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8/4/20 11:33 A
How are YOU coping with what has become our new normal, and our future until there’s a sea change? MIMAWELIZABETH 35 PATRICIA-CR
7/31/20 4:55 P
Eating fresh veggies! #foodfeats JSTETSER 40 GABY1948
7/30/20 1:01 P
Getting it done. It's 4:30 and 82 but feels like 88. 6 miles so far. Have a great day! CNUGIN 19 CNUGIN
7/16/20 10:58 A
Yesterday VHAYES04 19 GMACAMI
6/26/20 12:55 P
6/25/20 7:24 P
Everyone is social distancing MIMAWELIZABETH 30 CATWMNCAT
6/24/20 11:18 A
Sunrise neighborhood walk this morning. VIRGINIAGIRL 37 CHEIVOUS
6/23/20 2:04 P
hiking in the trees STARMONICA 18 SWALLIS7
6/21/20 7:16 A
Take some time to relax during your busy day! LITTLEREDHEN8 16 MADEINBRITAIN
6/22/20 3:23 A
69.... 6hr /30k rogaine trek race. " if you wa SURFTOSEA 12 GO_GAL_GROW
6/20/20 9:42 A
A great walk today SUNSHINE582 22 GMACAMI
6/16/20 1:03 P
5k walk-jog challenge. Very slow. Increasing by one 2min walk, 3 min jog lap per session, as I’ve NICKYCRANE 18 FISHGUT3
6/15/20 10:30 A
A beautiful shot posted on our local website: taken from the cliffs at the south end of town, that’ MIMAWELIZABETH 32 DAMAOF5
6/13/20 2:51 P
I'm keeping myself going by walking with my walking-staff up and down the path to the beach in front NEWNANCY2012 32 NEWNANCY2012
6/12/20 9:19 P
My lunch box PREEYADA 19 GEORGE815
6/8/20 1:20 P
Introducing my new fashion accessory! I'm normally hyperactive active, but eat too much when I'm str JENNIFERN0215 23 JENNIFERN0215
6/6/20 10:10 P
6/6/20 12:19 P
86..10k mtb ride. ".....of all the paths you choose in life...make sure a few are dirt" 5am start. SURFTOSEA 24 SURFTOSEA
6/3/20 10:06 P
Joke time: The oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve. It was an Apple but with extremel TWIGBISKIT5 19 SILVAS7
6/3/20 11:00 P
Fastest 5k for 4 years RUSTY720108 24 LORI-K
5/30/20 10:54 A
Posted a photo MIMAWELIZABETH 36 GEORGE815
5/21/20 3:06 P
Perfect morning with my coffee on the porch💜💜💜 last few moments before the quiet is no more...soa SWEETTEANFRUIT 30 GEORGE815
5/17/20 2:56 P
Got well over 11k steps yesterday with an outdoor walk in the mix. Lots of birds, flowers, and inse NITEMAN3D 31 CGARR442
5/17/20 9:34 P
#focused #anythingispossible 🙏 #littlebylittle 💯 #leftaugust2019 #may2020right 💪💪 ANASITALEKI1315 28 ANASITALEKI1315
5/11/20 10:02 P
We took Thor for a walk around Te Rapa industrial park this evening. It's wasn't the best of times. 74KGSTU 12 MOTIVATED@LAST
5/11/20 6:16 A
Yesterday I introduced my mom to a walking trail that I love. I’m working with her on moving more. I LOTTALOX 18 1BLAZER282005
5/11/20 8:01 A
43lbs to go🥴 #BeforeAndAfter KARSON1999 33 KARSON1999
5/10/20 8:40 A
Trying to lighten the mood... MIMAWELIZABETH 18 PATRICIA-CR
5/9/20 12:39 P
4/22/20 3:05 A
Going for a walk along the river! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 28 JAMER123
4/15/20 12:05 A
Time to start over!! I just had a precious baby boy on Friday. My weight now is 172 and I'm aiming f MRSBTUCKER 44 KSHIPE
4/13/20 8:17 A
my contribution to the neighborhood scavenger hunt APONI_KB 36 LILIANN400
4/3/20 6:13 P
4/3/20 1:50 A
This message from Fitbit made it so real for me, so proud💪🏾🙌🏾 Remember no matter where you are s IM_CRISSY 53 CHEIVOUS
4/2/20 1:45 P
(To go with the Turkey I had tonight :-) SLIMMERKIWI 22 1STBUCKETITEM
3/30/20 7:09 P
#BeforeAndAfter My phone will not let me upload the pic from october of last year but I was the same LUCKY1964 29 ALLYLIZZY
3/30/20 1:03 P
To put things in perspective for those of us feeling a bit stir crazy already ~ Anne Frank & 7 other IMLOCOLINDA 18 7STIGGYMT
3/25/20 1:18 P
Forgot to post the steps that I accumulated from just a day of yard work! Hip! Hip! Hooray! for me!! DLBEASYRIDER 25 CATWMNCAT
3/19/20 3:51 P
#BeforeAndAfter still have a long way to go, but feel Great 🙂 NADIYA07 84 123THERESA123
3/12/20 11:44 A
10 more lbs off and i Reach my goal 🤞🏾 IM_CRISSY 55 ORTATK
3/12/20 10:11 A
