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NSVs are keeping me going! NRHH93 4 MJ7DM33
1/12/20 11:24 P
I only have to focus on the next step. NRHH93 5 NATASHA_D1
1/4/20 8:00 A
Sugar changes body chemistry and not for the better. NRHH93 1 NRHH93
1/3/20 6:32 A
1st day in the gym! Worked up a sweat doing weights for 20MIN and the elliptical that completely kic DEDICATED2ME32 31 _RAMONA
12/24/19 2:35 A
Sugar addiction is a real thing. NRHH93 6 ORTATK
12/23/19 7:44 A
The journey is long and difficult in places. NRHH93 7 GEORGE815
12/22/19 2:13 P
Back at the gym this morning! NRHH93 1 NRHH93
12/18/19 7:08 A
Back at the gym this morning! NRHH93 2 RDCAGAIN10
12/18/19 7:50 A
I have been meaning to take a photo of me in the jeans that have sat on a shelf unworn for 13 years, TARDISGIRL1 20 _RAMONA
12/17/19 1:33 A
Posted a photo CD24912514 42 _RAMONA
12/15/19 2:37 P
Today I will remember how happy I feel! NRHH93 11 _RAMONA
12/15/19 2:35 P
I was productive today! NRHH93 3 RETAT60
12/12/19 7:53 P
Bfast: Cinnamon oatmeal, coffee from last night, water. Finals are tomorrow and Wednesday so I've be FREEDOMSKEY 4 NRHH93
12/10/19 9:33 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!!! So yesterday was weigh in day and as part of my accou TEXASHSMOMOF3 133 JRDUPREE
12/12/19 9:44 A
Good news: Gym was more manageable today! NRHH93 3 HEARTMEND
12/5/19 5:28 P
The before picture shocked me. I didn't know that was how I looked. It inspired me to begin to chang NRHH93 78 WATHENCR
12/5/19 10:01 A
My legs hate me MOEROXXS 7 NRHH93
12/3/19 1:11 P
Started a new workout program today after completing two rounds of my first one. At first I wasn’t g HIKINGGIRL16 59 ALLYLIZZY
12/3/19 1:07 P
Good Morning 🌞 TFOSTER1978 16 BLUE7684
12/2/19 8:08 A
I made working out non negotiable this morning and actually found myself at the gym feeling better! NRHH93 4 TAYGRL
12/2/19 7:56 A
Good morning Sparkers! I had to share my excitement. It's official! He surprised me last night. LIVINGHEALTHY16 215 MAYDAY62
12/2/19 5:48 P
But I'm working on changing sides. 😂 SURFIE 26 LIZZIE138
11/30/19 2:36 P
Still moving forward ↗️ NRHH93 6 GEORGE815
11/30/19 2:40 P
I made it to ONEderland!! Im so happy I coukd cry! Thankyou to my spark fam fornall the motivation a WALTONWINNING 84 CSEGUIN2
11/29/19 6:49 P
Thankful for all of you. Grateful for SparkPeople and this place that supports my journey. Happy Tha NRHH93 2 CAROLAMARIE
11/28/19 10:11 A
Hahahahaha!!! DANYGIRL48 12 PYNETREE
11/27/19 12:14 P
I am working on NSVs to encourage me on my health journey. For the past 10 days I have been on time NRHH93 2 CD25278476
11/27/19 11:05 A
My scale is fluctuating. My logical brain knows why and is encouraging my emotional heart to stay th NRHH93 3 CD25278476
11/27/19 12:23 A
11/21/19 8:55 A
Sometimes things are unexpectedly moved out of your way NRHH93 5 GOODGETNBETR
11/21/19 2:20 A
Beyond frustrated with my last 3 weeks of weigh in...ughhhhh JANETHERRING88 21 TLV106
11/18/19 10:43 P
Today I was on time for all of my meetings! NRHH93 6 EVIE4NOW
11/18/19 10:46 P
Trying to get things under control before the holidays. This year I WILL NOT weigh more Dec 31st tha TALULAHLES 18 TALULAHLES
11/18/19 12:55 P
Rest is an important part of improving my health! NRHH93 2 CAREGIVERBEAR
11/17/19 10:15 A
It's okay to feel angry! NRHH93 3 JEANUT
11/9/19 7:14 A
I want to be as optimistic for myself as I am for other people! NRHH93 3 MYTIMEOK
11/7/19 11:58 P
Today I took 20 minutes for myself, before running around for someone else. I am so proud of me! NRHH93 11 MUDDYFOOTS
11/4/19 8:14 A
I have tracked my food, without judgment, for three days. Seeing the reality is helping me make chan NRHH93 3 KOFFEENUT
11/3/19 2:13 A
Went to a gym today for the first time in years. Felt the fear and did it anyway! NRHH93 8 NRHH93
10/31/19 9:25 P
Need encouragement. DEIANEIRA 11 DEIANEIRA
11/28/11 4:39 P
How many log in points did you get today? LILDARIUS 8606 CL2MGUNN
5/20/14 3:03 P
Need buddy on this journey! NRHH93 2 COYNE13
11/13/11 11:40 A
Grateful for the journey! NRHH93 3 CD5123585
11/8/11 6:25 P