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This Morning I Reached my initial Weight loss Goal HONEYLC84 152 _RAMONA
1/17/20 1:36 A
#BeforeAndAfter KJENQN 216 LE_SIGH
1/15/20 6:39 A
End of year Awards Banquet with my husband, down 20lbs so celebrated with new dress! Proud of my hus IBHOOKD 89 WATHENCR
1/15/20 1:11 P
Small Talk: Chat Room _WARRIOR4LIFE 58 MARYPHONE
1/14/20 7:37 P
Please note the start date on my post is wrong. It should be May 29, 2018 not 2019. I don't know w BEAGLEGIRL79 308 _RAMONA
1/14/20 4:10 A
Landline Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 122 IAMAGEMLOVER
1/18/20 7:53 A
Feel really good after today’s workout and got to practice some new exercises from PT. Gonna be sor RUNNINGBEARS80 15 CANDACEKINTNER
1/11/20 1:40 A
Some of my fave healthy staples in my diet that I got today. I used to be pretty obsessed with cocon OPTICALXILLUSIO 20 JRDUPREE
1/11/20 8:28 P
Crazy hair but as of 2:30 pm I am a Certified Personal Trainer! I PASSED! BCHARIE 164 GABY1948
1/11/20 12:33 P
Posted a goal TFORD200 14 TCANNO
1/10/20 3:12 A
My hubby is the best! On Wednesday night's we have a lot luck at Bible Study. Knowing how tired I've BEVERLY1501 61 YMWONG22
1/9/20 2:45 A
Hike at Chimney Rock State Park, North Carolina USA 01/07/2020 1DAY-ATA-TIME 26 PICKIE98
1/10/20 3:51 P
Birthday Girl #BeforeAndAfter JANETHERRING88 205 MDOWER1
1/8/20 9:15 A
Hi! Nice to Meet You! _WARRIOR4LIFE 35 KATHLEEN624
1/14/20 11:55 A
Healthy Grandma. 😁 RAERAERAE62 85 1CRAZYDOG
1/6/20 4:18 P
First pair of pants that are NOT Plus size. Straight XL! I would never had worn something this brigh SHASSYSUE 30 EVIE4NOW
1/4/20 10:12 P
Old Rock Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 475 NELLJONES
1/8/20 7:26 A
Do you Track on Spark? SEAGLASS1215 97 HELLOKOOTIE
1/16/20 10:05 A
I'm so happy! Yesterday I got through my 6th and final Chemotherapy Treatment today. I got to ring LAINIESNEWLIFE 142 LIVEANDLAUGH
1/3/20 10:39 P
Share your challenge goals SPARK_COACH_JEN 3360 PAMBACH
1/3/20 4:53 A
1/14/20 12:33 P
Posted a photo HUFFELPOWELL16 25 L_DROUIN
12/27/19 4:47 A
After having a complete hysterectomy 2 years ago, i managed to lose control of myself and put on 70 PGATES4 34 GEORGE815
12/21/19 2:01 P
Last year dressed up in my Ugly Christmas sweater suit!😁😂 EDONALDSON68 18 ARNETTELEE
12/17/19 6:25 A
Got a bit of work to do but feeling pretty good avout myself so far CRYSTALVT1983 21 NOLAZYBUTT011
1/6/20 6:59 A
An annual tradition for our family: Walk to Bethlehem. Less of hubby and me this year! (We purposely MOMOF4JDRS 62 OOKLATHEMOK
12/16/19 6:57 A
A record breaking day!! I’m so happy. I could not have done this two weeks ago. #goalfeats #fitnes RHAPSODY43 32 _RAMONA
12/11/19 11:32 A
12/8/19 5:46 A
every one sleeping ok RHONDALYN36 2382 TCANNO
1/18/20 3:55 A
I'm now at 60 lbs lost.... The picture on the right is my highest weight, the middle one is at 40lbs BUTTERFLY59 55 DEBMARIN1
12/8/19 7:05 A
Still have a LONG way to go, but I am down 61 lbs. and those are my goal jeans for the first leg of BERRYBLUE02 112 BERRYBLUE02
12/8/19 11:46 A
One of my earliest recollections from childhood is the smell of sawdust from the woodshop and sweat J2002HEIDS 21 ALLYLIZZY
12/8/19 1:49 P
My birthday was a couple of days ago but apparentl DEDICATED2ME32 20 GOODGETNBETR
12/5/19 4:26 A
I am in Australia and have used this app for one year now it has been great lost 36 kgs (79 lbs) whi KYLEE-ANNE 42 APEG202
12/2/19 3:39 P
12/24/19 6:11 A
#BeforeAndAfter This is my 40 lb weight loss pictures. I have 74 more lbs to go! AMYSUE04 61 AMYSUE04
1/5/20 9:15 A
Good morning, everyone!! I made this profile years ago when I wasn't serious, but now I am. I've l CYNROSE78 230 ANNEARIAS
12/17/19 11:59 P
2009 and 2019: 41 year old unhealthy chain smoker (left) and now at 51, fit and smoke free. I’m so t LORI-K 56 TRENTDREAMER
11/24/19 7:23 P
This is amazing - - it’s all about perspective! SHIRLEYABAGWELL 19 _RAMONA
11/23/19 2:24 A
