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I'm finding it hard to keep track after home for almost a month. Anybody else? EVIE4NOW 48 CEEDEEJEY
4/6/20 11:26 A
3 weeks of staying home = Puzzle #3 This puzzle is the reason I didn't get my steps yesterday... CINDY247 30 IAMAGEMLOVER
4/6/20 9:22 A
Have you ever worked on your family tree? LITTLEREDHEN8 32 MOMMACAT57
4/6/20 10:42 A
How are you spending your Sunday . . . Paging through historic moments Evaluating Best Leaders: C JAMESEVER 10 LIL-VIXEN
4/5/20 10:09 P
Lots of functional fitness today, hauling the remaining trash from the last summer’s flash flood (tw AMYINTHEWILD 36 TMP0418
4/6/20 6:50 A
☀️ LOTS of Sunshine and Movement Today ☀️#fitnessfeats #haveagoodnightyall #happy😁 STILLSPARKLEIGH 38 GINNABOOTS
4/6/20 9:18 A
I can't wait until they reopen the parks! I want to go rollerskating! I do what I can inside the hou SURFIE 16 PATRICIA-CR
4/6/20 7:49 A
My famous Smothered Shrimp & Bacon for dinner. It' DEDICATED2ME32 18 EVIE4NOW
4/5/20 10:52 P
Post Something Orange! MUGSYMOM 7341 NASFKAB
4/6/20 11:18 A
Post something blue! MINDYJ1 10473 NASFKAB
4/6/20 11:19 A
Post something red MINDYJ1 18355 NASFKAB
4/5/20 9:28 P
A-Z Name Fruits or Vegetables REDPEPPERQUEEN 2091 LISAMARIE2015
4/5/20 9:39 P
Name a CITY, anywhere Ato Z WOLFSPIRITS 64133 ALFBUNDY
4/6/20 9:47 A
I do love functional fitness! Vegetable bed is prepped, seeds are started. Got the kids involved a ROCKYCATSMAMMA 30 -POOKIE-
4/6/20 3:15 A
4/6/20 8:52 A
Laney Grey is doing her best with social distancing. In the first pic she is clearly active. 2nd pi LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 19 7STIGGYMT
4/5/20 4:27 P
Today, I am reminded of the palm branch handed to me in Rome Then: 175 pounds Now: 175 pounds The JAMESEVER 7 GEORGE815
4/5/20 2:45 P
So I knew those 4X shirts would come in handy some HOOAH19766 37 KAYDE53
4/5/20 8:31 P
Have a relaxing Sunday! 💕 ALLYLIZZY 41 GINNABOOTS
4/5/20 4:56 P
Two pancakes with boysenberry syrup, and coffee with creamer on the side for breakfast this morning. ALLYLIZZY 29 TMP0418
4/5/20 5:47 P
Today's results . . . #Saturdaysaremad de4talkingonthephone JAMESEVER 12 NENEBFIT
4/5/20 11:06 A
4/5/20 12:17 P
Afternoon after almost 1/2 inch rain! (Yay!) PCK12J 14 JAMESEVER
4/5/20 8:44 A
There was a time when I let my pride and ego run the show. I didn't need anybody or anything I was j DLBEASYRIDER 4 SURFIE
4/4/20 2:48 P
I baked almond flour and almond butter chocolate chip cookies last night. The ones with walnuts were ALLYLIZZY 22 AMYINTHEWILD
4/4/20 7:44 P
Happy International Carrot Day! PCK12J 9 GEORGE815
4/4/20 5:01 P
Hahaha 😆. So true HOOAH19766 13 RREDFORD5
4/4/20 10:34 P
I felt encouraged seeing my stats for March. My lifting minutes may be down but my miles sure are up LORI-K 23 JAMER123
4/5/20 10:52 P
Woke Up Feeling Positive and HOPEFUL!!! Scrolled the feed and was drawn to some awesome posts from @ STILLSPARKLEIGH 55 SURFIE
4/4/20 9:12 A
How are you creating your happiness . . . #kaleyeah!&friends JAMESEVER 8 JAMESEVER
4/4/20 3:28 P
Had a bit of FUN in the SUN ☀️ today 🚴🏼‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ and got a few check marks ✅✅✅ from #foodf STILLSPARKLEIGH 39 JAMESEVER
4/4/20 7:24 P
Very productive day! Disinfected the house, washed clothes, notes for two math course, take home tes DEDICATED2ME32 14 PIPPAMOUSE
4/4/20 1:15 P
4/4/20 1:25 P
Day 1 of Georgia officially being on Stay at home. Had to go to the gro. store for both us and MIL. JEANUT 13 DEE107
4/4/20 12:16 A
I hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday! IOWAGIRLRUNS1 26 GARDENCHRIS
4/4/20 3:27 P
4/3/20 10:48 P
Happy Friday! 💕☕️ Enjoy your morning coffee. ALLYLIZZY 23 AMYINTHEWILD
4/3/20 10:51 P
Sauteed salmon and asparagus in garlic butter. Mango salsa on the side, with a fresh spring salad! B DLBEASYRIDER 19 ALLYLIZZY
4/3/20 10:44 P
Today's results . . . #remembranceofth hingspast photos: favorite memories: Meze, France & Paris JAMESEVER 4 SURFIE
4/3/20 7:17 A
