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My before and after photo! SW: 358lbs CW: 225lbs and still going I'm not giving up until my goal wei JASMINEGETFIT 237 PRADAGIRL93036
4/20/20 12:12 P
I'm starting here. I have been doing some bad things to my body for the past 2years. You know the pa PETRONAMCKENZIE 121 DJ4HEALTH
4/8/20 5:34 P
#Transformationtuesday 😁 20yrs difference I was TMP0418 169 EVILCECIL
4/1/20 6:16 A
Forsythia in bloom. Find beauty all around you where ever you live. FOcus on positives each day. I RUTHIEBEAR 33 KITT52
3/25/20 6:17 P
2017-2020 106 lbs #BeforeAndAfter APORTER78 107 CHERRYZMB60
3/23/20 8:12 P
How's your journey going? What's your next goal? KRYSTALKAYE 31 COOKWITHME65
4/17/20 11:26 A
Good morning! Don't let this Isolation do this to you! Instead of snacking Get moving! CINDY247 47 CAAWALLS
3/25/20 10:07 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Tuesday!! Yesterday was a weird day. I let a little of the panic TEXASHSMOMOF3 45 MADEINBRITAIN
3/18/20 5:38 A
My grandSUN and I last night. I don't get to see him as much as I'd like to but I make the most out LOTTALOX 28 1BLAZER282005
3/12/20 1:53 P
•Change your mind •Believe in yourself •Put in WERK!! 💪🏾 IM_CRISSY 26 IM_CRISSY
3/11/20 9:38 P
Little over a year and down 171 pounds. #BeforeAndAfter EWILHITE74 136 SUZIEQIAM
3/10/20 9:53 A
101lbs gone for good #BeforeAndAfter KARSON1999 207 CHRISBEM
3/9/20 11:32 A
What a difference a year can make! I actually did not start this weight loss journey for several mon FASHIONROADKILL 20 ALLYLIZZY
3/3/20 11:57 A
#BeforeAndAfter Good morning sparkies 🌞 It's tr TMP0418 207 ROSALIE28
3/4/20 5:41 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!! Monday weigh in and I’m back up! So taking the @stills TEXASHSMOMOF3 37 AZMOMXTWO
3/3/20 6:37 A
#BeforeAndAfter Like I said before, February has been hard. But, looks like I hit my goal of 295 by NESSA5210 141 TDCABAL45
3/4/20 8:23 P
Good morning spark family 😁 what a fantastic way TMP0418 157 JUJUBEAR3
2/29/20 2:44 P
Good morning spark family 🥰 Here's me in 2017 de TMP0418 140 QSHEPP
2/26/20 5:29 P
My progress since Sept 2019 #BeforeAndAfter Still a long way to go. VIKINGWIFE1 54 _RAMONA
2/26/20 11:21 P
I havent been feeling too certain the of progress HUFFELPOWELL16 148 EDWARDS1411
2/21/20 8:39 P
Good morning everyone!! NYGGRL 83 JEN-JENG
2/21/20 9:31 P
My hair is not reflecting the sassiness I'm feeling inside today. Down another pound. Feeling conf ACERESOLA1 22 _RAMONA
2/19/20 5:07 P
Down 25lbs!! Feeling great! 100 more lbs to go!! ANTMAID81 120 ANTMAID81
2/20/20 1:24 A
Made it 18 mins on the elliptical last night. Making progress is a process. This surgery recovery THECOZE 56 _RAMONA
2/14/20 1:19 A
Last week in Las Vegas for my birthday🎉🎉. 30 pounds down here🙂🙂 Still going strong! IM_CRISSY 119 QSHEPP
2/7/20 8:08 P
Celebrating my 2 yr anniversary of being Smoke-Free with an early morning Bum Bum workout! ANTMAID81 90 GEORGE815
2/6/20 5:06 P
My scale was all over the place this morning. But this was the first one, so it's the winner! Lol I NESSA5210 196 EDWARDS1411
2/6/20 5:51 P
Good morning everyone! Happy Thursday! I'm making one of my small goals. To log in and say good morn GEMSHEART 95 HEALTHYMOM241
2/6/20 12:56 P
My journey started 2/1/2020 QUEEN1965 15 FELICIA1963
2/4/20 4:05 P
#BeforeAndAfter , down in all measurements as well HUFFELPOWELL16 180 KHALIA2
2/3/20 9:55 A
29 today!! Gonna splurge a bit with Daiya’s gluten-free and dairy free cheesecake! Still can’t worko SPEAKDARCY2ME 32 MDOWER1
1/31/20 4:06 P
#BeforeAndAfter Good morning beautiful babes! Here is my progress 7 days later! ME_CHALLENGE 119 KHALIA2
2/1/20 8:58 A
#BeforeAndAfter small progress..... PHO3NIXONFIRE 38 KHALIA2
2/1/20 9:00 A
Good morning 🌞 M33624 32 GEORGE815
1/30/20 2:32 P
Boldness is pure energy. Seize the moment and engage life. George Mentz 1CRAZYDOG 8 HAPPYDAZ1
1/30/20 1:16 P
If you think 6 months can’t possibly make that big GINGERMONKEY21 47 BEELADY56
2/11/20 9:06 P
That moment when you're going through your phone a KRYSTALKAYE 37 STILLSPARKLEIGH
3/29/20 8:06 A