1 year ago I hit my goal - I’ve kept it off AND I’ve lost a few more! 85 lbs total - I used to be MOMS3KIDS 79 PEGJW111
11/20/19 5:54 A
So I got the all-clear from my doctor still cancer-free now I only have to come once a year for a ch HOOAH19766 200 LOVEDAILYLIFE
11/20/19 6:41 P
11/19/19 4:51 P
A good pair of shoes really make a difference! Enjoyed my walk today! ONAMISSION52 19 KAYDE53
11/18/19 10:20 P
Posted a photo ANNEARIAS 26 LE_SIGH
11/13/19 8:23 A
Its been a LOOONG process !!!but its totally worth it when everyone tells you they see it also !!!!! ANASITALEKI1315 37 PEGJW111
11/12/19 5:30 A
what is the best diets you guys recommend?! JACKYDANIELS 48 MARYJOANNA
1/4/20 11:15 A
Good morning spark friends.. I'm up and ready for church waiting on our daughter to come when it get MHUMBERS1950 57 MHUMBERS1950
11/10/19 8:41 P
How cute is my grandson! 8 months old and the happiest baby ever :) Holly- Ca HOLLYBARKER1 51 NANASUEH
11/10/19 10:42 A
Using my morning meditation time to focus on just this moment. Whatever else is going on I can let t LESLIELENORE 15 KWOOD1955
12/8/19 12:03 P
I made this a few days ago and was hesitant to post.... Why I have no clue.... It's crazy to be thi PHOXYM 160 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
11/9/19 8:38 A
NOVEMBER 2019-Gratitude, Appreciations-Post Here! REBCCA 93 REBCCA
11/30/19 7:46 P
Big difference in just under 4 months! 75 lbs down total so far. #2020NewMe #WeightLoss LEEANNER1 34 LEEANNER1
11/8/19 2:48 P
Workout 🏋️‍♀️ ✅ just look at those arms. Loving 🥰 it CBULLIS1 18 CGARR442
11/5/19 2:00 P
11/7/19 4:21 P
#BeforeAndAfter look at me now DIETRISHA69 38 MAHEDAGO
11/6/19 5:54 A
Saxophone Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 485 BAPEARMAN
11/6/19 12:13 A
Clean beef, no cheese, no pork, no sugar, no salt, lots of veggies, portion control, and JANETHERRING88 19 EVIE4NOW
11/2/19 10:32 P
Today people, TODAY marks my 13th year of sobriety!! Can I get a hell yeah?! Dammit, it feels incred J2002HEIDS 84 HAPPS819
11/2/19 4:52 P
Trick or Treat got rescheduled for Saturday due to severe weather. But here's a picture of my mom's KERRIBERRI86 9 VICKYLYLES
10/31/19 8:37 P
The only candy corn allowed in my house today... LIFEISSWEET2 20 ERIN_POSCH
11/1/19 11:27 A
OCTOBER 2019-Gratitude, Appreciations-Post Here! REBCCA 101 REBCCA
10/31/19 7:16 P
425 start weight, 280 today! DELIGHTFULLY9 189 LE_SIGH
10/29/19 8:16 A
I still can’t believe I have lost 100 lbs. When you have lost weight, and things look better on you JENNYRENN 73 CHEIVOUS
10/28/19 10:22 A
Here is the male lion. Female was taking a break, napping in the grass, and I didn't even bother her RREDFORD5 23 MAYDAY62
10/28/19 2:30 P
Weighed in at 249.2 this morning. I'm down from my hw of 310. So many feelings. I still have a lot IGOT2START 186 GOODGETNBETR
10/23/19 11:20 P
I feel and look so much smaller! I'm so happy! If your struggling just remember to keep going and ne JASMINEFAT2FIT 42 TMP0418
10/15/19 8:03 A
Almost three weeks since surgery on my left ovary...and I walked about a mile with my little 9 yr ol SAVINGCHILDRENA 10 KNEESOCKS1945
10/7/19 1:20 P
10/2/19 11:53 P
Healthiest things too put into a smoothie CHAD2588 9 SHOAPIE
10/6/19 2:53 P
#transformationtuesday and I feel like I finally had a huge breakthrough. Are you ready for this?? TEXASHSMOMOF3 135 AMYINTHEWILD
10/2/19 5:39 P
Nearly reached my next goal 40lbs (2 to go). My husband and I spent the weekend away and went to Bus MOONMAMA43 54 TITLETOWNROB
9/30/19 6:54 A
Just starting my spark weight loss program. Got my eight glasses in today, #h2whoa CTJGENTRY67 32 ALLYLIZZY
9/29/19 2:16 P
I'm a little shy about doing this but I was thinking about this photo of me (on the left) from sever SUSANM18 67 GREENIETEANIE
10/26/19 1:10 P
5 month progress!! 45 pounds down... getting closer to my goal weight🤗 IRMATUTON 107 PEGJW111
9/27/19 8:38 A
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 99021 HELLOKOOTIE
1/18/20 7:54 A