Made Progress on April Goals... I started #fitnessfeats to go along with #foodfeats.... I like that STILLSPARKLEIGH 37 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
4/3/20 2:17 P
I decided to make a big dinner for my family and I tonight... Salmon, mixed vegetables, macaroni a ALLYLIZZY 9 F5-FURY
4/4/20 12:47 A
:):)Spread Smiles! LITTLEREDHEN8 41 HAPPYDAZ1
4/4/20 8:41 P
TGIF!!!!!!🤪. Stay safe out there everybody Hope everybody's doing well Happy Friday HOOAH19766 29 CANDLES9103
4/3/20 4:04 P
The second hardest thing I have ever done was to admit I had a problem. The hardest thing I have eve DLBEASYRIDER 11 KOSHIE1
4/2/20 9:43 P
RECORD BREAKING DAY!! I've never done so many step DEDICATED2ME32 26 ALLYLIZZY
4/3/20 11:50 A
Daily Reminder Have a great Thursday Spark Friends! PELESJEWEL 21 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
4/3/20 2:25 P
Went on a beautiful hike yesterday! We are having warm weather! It will be 58 today and in the 60’s GINNABOOTS 36 FLASUN
4/3/20 3:21 A
4/2/20 9:55 P
Happy winds day!!! DLBEASYRIDER 8 SURFIE
4/1/20 9:23 P
Windy or calm, rain or shine, what a beautiful day it is! Happy winds day to all! DLBEASYRIDER 11 SURFIE
4/1/20 9:22 P
Happy Wednesday! Stay safe and Have a wonderful day. God bless you on your journey 🙂😷 #letyou CARLOSLAKELAND 23 CGARR442
4/1/20 9:30 P
Happy April! #We'reallinthistogether PCK12J 23 ALLYLIZZY
4/3/20 11:59 A
Today's results . . . JAMESEVER 8 CSROBERTSON621
4/1/20 10:26 P
Had a rough day emotionally.... just really trying to do a lot for my family right now, and stretche STILLSPARKLEIGH 36 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
4/3/20 2:27 P
FIT OR FAT? I’m working on FIT! Happy Wednesday, HAPPY APRIL! PELESJEWEL 25 CANDLES9103
4/1/20 8:18 P
My daughters teacher sent a home school activity to reach out in our community to make somebody smil -POOKIE- 27 GABY1948
4/2/20 2:55 P
Given everything that's going on, and the lack of tracking recently I was expecting a gain. I'll ta ROCKYCATSMAMMA 9 DUCKTURNIP
4/5/20 6:42 P
This was lunch. Work from home is challenging but I'm getting spoiled by being able to prep a fresh ROCKYCATSMAMMA 27 TCANNO
4/2/20 3:10 A
Happy Wednesday! 🌞 SURFIE 29 JAMESEVER
4/2/20 2:26 P
In honor of a fallen officer due to complications from coronavirus in our county. She passed away t PCK12J 19 PCK12J
4/1/20 12:17 P
Today's results . . . JAMESEVER 20 GRANNYOF05
4/1/20 9:01 A
My climbing rose is really filling out. My boy; cause he's handsome. What constellation is this? I t FIREBRTHR 21 SURFIE
4/1/20 5:30 A
Sam made me laugh 😊♥️ Sam made me hungry Sam made me happy PELESJEWEL 18 NANHBH
4/1/20 4:45 P
4/1/20 12:41 P
This evening's color show. Bday flowers and cake. 44 today. Next year hopefully I'll be on a cruise FIREBRTHR 38 ALLYLIZZY
4/1/20 1:55 P
Despite all that is happening right now we just need to remember to remain positive and find the joy PAMBROWN62 23 7STIGGYMT
4/1/20 5:04 P
Thanks so much for the support this month as I rebuilt some basic wellness habits. Really glad I cha STILLSPARKLEIGH 38 JAMESEVER
4/2/20 2:27 P
Today was a GREAT DAY!!! Recharged my SOUL with some time in the saddle 🚴🏼‍♀️ #moveit and drank th STILLSPARKLEIGH 22 PCK12J
3/31/20 10:26 P
💪🏼💪🏼 Finish MARCH STRONG 💪🏼💪🏼 #consistenteffortwinstherace #push #gogoGO! STILLSPARKLEIGH 25 PCK12J
3/31/20 10:24 P
Routines change results . . . My daily start: 1. One chapter of Proverbs 2. Listen to Walk With t JAMESEVER 4 SURFIE
3/31/20 7:02 P
Happy Monday! Have a great week everyone! Take Good Care! Social Distancing & Shelter In Place, #fl PELESJEWEL 35 NANHBH
3/31/20 6:27 P
Woo hoo. Finally got my first 2500 monthly active minutes! BBBONNIE1 14 GEORGE815
3/30/20 5:35 P
Remember the picture of the red rose I posted the other day? This is the same rose after it bloomed. ALLYLIZZY 22 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
3/31/20 11:36 A
High in fiber tortilla ole BLANCAROMERO4 14 L_DROUIN
3/31/20 4:14 A
Some friends just left these on my porch for me, then text me to tell me to check my porch!! It was IOWAGIRLRUNS1 28 GARDENCHRIS
3/31/20 1:06 P