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7/20/15 1:48 P

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Thanks everyone for sharing and your words of wisdom! Tucker is napping as I type. He's been having lots of fun with his new toys and has a healthy appetite. He's also been interacting with his older brother and sister quite a bit. It's pretty comical to watch him try to jump up and grab their tails!
I'm feeling confident that he'll be a strong, healthy baby boy! And yes, I too believe he landed on my doorstep (literally!) at work for a reason.

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7/20/15 3:59 A

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When I worked at a vet clinic, one of our best clients came in with a mama cat and two kittens. The client had rescued a whole feral colony and moved them to her new home 75 miles away. She was an awesome lady. My coworker had found a newborn kitten whose mother had been hit by a car, and we asked the client if she would be willing to take on the orphan kitten. Her mama cat was more than happy to have another baby. Anyway, we promised we'd find homes for the kittens when the time came. At five weeks of age, they came down with a respiratory illness and needed treatment. That was fun. They lived in the clinic for three weeks, then my coworker took the orphan kitten back and I took the two boys. They turned out to be awesome kitties.

They were too young to be taken from mama, but too sick to stay with her. We encouraged feeding by adding tuna water or clam juice to their food or small bits of sardines -- really stinky stuff since they couldn't smell very well. We also pureed and watered down food and syringe-fed until they were back on their feet. They slept in a crate with plenty of baby blankets and towels for warmth. We tried a hot water bottle, but somehow the little buggers popped the thing and spent a wet night.

The main thing the kitten will need is attention. Once the kittens were over their illness, I had a female cat that was more than happy to show them the ropes. And I, too, had six cats in the house at that time (and still have six (different) cats now). Good luck with your furry baby -- he picked you for a reason!

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A few years ago, when I lived out in the country, I discovered a half-grown kitten living under my house. I started leaving out some cat food for her. Then a few weeks later, I discovered she had had kittens under my house. I contacted a place called Kitten Rescue (an organization in my town especially for kittens). They loaned me a live catch trap and instructed me that once I had captured the creatures, that I should take them to the vet for a checkup and keep them in my bathroom to get them used to human contact (since it is a room that has frequent use). They said they would pay for the spaying once her kittens were weaned. I had friends come and have petting sessions with the kitties. Then after weaning, I kept the mom and gave the kittens to good homes.

The vet commented that she was pretty young - about 6 months - to already have her first pregnancy.

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Just lots of love and patience. We have three seniors and last year, ended up with three, three week old kittens. We bottle fed them until eight weeks. They were in a wood pile my son was cleaning up. Two copperheads were on the other side of them. The owners had a rottweiler that was a hundred pounder named cupcake. We moved them to a safe place, figuring mom would come back for them. They were well taken care of. The next morning, they hadn't been fed and we searched for the momma. She had been killed by a car. So home they came, temporarily.

They're a year old now. Happy, healthy and everywhere. Yes, we have six in the house. The same day they showed up, we had two feral cats show up. $$$s later, the girls have blended well into the family. Each taking on a senior and their personalities. The upside is the bug their seniors and the old girls are getting more exercise under duress. Lol

Sounds like he was sent to you for a reason emoticon

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7/19/15 10:05 P

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Hi Everyone!

My husband and I are the proud parents of two 11 yr old Cats (Sister and Brother) and recently introduced a new family member. The new addition is a 5 week old kitten that was abandoned near my office. His name is Tucker. When I brought him home last week, I took him to our Vet for an exam and de-worming. The first week he did fine, slept a lot (not too unusual for a baby...) was playful and had an ok appetite. Yesterday, he was having respiratory issues so my husband took him to the nearby Emergency Vet and we discovered that he has parasites. He was able to come home, is on a couple of meds, and seems to be doing ok.
Looking for any advice from team members who have experience with abandoned kittens.
Look forward to getting to know my fellow cat lovers!

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