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My Mum would be proud of me doing this and my biggest cheer leader. Miss that laugh X ZOOMTHOM 6 AZIL5678
8/6/20 11:33 P
Finally have every flower bed and the patio weeded. I can now sit and enjoy the yard before startin STORKBYTE 2 SCHRADER5
7/1/20 8:19 P
Feeling sad. 😢. My sister passed away today. May she R.I.P. I will remember her when she was str PAMBROWN62 40 SDEHNKE
5/20/20 7:04 P
My sweet fur babies! Love these 2 so much. Sisters from the same litter. They are so attached to eac SCHRADER5 20 ORTATK
5/20/20 8:50 A
Rainy day in Ohio! Getting back in the swing of things! One Day at a time!👍 SCHRADER5 2 JWINKSLLC
5/19/20 8:20 P
Hi! Been quite awhile since, I 've been here. Been having a tough time. Going to work on being healt SCHRADER5 10 SCHRADER5
5/19/20 7:37 P
Hi, been a few days since I touched base.Been having a very painful 4 days with and RA flare. So har SCHRADER5 9 GOODGETNBETR
3/16/20 12:32 A
Hi, been having a much better week with my tracking. Staying within my calories. We'll see how it go SCHRADER5 5 NENEBFIT
3/5/20 9:28 P
Hi, took awhile to get my mind set back on track. 2 weeks of doing all the half measures.Going into SCHRADER5 8 JULIENSMITH
3/3/20 10:42 A
Had a bad day yesterday.Went to RA Dr. 2 days ago. RA has progressed. Threw me into a tail spin. Add SCHRADER5 4 JULIENSMITH
3/3/20 10:44 A
Workin' on them gainz, right?! 😂 #gainztrain #grindhardshinehard SURFIE 27 _RAMONA
2/26/20 3:13 P
Tracking has paid off. Down on the scale. Happy that I'm back on track. Eating healthier. Great deci SCHRADER5 8 GEORGE815
2/24/20 2:34 P
Hi, tracking every day...Finding out why I'm gaining weight. Because I'm eating way to much. To many SCHRADER5 4 RREDFORD5
2/20/20 11:36 A
Today's my birthday! 66 today! But, still 27 in spirit! Sort of a big deal since I was critically i ASF220 163 ASF220
2/21/20 11:45 A
Hi, had a better day with my eating today. Didn't go over my on my calories. So I'm really happy! W SCHRADER5 6 SILVERSPARROW04
2/20/20 11:45 A
Hi, finally made it back today. Things have been crazy the last 6 months. Better frame of mind. Than SCHRADER5 3 RREDFORD5
2/17/20 9:34 P
Happy birthday Ronnie! 🎂🎈🎉🎁♥️ She turned 4 years old on Valentine's day! It's a huge deal to me OPTICALXILLUSIO 21 FIREBRTHR
2/19/20 6:52 P
Saw the oncologist today. I was 5 pounds less than my last appointment, down15 pounds since my firs KARMANNPOWELL 27 MJ7DM33
2/17/20 10:02 P
I just had to share this. 2 years and 29 days ago I started at 298 pounds, size 26/28 pants. Last OLAFIT2020 245 48JOYCE
5/9/20 2:12 P
TEAM BONUS POINTS...How Many Did You Get? CD16633328 2246 KURTZIE1998
9/29/20 9:27 P
Did You Use the Trackers Today? -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 229 KATHRYNGC
1/20/21 11:05 P
WooHoo to drinking water today. CD16633328 1228 KATHRYNGC
1/20/21 11:06 P
3/1/19 9:52 P
3/1/19 9:49 P
Come on In For A Hug or a Hi... CD16633328 1347 BARBIEE52
3/11/20 7:40 P
12/24/18 7:28 A
New Member! CHANGINGSHARON 58 CD16571910
12/31/18 3:27 A
What team do you represent? KPACE7 529 SHERRI1BEE
12/12/20 8:42 A
Where are you??? TLARNOLD1974 69 CD16571910
2/26/19 3:10 A
QUESTION OF THE DAY..... .??????? CD16633328 1818 LJK091354
8/5/18 8:03 A
What Exercise Did You Do For 10 Minutes Today? EARTHSEAME 33753 TCANNO
1/21/21 4:51 P
What Time Is It In Your Neck of the Woods... CD16633328 195 BARCLE
5/19/19 12:54 A
1/3/21 9:59 P
1/8/21 10:24 P
What Fruit or Vegetable did You have Today? CD17276793 672 WANT2BTRIM
1/18/21 4:42 P