and blog entries with advice. I just want to try a virtual support group.

I do have a lot of stressors as in a roommate in the hospital with diabetic complications in her feet and one leg that not only put her in danger of amputation of one of the feet and possibly part of the leg, it reminds me I need to get my life in order so I don't end up like that. She's 74 and I'm 44. Uncertainty about my employment, I am her caregiver as well and life in general and I just snapped again this morning. I have distracted myself from binges and will try to make the best of the rest of today, but want establish a support system to stop binges before they happen.

Thanks for reading this and any advice, even "tough love" type responses welcome.

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