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write the first word this word makes you think of KEEPITUP 100983 PEGJW111
12/11/19 4:09 P
12/11/19 1:54 P
Been terribly naughty and have not fulfilled my required red meat intake the last few days. So today MSGNIX 10 REDWHALEY
10/16/19 7:44 A
Parenting teenagers is so much fun. REDWHALEY 11 ALLTHINGSNEW81
10/16/19 9:11 A
Today it's a good day to have a good day. SPARKLYEYES71 9 CHERYLHURT
10/16/19 8:19 A
10/17/19 2:08 A
Here is my fall pot garden. I love the fall. The colors seem so much brighter. I hope you enjoy th RUTHIEBEAR 39 1CRAZYDOG
10/16/19 4:50 P
Going to dr. for bloodwork this morning. THETROUT 7 THETROUT
10/31/19 7:28 A
Have a great Hump Day! HEALTHYME98 26 RREDFORD5
10/16/19 10:08 A
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 19 REGILIEH
10/15/19 10:12 A
Easiest Way to get moving! 10 minutes at a time if you must.... those add up too! 😊 Such a gorgeous STILLSPARKLEIGH 31 ALLYLIZZY
10/15/19 9:06 P
I lost weight over thanksgiving weekend. #trackingsuccess REDWHALEY 6 JRDUPREE
10/15/19 10:54 A
Post 7 messages for 21 points FLYER99 230165 PEGJW111
12/11/19 7:11 P
Change or Rearrange a Letter RMUL2013 1359 LIZOFSTAD
12/11/19 3:27 P
Hello spark friends.. I thought that I would update you about my little great-grandson who is 10 yea MHUMBERS1950 43 TMP0418
10/12/19 7:32 A
Rough day. Tomorrow's another fresh start. REDWHALEY 3 EVIE4NOW
10/11/19 11:09 P
10/12/19 12:08 P
Hi , First time posting. I was mad at myself today, ate some junk food that I set myself up for. Sho DARIARN 5 EVIE4NOW
10/11/19 11:28 P
That darkness on my shirt is pure sweat. I worked hard at my run at the gym today. HUFFELPOWELL16 15 EVIE4NOW
10/11/19 11:11 P
Tracked all food and activity #trackingcomplete RCLYKE 3 EVIE4NOW
10/11/19 11:26 P
Forgiveness is setting the prisoner free, only to find out that the prisoner was me. Corrie Ten Bo 1CRAZYDOG 9 HAPPYDAZ1
10/12/19 11:32 A
Quick! What's the first word that comes to mind? LEANLIVIN 55356 HANOVERLADY
12/11/19 1:43 P
Let's count to a Million NOVIA1 922083 PHATPAT18
12/11/19 7:55 A
I wish more parents would make their kids walk to school if they have a reasonable distance. We're REDWHALEY 10 URBANREDNEK
10/9/19 10:04 A
Sparkers - What are you handing out for the Treat-or-Treaters? ASF220 34 BILLIELDANN1
10/9/19 10:43 A
10/9/19 9:33 A
Good morning to all! Just had breakfast and my cardio workout is next. Enjoy your day, let's get it! BIGGIESMALLS76 5 EVIE4NOW
10/9/19 9:12 A
Happy Wednesday! I like tracking my meals here better than the site that links to my new fitness tra BIKERCHICK14 4 EVIE4NOW
10/9/19 9:14 A
Have a wonderful Wednesday! SCHMUNZELN 3 EVIE4NOW
10/9/19 9:23 A
It's Coffee time! NEPTUNE1939 7 FISHGUT3
10/9/19 11:02 A
I am going to eat the rainbow today and make sure I get enough fruits and veggies in. How about you RUTHIEBEAR 24 GARDENSFORLIFE
10/8/19 8:57 P
Good morning Sparkers Day 652 processed sugar and gluten free. I have been Missing in Action here o STEEPERSLOUNGE 19 SPEDED2
10/8/19 9:12 P
Why yes, tacos are a part of my fitness plan. Dedicated to all my Taco Tuesday peeps. You know who y DAD_AINT_HIP 22 NANHBH
10/9/19 2:01 A
Kettlebells today #moveit CKEYES1 3 BILLTHOMSON
10/9/19 5:40 A
10/8/19 8:13 A
May your Friday be filled with happy thoughts and fewer calories. REDWHALEY 2 GEORGE815
10/4/19 2:50 P
12/11/19 8:19 P
With my physical limitations it is a challenge from day to day to exercise. SUEFERRET5 13 REDWHALEY
10/4/19 7:52 A
10/4/19 3:45 P