Ten years ago today I decided I had to do something about it or accept and love my body as it was. SFSU-GRAD 40 BAMAWHITEDOVE
1/29/20 8:15 P
Week 4 progress photo. Still tracking. Still meeting each day’s goals. Keep on keeping on. SWCOPE 44 _RAMONA
1/29/20 8:47 P
I'm enjoying my 64th birthday today! #foodfeats JSTETSER 268 CGARR442
1/30/20 11:02 P
GM Spark friends! I am feeling truly blessed. Today is my 70th birthday! LOSEWEIGHT1212 308 EEJAA70
1/27/20 10:04 P
ONEderland! It's been a while. 11.4 lbs lost since Dec. 28, 2019. CREAKYCAT 142 QUARTERMASTER3
1/26/20 5:00 P
My journey! #BeforeAndAfter PAMBACH 183 ELLEYANNA
1/27/20 3:44 A
Good morning all and happy Friday. I am down 3# for the week, 13 for the month and 36.5 overall. It APEG202 44 FANMAN1968
1/24/20 12:54 P
#BeforeAndAfter 2 week progression!!! ME_CHALLENGE 140 NIKO27
1/26/20 7:19 P
Started at 230 a month ago. Now at 217.5! I have drastically changed my eating habits by cooking a KIMJT8031 49 _RAMONA
1/24/20 1:15 A
My past dieting philosophy has always been I can’t eat this food anymore. I can’t eat pizza, hamburg BEAGLEGIRL79 42 LITTLEWIND53
1/24/20 12:46 A
30 min walk and 10 mins bike machine this morning! Excited to keep going! #myjourneytoahealthierme JENNIEKKS 55 KWOOD1955
1/23/20 12:20 P
1/26/20 7:28 A
Haven't weighed this weight since high school 🙌🏼 feeling proud and strong 💪🏼 PARKDREAMS 166 GMACAMI
1/21/20 9:15 P
1/26/20 7:29 A
My friend, L and I went out for a girls day shopping and dining. I had a fish taco and salad with un 1BLAZER282005 54 29WINEGAL
1/18/20 5:29 P
Down to the next decade! NEXTCHAPTERPLZ 172 EVIE4NOW
1/18/20 11:19 P
#BeforeAndAfter AMBERHARDEN1978 66 RODRIGUEZ41508
2/1/20 9:34 A
#BeforeAndAfter still have a long way to go, but I've lost 31 lbs and 13.75 inches since 10/26. PLGRASER 90 FIT4LIFEANNE
1/22/20 10:13 P
Got a good freezing Friday morning work out in, today was leg day and yall I felt like a new baby gi HUFFELPOWELL16 16 GOINGFORSKINNY
1/17/20 8:56 A
Get better, not bitter. PROMISE2DESIGN 42 _RAMONA
1/16/20 11:36 P
Week 1 Day of Reckoning: lost 4 pounds!! I know I can’t expect that kind of weight loss every week b BGBAIN 78 KATRENIAH
1/16/20 1:23 P
I beat my mile goal today!! I did my mile in 9 mins and 30 secs!!! 🥳 THISIS4KELLY 86 LE_SIGH
1/16/20 6:39 A
Week 2. Maybe see a little bit of progress? SWCOPE 10 GEORGE815
1/15/20 8:38 P
Posted a photo CACARUE 5 L_DROUIN
1/15/20 11:55 A
I am ashamed to post here today. I blew it completely out of the water yesterday, and gained almost KLBAUSSIE 28 SSPARKLE2019
1/15/20 11:24 A
Month 1... I started taking my weight loss goal more serious on 12/29/2019. As of today, almost a mo KWEENVIRTUE 83 GOINGFORSKINNY
1/19/20 2:01 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!! So this is my accountability post! Yesterday was weig TEXASHSMOMOF3 193 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/15/20 7:43 A
😂😂😂 A Rose By Any Other Name..... Drink Up Lil Monsters 👻😈👹🤡🤠👽👾🤖It’s MONDAY! #sipsipSMILE STILLSPARKLEIGH 74 FLASUN
1/14/20 2:44 A
9 days of consistent work outs. I feel so good and I'm seeing changes JODY-ANB 77 _RAMONA
1/13/20 12:20 A
2 lbs to the 2teens! 21 lbs to ONEderland! -46.8 GREENIETEANIE 67 _BABE_
2/14/20 1:21 A
Let’s talk about non-scale victories (NSV.) The scale doesn’t always reflect your progress so I lear BEAGLEGIRL79 36 GINNABOOTS
1/12/20 9:21 A
The view out my backdoor this morning NOSALTMAN1 33 STARROSEGAL
1/11/20 8:03 P
This day last year I found this app and boy did it MISSYJ0507 198 DARLENEDIXON2U
1/17/20 11:08 P
This is my lost 20lbs and got a haircut selfie. I figure it will also make a good progress photo, s SHARKTOOTH84 55 SHARKTOOTH84
1/11/20 3:18 P
I am starting my diet again today! What weight I lost I put back on plus some! So I need help please RSMITH0102 13 LIVEANDLAUGH
1/9/20 9:08 P
I feel like Cinderella ~INDYGIRL 151 GABY1948
1/11/20 12:35 P
My first day to Planet Fitness in the new year. Being at the gym was a weird mixture of emotions... SHARKTOOTH84 176 SHARKTOOTH84
1/11/20 3:41 P
Love this and I thought it was share worthy! Have a wonderful and productive day SparkFam!!☺️ SIMPLYKEN32 17 AMYINTHEWILD
1/7/20 3:11 P