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My Wednesday porch view. RALWINE 29 ARNETTELEE
9/18/19 10:56 P
My family photos came in yesterday!!! So in love with how natural they are. Even happier that I will DOUBLELSMOM 31 GEORGE815
9/18/19 9:40 P
Well, I have been on and off here for a few years now. Before joining I dropped from 400 to 229 lbs ROBLEPL 12 GEORGE815
9/18/19 9:52 P
I really appreciate the encouragement from SP more now then ever. I saw a picture of myself a few da SUSANJEANNE8 6 GEORGE815
9/18/19 9:53 P
My body is not made for 12 hour work days. I survived. Got up pretty sore this morning so I caught u DEBYDOINGIT 3 GEORGE815
9/18/19 9:54 P
My eyes and head hurt, sinus infection! skipping my weights work out and doing only 5000 steps toda CGEM61 7 GEORGE815
9/18/19 9:51 P
Low-Carb Crustless Taco Pie Recipe https://simplysohealthy.c com/low-carb-crustless-taco-pie/ FMAX168 4 GEORGE815
9/18/19 9:51 P
4 glasses in...5 to go. I really do like water #h2whoa LASVGAL 5 GEORGE815
9/18/19 9:47 P
Hey! I found the pound you lost. Want it back? DRAGONPRYF 7 GEORGE815
9/18/19 9:45 P
My Dad has some good advice - he says if youโ€™re at home and just waiting around for something, like ALLYLIZZY 8 KOSHIE1
9/18/19 11:01 P
How many calories do I burn throwing the donut with my workout buddy? ๐Ÿ˜ RALWINE 8 GEORGE815
9/18/19 9:38 P
Happy Wednesday ๐Ÿ’– DXTECH 18 MJ7DM33
9/18/19 1:53 P
So grateful that where I get to work I can be out in nature everyday. I remind myself not to take th TAYGRL 17 MJ7DM33
9/18/19 1:54 P
Posted a photo NIKOLALALA 12 MJ7DM33
9/18/19 1:48 P
Happy Wednesday, Spark friends! OBIESMOM2 20 TRIMNUP
9/18/19 7:29 P
First time this summer, temps in the 70's this morning. Nice. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 29 GEORGE815
9/18/19 10:10 P
Smoke free for 12 years! AMYBRO1 37 JERSEYGIRL24
9/18/19 10:06 P
Glad that I love Subway ham and turkey subs! RALWINE 6 GEORGE815
9/17/19 3:46 P
9/17/19 11:44 P
Does anyone else still wash dishes by hand? I was just standing at the sink wishing this was true! ASF220 33 TCANNO
9/17/19 9:51 P
Laughing with my Lunch Time Salad ๐Ÿฅ— cuz I KNOW whatโ€™s up for TONIGHT ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐ŸŒฎ๐ŸŒฎ๐ŸŒฎ๐Ÿ˜‹ How do you make t STILLSPARKLEIGH 22 FLASUN
9/18/19 5:02 A
My aunt sent me this โค๏ธ OPTICALXILLUSIO 19 STEVENKIND
9/17/19 4:05 P
Some humor for ya!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ OPTICALXILLUSIO 38 TOUGHGIRLIS70
9/17/19 6:38 P
My lunch today! It was only 287 calories even with dressing. Today I'm focused on what I can do and BIGMAMALEAH83 29 GMACAMI
9/17/19 10:40 P
Some days I need a reminder of how far I've come on my journey to being a healthier me. Some days I KERRIBERRI86 120 CINDY247
9/17/19 7:25 P
Couple hours of pickleball this morning. Just finished cleaning the house. Now for dinner! Have a TOMSTUMP 4 SHERRY152
9/16/19 8:26 P
#meatlessmonday breakfast 3/4 c liquid egg whites 1 c spinach 1/2 c portabello mushrooms MST_617 8 SPINECCO
9/16/19 6:29 P
Pretty proud of myself. Did not have bread with lunch. RALWINE 4 1CRAZYDOG
9/17/19 3:32 P
water never tastes as good as after a workout KCALSX100 10 SPINECCO
9/16/19 6:30 P
Did it! Although my Buddy is my pit bull. #fitnessfeats RALWINE 5 KAYAHSLOANE1
9/17/19 3:48 P
A girl was given a tea set for her second birthday. It became one of he favorite toys, and when her NANASUEH 6 GABY1948
9/18/19 9:50 A
It's Stepfamily Day. A day to honor that special group of blended families and the extra effort and NANASUEH 4 SPEDED2
9/16/19 10:09 P
Beautiful diva kitty Sophie Loren! CHARIKIM 11 PWILLOW1
9/16/19 3:58 P
A local hospital had their Wellmobile at the church that I go to today. Some numbers were good and s AUNTRENEE 4 GEORGE815
9/16/19 2:15 P
Heat and humidity are rising again. Puh! RALWINE 3 1CRAZYDOG
9/17/19 3:34 P
I just ran across a neat story about birthday cupcakes, and it seems share-worthy. Also, I think pas RREDFORD5 12 TEXASHSMOMOF3
