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Chat Thread for Lighter for the Holidays SHARONSPARKLE 124 GRLTAZ
11/20/19 11:52 P
11/20/19 11:51 P
11/16/19 10:18 P
Posted a photo FROGS100 31 DLDMIL
11/1/19 7:53 P
Posted a photo KRISTIE13525 13 FIREBRTHR
11/1/19 7:08 P
I had to convince myself, but I took most of our Halloween candy to yoga this morning. NDCAROL 4 SHARONSPARKLE
11/3/19 9:11 A
Lower back still bothering me , but we went over to the park and walked around it. Even more pretty AKPIPER 8 NDCAROL
10/18/19 1:05 P
North Dakota got hit with an early October snowstorm. Many farmers still have crops to combine. We a JF4009 2 NDCAROL
10/18/19 1:05 P
Accountability Until Next Challenge SHARONSPARKLE 10 JCARR75163
10/24/19 6:24 P
Chat Thread for 5% Challenge SHARONSPARKLE 628 SHARONSPARKLE
10/19/19 4:02 P
I ate a prairie dog at the food truck fair! Don't worry, it was a bratwurst wrapped in fry bread. N NDCAROL 5 SHARONSPARKLE
9/30/19 8:23 A
Still enjoying my staycation. Just checking in to say have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weeken PAMBROWN62 14 _RAMONA
9/7/19 2:57 A
Desoto Scout Trail Hike!! 3 Miles! COOKADRIAN19900 14 _RAMONA
9/7/19 2:55 A
This is a crustless pizza that me and my husband made for our dinner is pepperoni mushroom MSAAMAANDAA 9 _RAMONA
9/7/19 2:55 A
Brunch; it was noon. .5 Italian sausage link, 2 eggs scrambled with cabbage and squash with dribble NANASUGE 9 CLOUDWALKING
9/6/19 8:35 P
Over 10,000 steps and 60 active minutes during my nightshift last night. I was def. hustling all nig AKPIPER 7 AKPIPER
9/5/19 3:53 P
Ran across a similar quote but modified it slightly. I didn’t like the conflicting absolutes used (y WILDHUNTRESS 16 PRAIRIECROCUS
9/3/19 3:49 A
September kicks off the beginning of Chiari Awareness! Chiari Malformation is the brain disease I wa MYKDSRDRVNME2 15 PRAIRIECROCUS
9/3/19 3:47 A
~~~❤SAW SOMETHING THAT WARMS MY HEART❤~~~ As many of you know, my son has nonverbal autism and touc ST3PH 14 PRAIRIECROCUS
9/3/19 3:43 A
It’s time for the Richard Simmons diet JIMIPAGE29 20 JIMIPAGE29
9/3/19 7:54 A
This crazy man, my husband lost 100 lbs and I am kicking myself for not starting the journey the sam DFISHER72953 38 SWEETGABROWN1
9/2/19 2:34 P
Saying goodbye to our beloved Riley today. We’re heartbroken JUSTFURKIDS 100 NDCAROL
9/1/19 1:37 P
Making a before/after photo from my surgery! #BeforeAndAfter SPARKGUY 79 7STIGGYMT
9/26/19 8:15 P
Secret to a LONG Intermittent Fast: Don't start cooking the stuffed peppers till 4 pm Almost done... JUSTFURKIDS 16 NDCAROL
8/23/19 12:57 P
Haven’t been a soda drinker in years. Great alternative. Still has the fizz with no calories or suga DIZEIMAGE 13 DIZEIMAGE
8/22/19 9:29 A
8/19/19 10:13 P
Street Tacos for dinner!! KEEPITUP05 23 GMACAMI
8/20/19 4:11 P
I canned pickles yesterday. Have to wait a few weeks till ready. I love dill pickles! NDCAROL 4 HIKINGSTEVE
8/19/19 10:43 P
So happy of all the weight I lost 255 now 140 ten more down to go CIBRIANLYSSI43 96 FUTUREFOCUSED
8/20/19 1:23 P
223 this morning. Goal to take more progress pictures! BAKEDWITHCHEESE 6 SWEETGABROWN1
8/10/19 2:00 P
Hip is a little better - heading out to PB class! TOMSTUMP 3 GEORGE815
8/10/19 12:53 P
I’ve been off the rails since March, when both my cousin and my cat passed away. Grief and stress b MIRRORBALLMOON 12 SWEETGABROWN1
8/10/19 1:55 P
I officially hit 30lbs loss today! I would always stop 1lb from the line, and then gain a few back, BBDELTA 45 YMWONG22
8/11/19 10:47 A
beautiful day to have my coffee on my deck. Now onto chores! NDCAROL 6 ALLYLIZZY
8/10/19 12:59 P
This probably doesn't belong on here, or maybe it does, because it goes along with health... Mental OPTICALXILLUSIO 29 AMYINTHEWILD
8/7/19 3:01 P
Pork chop and salad with avocado for dinner. #keto GANBA20 20 GMACAMI
8/7/19 11:48 A
Thunderstorm knocked over our huge recycle bin Also had pea size hail but little damage. Went to a NDCAROL 3 SHARONSPARKLE
8/7/19 9:13 A
8/16/19 11:41 A
Fresh steamed squash picked fresh today from thistledown farms, Eugene Oregon! Woohoo! My fav! SPIDERLADY1313 10 _RAMONA
7/19/19 1:38 A
Its officially Summer Because, I had Fresh Peaches & Cantaloupe today! Yummy! Another picture from CINDY247 20 PATRICIA-CR