Beautiful sunset at Lincoln National Forest, Ruidoso, New Mexico tonight. Did a little hiking today KARENR317 18 PLCHAPPELL
3/8/20 7:12 A
Soooo...I dolled myself up & said #ICANDOTHIS ! I admit it helped a little! I've been stressed to th WINGSDREAMS 26 GABY1948
3/10/20 3:23 P
Bath day! NOLALIJE11 12 GEORGE815
3/8/20 4:43 P
101lbs gone for good #BeforeAndAfter KARSON1999 207 CHRISBEM
3/9/20 11:32 A
Happy healthy Wednesday Vacation over flying home today.. Back to reality TRAILWALKERJO54 15 TUBLADY
3/4/20 1:21 P
I wonder if the blanket comes in different patterns? I’d like to run in the country tomorrow mornin MIMAWELIZABETH 22 SCHECK5
3/2/20 6:23 P
Getting toned. 6 months ago I weighed in at 180 pounds. I am now 130 and although stretch Mark's sti TBERNDT 12 JLPEASE
3/2/20 7:25 A
Happy Saturday. Have a great weekend. PAMBROWN62 21 7STIGGYMT
2/29/20 3:53 P
I did a 2k Time Trial in rowing today and had a Personal Best, beating my last time by 1min 23second FLITTERBYG 22 CODEMAULER
2/29/20 10:46 A
Stepping outside of my comfort zone! #goalfeats JSTETSER 29 GABY1948
2/29/20 1:49 P
I completed the half yesterday and enjoyed time in Epcot. Several miles were on heavily sideways sl RUNNINGBEARS80 154 FIREBRTHR
2/24/20 6:14 P
Good morning Spark Family!!!! 9 days straight of, 30 miles a day on the bike!!! Dropping a few pound F5-FURY 36 ALLYLIZZY
2/22/20 2:19 P
Good morning. I've not been active for a while but this morning my husband managed to convince me to ACTIV4LIFE 19 MRSMICHELLEMARI
2/22/20 1:44 P
Just had a rough weigh in today and this before picture showed up on my Facebook memories. Great re SWORTHING6 83 123THERESA123
3/1/20 4:27 P
#BeforeAndAfter ATKINSBRAYLEY1 27 123THERESA123
3/10/20 8:19 A
Put forth the effort today, it's going to be a great week! I'm feelin' pretty damn good, got ton's o DLBEASYRIDER 26 GOFORGIN
2/18/20 3:59 A
I am using knitting to keep from snacking. I have almost finished a pair of socks I started last sum SHARONKNITS 25 29WINEGAL
2/5/20 3:35 P
Y'all, I'm gonna do a thing. I've been thinking a NESSA5210 24 DBALZER
2/3/20 2:03 P
There was a time I couldn't get out of the 50s for pounds lost and I stayed there for well over a ye DISCOVERING_VAL 27 JRDUPREE
2/2/20 2:31 P
What a difference 3 months can make!! Even though I started at 215, but couldn't find the photo🤷🏾‍ IM_CRISSY 60 IM_CRISSY
1/25/20 6:26 P
Show me your before and where you are now. KRYSTALKAYE 24 _RAMONA
1/16/20 11:29 P
Isnt this incredible... How much weight have you lost so far? :D HAPPYKITTYNZ 19 HAPPYKITTYNZ
1/11/20 6:49 P
Week 1 progress. #beforeandafter Having.. anxious feelings about it to be honest. HAPPYKITTYNZ 39 1CRAZYDOG
1/8/20 3:34 P
Birthday Girl #BeforeAndAfter JANETHERRING88 206 RODRIGUEZ41508
2/1/20 9:46 A
Snow-covered trails posed just the right excuse to skip a 25k day. Passed today's exam . . . Ho JAMESEVER 11 STILLSPARKLEIGH
1/8/20 7:30 A
Kicked my ass today JESSXOLAUREN 31 KAYDE53
12/29/19 5:20 P
Original weight 2016...250 lbs. Couldn't walk a mile. Got down to 140...was able to walk 26 miles ev AUGUST_RUSH 20 GEORGE815
12/29/19 1:22 P
Spread Smiles! Do you get your nails done for the Holidays? LITTLEREDHEN8 22 _RAMONA
12/21/19 1:57 A
75lbs down since March 2019. EMILYJCOLETTA0 201 EEJAA70
12/16/19 10:23 P
This picture is of the day after Thanksgiving.... I thought that this was going to happen to me! L CINDY247 39 VIRGINIAGIRL
12/2/19 3:32 P
Good morning, everyone!! I made this profile years ago when I wasn't serious, but now I am. I've l CYNROSE78 230 FIT4LIFEANNE
12/17/19 11:59 P
Love the colors of the early morning sky. Up and out, 5k run complete. Happy Monday Sparklers 🍁 ha OUTSIDEJOJO 37 EEJAA70
11/25/19 10:03 A
#BeforeAndAfter... I don’t think the date on the first weight is exactly correct, but it’s close. Th LESLIELENORE 33 MAUREENESTER1
11/16/19 8:36 P
Stalking: When two people go for a long romantic walk together . . . but only one of them knows abou DAN1964 15 SHUTEBETHANY
11/13/19 7:41 A