9/16/19 11:57 P
So really a before. Didn't have the heart to b take a photo a month ago when I hit 181 ๐Ÿ˜ฌbut IM DOIN ELLYMOUSE 17 KAS10001
9/16/19 5:41 P
Posted a photo MARILYNS71 11 MDOWER1
9/16/19 5:12 P
Posted a photo 618LILY1 11 DEE107
9/17/19 12:10 A
What a way to start my week!! 190lbs gone forever โค If anyone needs support or a friend through this HELLOHOLLY76 138 MADEINBRITAIN
9/17/19 4:25 A
130 pounds gone forever! My weightloss has slowed but I am still pushing through. I have 30 pounds BEAGLEGIRL79 249 DEEDEEGRAM
9/16/19 10:59 P
Today I am back into my jeans that button and zip up instead of stretchy legins. DARCIEDURA 14 29WINEGAL
9/15/19 7:38 P
Donโ€™t really love veggies and need some easy ways RALWINE 9 RALWINE
9/15/19 5:46 P
Anyone else find it hard sometimes to get in exercise on bad #fibro days? Ugh! #fibromyalgia RALWINE 5 RALWINE
9/14/19 10:36 P
I wrote a blog earlier about the revision and rededication to my '32's' program! :). In keeping wit FREEDOMSKEY 14 RALWINE
9/14/19 10:27 P
tonight's dinner: cilantro and spinach pesto on angel hair with seared scallops. would throwing some ELL-ALEXANDER 4 RALWINE
9/14/19 10:27 P
Posted a photo MOJOZEN 11 PELESJEWEL
9/15/19 3:12 A
What a beautiful time to walk a little. Wish it didnโ€™t hurt so much, but maybe that can improve in t RALWINE 48 RALWINE
9/14/19 8:19 P
The family loves keto cauliflower โ€œmacโ€ and cheese ๐Ÿ˜ #keto GANBA20 16 EDWARDS1411
9/14/19 10:20 P
I did it! I just ran and finished my 3rd full marathon today! It was tough and I'm so glad to be d ELISAJANE57 61 CFITZ1
9/14/19 11:46 P
I thought I left the porch light on because it was so bright. Got up to go shut it off and realized GINNABOOTS 32 GEORGE815
9/14/19 4:08 P
Thank god itโ€™s Saturday JIMIPAGE29 23 GEORGE815
9/14/19 4:09 P
9/14/19 2:52 P
Relish today. You can always ketchup tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰ RALWINE 3 GEORGE815
9/14/19 4:12 P
Posted a photo ANNIEBIRD67 12 LITTLEWIND53
9/13/19 12:25 A
Getting shop ready for sidewalk sale saturday #fitnessfeats TOMATOCAFEGAL 3 RALWINE
9/12/19 10:00 P
Is anybody else not able to use the app? I refreshed it and it logged me out and wonโ€™t work DANCINGOTTER89 5 GEORGE815
9/12/19 11:03 P
And Iโ€™ve done a bit of yoga. Baby steps... RALWINE 8 GEORGE815
9/12/19 11:02 P
Posted a photo IAMDENISE64 15 GEORGE815
9/12/19 11:00 P
Loving the low carb recipes! Tonight my family and I enjoyed cabbage (egg roll in a bowl) and zucchi L1VEL1FE 8 GEORGE815
9/12/19 10:59 P
This is me now. I ended up losing a total of 73 lbs but Iโ€™ve regained almost 30. Trying to get back RALWINE 18 1CRAZYDOG
9/13/19 3:19 P
Came back to Spark after over 6 years away. RALWINE 6 RALWINE
9/12/19 9:00 P
Today I sell/donate my clothes that are way too big and I can't even fake wearing to work anymore! S NEWLINDSAY2019 34 CONNIET88
9/13/19 6:45 A
Wow, baby shower this weekend! Going for my whooping cough shot next Monday so I can hold my gre TOMATOCAFEGAL 5 RALWINE
9/12/19 6:44 P
โ™ฅ -:ยฆ:-*โ™ฅ~.โ€ข*ยดยจ )โ™ฅ~*-:ยฆ:-*โ™ฅ~.โ€ข*ยดยจ )โ™ฅ~*-: -*โ™ฅ-* If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would y 1CRAZYDOG 10 JUDITHANNIE
9/13/19 8:40 A
Woohoo! I have started! Sloooowly but surely, now... #fitnessfeats RALWINE 5 BECCALOU09
9/13/19 3:03 P
Change a letter TLAVEN2 76368 SUNSET09
9/19/19 12:59 A
How to track almost everything... MZZCHIEF 177 APPEALSTOME
5/31/18 3:31 A
JOYFUL78's Diary EMMABE1 71 PAULA3420
12/7/12 6:53 P
What Exercise Did You Do For 10 Minutes Today? EARTHSEAME 33196 TCANNO
9/17/19 5:28 P
How motivated are you today? Scale from 1-10 OODELETEDOO 48639 ROCKRS
9/18/19 8:36 P
Emoticon Your Day! D-ABBY 7230 WALLAHALLA
9/27/18 8:43 P
I am new here, hello everyone RHONDA260 4 KATHRYNE2973
11/3/12 12:14 A
Discuss Week 3 here SP_MELINDA 909 KAREN_EDMONDS
7/19/19 8:48 A
week two triggers and goals CRAZDGRL 11 BRACEYM1
11/8/12 10:15 A