7/19/19 4:07 P
I have a vase with glass bead representing all the pounds I want to lose. When I lose the pounds I p DEBYDOINGIT 23 _RAMONA
7/19/19 1:39 A
I made some homemade kombucha with my backyard mangos! BUNNYCATS 8 LESLIELENORE
7/19/19 8:45 A
Got the second part covered! Guess I need to go shoe shopping! :-) Have a wonderful day Fellow SPARK JUSTFURKIDS 8 NDCAROL
7/13/19 12:32 P
Morning perimeter patrol with the Kitchen Wolves. Feeling human again for the first time in 4 days. JUSTFURKIDS 101 JUSTFURKIDS
7/11/19 12:37 P
Got 3 miles done this am after work. Even with what felt like a shin splint. Have a good day! AKPIPER 3 NDCAROL
7/11/19 12:33 P
what's your emoticon today? PDQ1203 1774 NDCAROL
7/7/19 2:51 P
My side of the house AC fan is down so Rocky decided to do garden dog duty all night where it's cool JUSTFURKIDS 19 JUSTFURKIDS
7/2/19 7:58 A
I keep telling myself that I can’t see any difference but now I think I’m being ridiculous. MOKACHYNA 47 RUSSELLFORD
6/24/19 10:59 P
Our volunteer lettuce is coming up faster than the intentional lettuce. NDCAROL 6 HOLDINGMYOWN
6/26/19 8:46 A
If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time w/them and half as much money. 1CRAZYDOG 9 WALLAHALLA
6/20/19 11:53 P
My best Garden Helpers, Rocky and Bella LaBoo. We harvested yellow squash, zucchini. cucumber, tomat JUSTFURKIDS 31 JAMER123
6/21/19 12:29 A
howdy! AUGIE06 1250 NDCAROL
6/17/19 12:21 P
My lovely new accessory for at least the next week.....!! RASAYLOR 26 RASAYLOR
6/12/19 7:02 A
6/14/19 8:16 A
5k complete 💪🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I'm so proud of all our girls!! Plus for me this is my 1st official regis HELLOHOLLY76 26 TEXASHSMOMOF3
6/9/19 10:29 P
Beautiful day to catch up on resting. JANEDOE12345 12 KMILLER31
6/9/19 6:30 P
Lunch under 400 calories! One of my favourite meals, topped with hoisin and a little sweet chili sau CEL3131 14 PELESJEWEL
6/9/19 4:48 P
Participating in #SummerSculpting Challenge has made me realize I need a more cushioned exercise mat EO4WELLNESS 9 EO4WELLNESS
6/10/19 8:15 P
Left 269 #s. Right - 6-9-2019 - 225#s DARLINGD1970 32 SIMPLY_JAE
8/4/19 9:46 A
Walkin off all that feta 😏🤣 ROCALOCABRUSH 24 GMACAMI
6/10/19 2:17 A
I completed my 100 days exercise challenge yesterday!! Woohoo can't believe I did it. Now it's time COUNTRYMAMA8210 37 KENNYBARBIE12
6/10/19 7:36 A
Nice day. Put up my solar mini garden lights on my smallest spruce. Maybe they'll look like fireflie NDCAROL 1 NDCAROL
6/9/19 4:09 P
Breakfast! Whole wheat toast eggs from my chickens and veggie sausage! DANCINGOTTER89 17 NDCAROL
6/4/19 11:36 A
Breakfast fresh picked from the garden. :-) JUSTFURKIDS 19 NDCAROL
6/4/19 11:35 A
Solar Array (largest of 3) on our shop roof. We can go off grid or simply sell excess power to the E JUSTFURKIDS 25 JAMER123
6/4/19 11:02 P
Meal prepping for work tomorrow, got overnight oats and chia with almond milk for breakfast, southwe DANCINGOTTER89 12 NDCAROL
6/4/19 11:33 A
Lovely Tuesday morning to you! Overcast & sprinkles great for my garden! Today's harvest so far. On JUSTFURKIDS 26 JAMER123
6/5/19 11:57 P
Nature is the art of God. Dante Alighieri MASTERCARE 7 NDCAROL
6/4/19 11:32 A
Happy First Day Of June.. the unofficial start of summer! Can’t help but recall how OVERJOYED we wer JUSTFURKIDS 15 JUSTFURKIDS
6/3/19 11:26 A
Ramen shrimp and brussel sprouts for lunch, weighed everything to get a good idea of the nutritional DANCINGOTTER89 13 NDCAROL
6/2/19 12:53 P
Took a few extra minutes on my make up today. Did grocery shopping and now were about to head out of AKPIPER 20 NDCAROL
6/2/19 12:53 P
Good News! The Humming Hogs are back in full force. All 4 ten-hole feeders are full with happy chirp JUSTFURKIDS 28 NDCAROL
6/1/19 9:15 A
Breakfast today at the office was a bowl of puffed wheat cereal with walnuts, blueberries and unswee DANCINGOTTER89 10 NDCAROL
6/1/19 9:14 A
Slept in till 930a.m Got some shirts put away that were air drying. Then got dishes from dishwasher AKPIPER 3 NDCAROL
6/1/19 9:14 A
There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge. Bertrand Russell MASTERCARE 6 NDCAROL
6/1/19 9:13 A