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1/26/10 9:58 A

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My trainer said not to go by the BMI. I know it's hard because everyone does but it's how you feel comfortable. I need to get down to 185(5 more) to get out of the obese category and 159(25 more) to get out of the overweight category so like others said I focus on 10 pounds at a time. It takes me longer but the scale is still going down and not up. Pick a weight shoot for it and then see how you feel at that weight. Do you feel good? do you need to tone? do you want to loose 5 more? but get to you personal goal weight before you let the masses tell you how your supposed to feel. I am exstatic to finally be in a size 14 but can't wait to get into a 12... then 10...etc

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1/25/10 4:18 P

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My goal is to lose 130 pounds...that's to get me out of Obese, through overweight, and into healthy. I find my motivation in every individual pound, breaking it down into smaller lumps. First it was the first 15, the it was the first 25, then it was half-way. And now, with 80 pounds down, and the seemingly daunting 50 to go, I find motivation in each pound. Each one is a new frontier crossed. Each day I'm lighter than I've ever been, thinner than I was in college, and one step closer to my goal.

Good luck on your journey, you can do it!

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1/25/10 2:42 P

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I think the best thing you could do is to try not to look at it as one large amount of weight and instead, break it down into smaller goals. Also be sure to give yourself lots of rewards along the way as you cross different milestones. I've made a list of goals for myself (some weight loss, others healthy-lifestyle oriented), and I reward myself after each one. I have small rewards every five pounds that I lose, but the rewards increase in size as I get closer and closer to my goal. Working on the weight loss five pounds at a time feels way more manageable than thinking about the 75 lbs. that I started out needing to lose. It also builds momentum to keep me going. One of my non-scale goals, for example, is to drink 64oz of water every day. I have set myself up to earn rewards after 50, 100, and 150 consecutive days. As of today, I've done 25 days straight of drinking my water, and there's no way that I'd give up that streak because it seems like such a long amount of time to have to do over. Even if I have to guzzle 64oz before bed and pee all night long, I'd keep the streak going because I want to get to my rewards. emoticon

Try to turn it into a game with yourself, and break it down into baby steps. You'll be much more successful if you allow yourself many victories worth celebrating along the way.


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1/25/10 2:41 P

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Start with the 46 and make that your goal.

That goal gave you a pleasant feeling - so work with that - and tackle it one week at a time.

I guarantee that when you meet your first goal you'll be too excited to stop!

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1/25/10 2:37 P

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I'm sorry for the blow. Just think of it in small chunks. Don't focus on the big number. I need to lose 70 to 80 lbs as well and I am just focusing on 20 lbs at a time. It will come. You can do it! We can do it together!! Chin up!

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1/25/10 2:31 P

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when I signed up here last week, I took the automated goal weight by the tool and was pleasantly surprised to see I only needed to lose 46 pounds.

Then I did some more research and realized that even that goal still puts me in an unhealthy and overweight BMI.

In fact, to reach a healthy BMI, I must lose 69 pounds. Talk about a kick in the stomach. 23 pounds difference. A small number but still seems to sting. I'm approaching 33 this year and I don't see it as possible to reach that goal weight ever. I weighed that much in my early university years, when I had 2 jobs, ran from class to class and my work, and had no money to eat. How do you put those feelings behind you? How do you find the motivation? How do you do it....period?

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