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8/15/20 3:59 P
Use emoticon to show your feelings today SYEATS618 24333 WALKZWDOGZ
8/15/20 3:57 P
Q: What veggie and fruit did you have today? MONDAYLINS 1172 WALKZWDOGZ
8/15/20 3:56 P
Emoticon check-in: how you're feeling or say HI! WALKZWDOGZ 1954 WALKZWDOGZ
8/15/20 3:54 P
8/15/20 3:53 P
keep the dog on the 1st page EVELYNIA 3074 LEARN211
8/15/20 4:42 P
Keep the doggie walking ! KAYWEB555 8891 WALKZWDOGZ
8/15/20 3:51 P
Coffee today? CD494922 138391 WALKZWDOGZ
8/15/20 3:50 P
8/15/20 10:13 A
Keep the Dog on the first page ANHELIC 24 LEARN211
8/11/20 9:48 P
Welcome to the team! Intros here only, plz MONDAYLINS 14 WALKZWDOGZ
8/4/20 2:49 P
What is the weather like outside where you are? FATROCKSTAR 682 HICKOK-HALEY
7/27/20 4:30 P
Years ago my therapist advised me to be around dogs, horses and nature to help relieve my anxiety an DEBBRALE 8 WALKZWDOGZ
7/15/20 1:21 A
I need a jar of positivity! SOUTHERNJAVA 147 CRETACEOUS
7/14/20 12:23 P
I love waterfalls. This one is at a local park I walk and hike at with the doggies. GINGERMONKEY21 16 ARNETTELEE
7/14/20 6:57 A
lost 0.6 pounds....yes I know that's not a lot - but its a lower weight than I have been in almost a CURIOUS2020 13 GEORGE815
7/13/20 2:55 P
Posted a photo DEBBRALE 13 JERSEYGIRL24
7/12/20 11:09 P
Ran into a baby skunk on my evening walk! MSMOSTIMPROVED 13 CKOUDSI617
7/10/20 10:17 A
I hope everyone decides to become what they will. Our dachshund Chrissy doesn't even bother with the RREDFORD5 22 WALKZWDOGZ
5/28/20 3:02 P
Lol! I admit I drank a little more coffee than usual to get my day started! Still working on it!😀😁 MYKDSRDRVNMECRZ 16 LILIANN400
5/28/20 5:42 P
Posted a photo 3VEGGIES 19 ROCKYCPA
5/26/20 8:15 P
Breakfast was a Premier Protein caramel in my coffee after communing with Odin the Odious aka my tre WYTCHHAZYL 8 KOHINOOR2
5/25/20 8:11 P
... and disinfecting everything in sight! NANHBH 20 ROCKYCPA
5/23/20 9:03 P
Cannot believe I spent 760 calories on this. And also a 360 calorie smoothie. My calorie allotment w ELECTRICBLU 17 CHERRYZMB60
5/19/20 10:03 P
Starting to change my life all over again. Kitten is helping me deal with my depression today. CENEALMAHER 9 DENNIS99707
5/19/20 9:07 P
Hi I’m new to this and just wanted to introduce myself. TANGICARTER 9 LIZZYMITCH
5/19/20 9:11 P
Hello! I’m new to Spark and I hope this helps me be more conscientious about what we are eating and NSORI14 9 NOCALORIES
5/19/20 11:03 P
Poor planning and letting myself get to hungry ended in a queso burger from sonic. 800 calories in o MISSJULIADALE 5 MARY879800
5/19/20 9:30 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 18 GOODGETNBETR
5/16/20 2:23 A
Message Removed CD24318490 26 ALLYLIZZY
5/15/20 12:47 P
Y’all it’s a start just finished my Dance and Be Fit only 10 minutes but hey like I said it’s a star DELIALAYNE635 6 BONNIE1552
5/13/20 3:23 P
Posted a photo SBCABELL 238 KAYDE53
5/13/20 5:59 P
Workout buddy and me. Yoga day! ME4ME 20 GERRYH2
5/11/20 7:17 A
God Bless the creators air frying technology. Pork chops nice and crispy without frying in oil! MRSPOLLY 23 EVIE4NOW
5/10/20 11:25 P
Happy Mother’s Day to all women!! In my book, you are a ‘mother’ if you have children and/or fur bab JER-BER 19 ALLYLIZZY
5/11/20 12:32 P
How Are You Feeling? (with emoticon) -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 5531 -WRKNG2ABTTRME-
6/22/20 1:46 P
390 cal. a slice 😬😏🤤 ROCALOCABRUSH 13 PURPLEMOON1
5/2/20 10:42 P
Let’s see how we react to this....🤔 BELLAAURORA 15 1CRAZYDOG
5/3/20 5:46 P
5/3/20 4:40 A
Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 113 GMACAMI
4/15/20 1:29 P