My favorite part of the day to run....happy Friday Sparklers 🌺 enjoy your weekend! #morningmiles🏃‍ OUTSIDEJOJO 34 GMACAMI
10/4/19 8:42 P
This is what losing 100lbs looks like! I reached one of my goals today. It took me 7.5 years. But JENNYRENN 243 GMACAMI
10/4/19 8:30 P
Red meat is NOT bad for you. Now blue-green meat, THAT'S bad for you! Alice Thinks Sometimes MARYALICE411 5 NANASUEH
10/4/19 10:46 A
Wearing a pair of jeans that haven’t fit in ages! Yeah... they’re a little snug, but not really TOO TEMET-NOSCE101 4 GEORGE815
10/4/19 2:51 P
12/11/19 8:24 P
Rain, rain, go away.... Well, at least it's not snow. REDWHALEY 3 CHERYLHURT
10/3/19 7:48 A
10/3/19 9:56 A
Morning everyone KIMNGAN007 9 REDWHALEY
10/3/19 7:37 A
Branch Manager and Assistant Branch Manager MIMAWELIZABETH 67 PATRICIA-CR
10/4/19 12:11 P
10/3/19 11:34 A
Okay...I've been away for awhile. Time to get back on track. Wish me luck!🤞❤🙏 HAPPYMANDY11 10 HAPPYMANDY11
10/4/19 6:49 A
Woke up this morning feeling like I’m swallowing razor blades, I think a nice hot tea with honey and KEEPINGITOFF3 4 DUCKTURNIP
10/4/19 1:30 A
REPLACE A LETTER (but do not rearrange letters) CRUISIN2LOSIN 118779 STARGLOW77
12/11/19 8:08 P
Thought I had a bad food day yesterday, until I tracked it. I'm getting so much better at portion c REDWHALEY 2 FUNNYFACE101002
10/2/19 8:10 A
Posting a before picture to remind myself where I am starting from. Granted I have already lost nin SCHMUNZELN 25 ALLYLIZZY
10/2/19 2:03 P
Wise Wednesday. Now you know 😁 Have an awesome day ! 💖💖 DXTECH 19 JLPEASE
10/2/19 11:48 A
Excited it’s October! Down 5 lbs in 3 weeks. Making small changes. Goal to be down another 5 by the PIXIEDUST04 23 ALLYLIZZY
10/2/19 1:40 P
I saw this idea and loved it. Each week, put a string around your waist. Then put up next to the las 1DRWOMAN 54 ALLYLIZZY
10/2/19 1:37 P
35 min walk today. NEPTUNE1939 3 REDWHALEY
10/1/19 12:20 P
Well experiment was a success. I tracked calories... Found out I was snacking without tracking . U MARNALABELLE69 8 REDWHALEY
10/1/19 12:20 P
#BeforeAndAfter MARJOHN164 76 KHALIA2
10/4/19 12:56 P
While on vacation I did NOT count calories, but I did log my food as best a possible. It was hard CINDY247 28 PATRICIA-CR
10/1/19 12:58 P
Dragged my husband out for a sunset walk across the street to see the sunset. Literally across the s TIKITAMI 47 JRDUPREE
9/30/19 9:18 A
Hey everyone! Jumping back on thr band wagon after an almost 9 month(probably longer) hiatus. I weig NESSA524 8 REDWHALEY
9/30/19 6:47 A
Rest day with a little walking. ⭐️ ALLYLIZZY 27 DRINKALOTH2O
9/30/19 11:37 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 21 CHEIVOUS
9/30/19 10:02 A
I haven’t been here in so long but I saw a picture of myself yesterday and it punched me in the gut! LAJ2013 12 TABATHA_CAIN
9/30/19 7:06 A
After being lazy for a while, I'm back to it even with an injured back so may not be exercising alot JESSSTATON 8 TABATHA_CAIN
9/30/19 7:03 A
More trees! REDWHALEY 18 KAYDE53
9/27/19 9:05 P
It's rainy here today. Without a gym pass or money, what's your favourite rainy day exercise activi REDWHALEY 6 ALLYLIZZY
9/26/19 1:29 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 23 PATRICIA-CR
9/26/19 6:32 P
Word Association MRSTAZMAYO 6857 PEGJW111
12/11/19 7:10 P
Post a fitness icon! MINDYJ1 28269 MINDYJ1
12/11/19 1:06 P
Word Association _CHUBBS 6006 MUGABI123
12/11/19 6:03 P
Keep the kitty on first page SCOOBYDOOBIEDOO 56778 HANOVERLADY
12/11/19 1:47 P
Word Association DEB62BIE62 4093 MUGABI123
12/11/19 6:02 P