Basset stroll as sporting event? WALKZWDOGZ 3 HICKOK-HALEY
4/7/20 7:44 P
Okay this is going to be long I’m sorry it’s not my usually post but we’ll but ... i just lost my b ENNAZUS176 13 ENNAZUS176
3/1/20 8:51 A
Here is my Polor. She is such a baby. Has to be by her moma all the time. Keeps me company. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 43 GABY1948
2/29/20 1:50 P
Saw this girl on the SPCA website yesterday and fell in love so adopted her today. She is 12 year o RUNNINGBEARS80 69 ALLYLIZZY
2/9/20 12:58 P
2/3/20 6:08 P
a team member was listed by SparkPeople as having just written a blog but when I clicked on it they GRALAN 6 OOLALA53
1/13/20 6:50 A
Well I’m having a great time weeding in the Community Garden. I have to admit I am getting tired of SNOWTGRR 6 LOF7203
1/13/20 4:52 A
Three Word Movie Titles SWEATERPUPS 3820 REDPEPPERS
7/3/20 3:37 P
One Word Movie Titles ANDREWMOM 5503 TOJOHO2005
8/4/20 12:33 A
Post a Butterly for a Missed Loved One PATJOONWW 13362 MINDYJ1
8/15/20 2:14 P
Meet Sauli and Picasso. KRISUA 16 KRISUA
1/1/20 12:52 P
Posted a photo MCASKEY6 21 BERRY4
12/23/19 1:34 A
Some days are like that... BOOKNUT52 7 _RAMONA
12/17/19 10:54 A
Great Reminder!! TFOSTER1978 16 CAR227
12/14/19 11:04 A
This is why it's so very difficult to eat healthy 😟 Everything shown has gone bad. That's broccoli BONZOBEAR720 14 LITTLEWIND53
12/11/19 6:26 P
Logging of & Shutting down very early today. But before doing so I wanted to share this sweet pictur HAPPY-CATHE 28 PATRICIA-CR
12/12/19 10:59 A
I walked at midday, after much deliberation on whether to walk early or late today. Good thing I did LESLIELENORE 17 WIZARDHOWL
12/13/19 5:09 P
My me time today consists of sitting in front of the wood stove and reading, with dogs curled up all LESLIELENORE 32 WIZARDHOWL
12/13/19 5:08 P
I am 72 and trying to get healthier. Lot harder when you get older but I take one day at a time. My HONEY333 20 WALKZWDOGZ
12/11/19 5:36 P
Message Removed CD25331128 13 IAMAGEMLOVER
12/11/19 8:49 A
Wishing Sparkers & their pets a safe, happy HOWLiday! (Add whole nutmegs to this list. Rosemary ca WALKZWDOGZ 13 EVIE4NOW
11/28/19 11:23 P
I really need to start taking care of myself. I’ve been getting sore rashes in my groin and under my LITTLEMISSMOUSE 18 WIZARDHOWL
11/22/19 11:59 P
Hey @stillsparkleigh - an homage to your Dr Seuss post the other day. I get extra points for being d DAD_AINT_HIP 27 ERIN_POSCH
11/17/19 8:58 A
The weather where I live is cold and windy right now. I need to go to the gym. All I really want to 77SUNFLOWER3 10 EVIE4NOW
10/29/19 11:40 P
8/8/20 7:35 P
Are U Happy with UR weather day? MBSKIT 233 MOMMA48
11/17/19 1:01 P
I am gaining and not losing. Ready to give up. At my age it seems so hard to lose. Can't exercise m HONEY333 12 ALLYLIZZY
10/22/19 1:24 P
Got an air fryer today... any advice, ideas? Was thinking of some wings... 🤔 MILA_K 7 GEORGE815
10/19/19 4:34 P
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 40 GEORGE815
10/18/19 1:30 P
I know this is not a place for Psychotheraphy for family issues but if i stay alone and speak to mys MSFIGGY 15 SLIMMERKIWI
10/29/19 7:44 P
10/18/19 9:41 A
Posted a photo DIVAGLOW 21 LIS193
10/17/19 2:32 A
Been a long day. Have a friend in the hospital. She has a infection in her bladder after hernia surg LIVINGLOVINLIFE 20 STAR135000
10/15/19 11:43 P
Why am I hungry at night!? 😭 BEGINNER13 11 FRISKYCRITTER
10/15/19 11:41 A
I guess will try for an early morning workout. I'm kinda catted in. 😄 Listening to a lovely thund LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 25 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
10/16/19 10:05 P