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Happy Monday WILSOD1 3 MILPAM3
4/12/21 10:12 A
TO brighten your day! Have a little photo fun with my grand daughter. Have a marvelous MOnday RUTHIEBEAR 16 HEDSTS58
4/12/21 10:54 A
Loss is painful, and challenges us emotionally, physically and spiritually, but remember what you st KARENWILL2 2 MILPAM3
4/12/21 10:11 A
So thankful my Mondays are my weekend. We run between 3 villages doing ministry, visits, and helps. WIMSONFLOWER 3 SHIRLEYJG7
4/12/21 10:20 A
#BeforeAndAfter Someone asked me how often I take progress photos. Other than recording my weight w JKRONEN84 9 STARMONICA
4/12/21 10:57 A
Good morning! Day 1 and looking forward to my new journey. I'm from SW Florida, anyone here from Fl JANLOVESFL 3 MILPAM3
4/12/21 10:09 A
Wishing all you Sparklers a happy and successful Monday today! Sipping my morning coffee waiting fo DM2020 17 PEGJW111
4/12/21 11:40 A
Lemon Protein Overnight Oats w/ Chia Seeds, Raspberries and Almonds... Mmmm, mmm๐Ÿ˜‹ Way Better than L CATWMNCAT 8 SLEITTER
4/12/21 11:13 A
wrote out today's food & exercise plan 10XPERLB 16 MOMMACAT57
4/12/21 11:36 A
Check in if you made your bed today WADDLINGALONG 14774 WALLAHALLA
4/12/21 10:21 A
4/12/21 8:51 A
Word Association! VERMILIONCLAY 30113 MISSENG
4/12/21 9:37 A
Say It in Five Words -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 2935 MILPAM3
4/11/21 3:48 P
Attitude of Gratitude- today I am THANKFUL for ___ --DEBY-- 83 MILPAM3
4/11/21 3:35 P
General Discussion Chit Chat DRITTIMANN 4631 MILPAM3
4/11/21 3:33 P
What's Your Decluttering Project For Today? SIERRASAGE 9455 LECATES
4/12/21 11:44 A
What's keeping you busy today? MILPAM3 228 MILPAM3
4/10/21 10:35 A
Happy April! I think I'll do my cardio inside today!! AGGIELIZ 12 AGGIELIZ
4/10/21 11:18 A
Posted a photo JAMESEVER 12 CHERRYZMB60
4/10/21 11:24 P
Today marks the 8 months of my journey to a better, healthier me. I started at my all time heaviest LADY_RIANY 8 CHERRYZMB60
4/10/21 11:24 P
I started the NoneToRun program today. I did17 of 25 minutes. Iโ€™m not going to beat myself up that I BLESSEDMAMA88 4 MILPAM3
4/10/21 10:25 A
So true this is ๐Ÿ’œ MIAMI_LILLY 23 AQUAGIRL08
4/11/21 2:31 P
Sign of the Times #202 SPEDED2 15 LIS193
4/11/21 4:17 A
Posted a photo BLACKRAINBOW28 10 YMWONG22
4/10/21 10:25 A
Good morning! #moveit GYNGER12 5 EVIE4NOW
4/10/21 10:53 A
Happy Saturday! #saturdaysmiles REDEEMED_DANCER 17 CHERRYZMB60
4/10/21 11:29 P
Have a BERRY Good Saturday! ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿซ Two #eattherainbow servings right out of the gate ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป I ask A LOT STILLSPARKLEIGH 39 AQUAGIRL08
4/11/21 2:30 P
6mo pregnant on my plus size figure! Itโ€™s been amazing and sometimes overwhelming to see my body cha SHINEFROMWITHIN 17 PWILLOW1
4/10/21 9:14 P
Interesting soup. EVIE4NOW 14 CHERRYZMB60
4/10/21 11:32 P
Starting Spark people today. BPIPANES 4 MILPAM3
4/10/21 10:20 A
WO: pilates and yoga on FitOn app BECCAWEBB123 4 MILPAM3
4/10/21 10:20 A
Breakfast - KIND double chocolate almond cereal with raspberries!:) ๐Ÿ˜‹ Have a happy Saturday! NAVYWIFESKI 17 PWILLOW1
4/10/21 9:13 P
Two Words--Change One (game) -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 1586 MILPAM3
4/7/21 10:21 A
This challenge has really encouraged me. Iโ€™ve really increased my water intake this week. โ˜บ๏ธ #h2who HORSESHOEHONEY 8 TOMATOCAFEGAL
4/3/21 4:39 P
Made sugar cookies for Easter, kids are having so much fun decorating them. And I can have just a co JANIMOEN 18 BANKER-CHUCK
4/3/21 1:16 P
Hello Sparkers! Wishing you a Splendid Saturday! A cute giggle to share with Y' all. 8~) HAPPY-CATHE 31 PATRICIA-CR
4/4/21 6:52 P
First day of meal prep for week. Quinoa and vegetable salad. Hope itโ€™s good. Happy Saturday everyone CHUNKYMONKEY570 37 SLIMMERKIWI
4/4/21 4:46 A
From 312 to 199 today!!! :) GABRIELDIAZ17 14 GEORGE815
4/3/21 3:08 P
Whoohoo for the weekend! TWEETYKC00 12 PICKIE98
4/5/21 11:02 A
Relaxing this afternoon with a project for my volunteer group. Can't wait to get this all stitched u BOOKISHBABE76 26 KKJAHNS
4/3/21 3:19 P
Check in if you tended to Mount Washmore today WADDLINGALONG 6053 WALLAHALLA
4/2/21 12:47 P
Not sure how many calories I burned but we took down a brick accent wall today in our living room. LJBOWSER1 19 STARS2000
3/31/21 9:44 P
Jamaican Seasoned Chicken Wings (pre seasoned), Sweet Potato, Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry Chutney an CATWMNCAT 22 GO_GAL_GROW
4/1/21 12:19 P
4/1/21 1:27 P
Message Removed CD27273419 49 AFWWTX
4/1/21 11:25 A
Surely it's an april fool's day joke that tomorrow april 1st, will be 30 degrees with SNOW on the wa OPTICALXILLUSIO 8 MILPAM3
3/31/21 9:22 P
11 cups of ginger water #h2whoa CECELW 7 BIGRENTMAN
4/1/21 12:42 P
Did some spring cleaning today. I've been wanting to clean out the utensil drawer forever. I took ev LADYREBEL75 21 JAMER123
4/2/21 10:35 P
Cupcakes I made for my son's class party tomorrow. My first time doing grass with the grass tip. BECCAWEBB123 51 FURRYMOM1
4/1/21 2:09 A
Things I am thankful for .... A - Z ASOBFALLS 924 MILPAM3
3/31/21 7:53 A
Hooray for me! Day 12 in a row of days in which I met or exceeded my personal exercise goal. Good GREYGIN 19 TOCONNER
3/31/21 6:51 A
Done form the day #moveit RCLYKE 3 MILPAM3
3/30/21 5:41 P
Ya'all having a great Tuesday? ๐ŸŒž Today,Here in NH, it got up to 64, although the :breeze" kept i DXTECH 24 ERIN_POSCH
3/31/21 11:22 A
Today is difficult for me... itโ€™s a little rollercoaster my weight loss I go down and go up on a dai CHELACH 9 SBLACKWELL93
3/30/21 6:43 P
3/31/21 9:47 A
Walked 20 mins without losing my breath. It's day 2, but I'll take it. That was scary. Sore from yes NEWVIEW91 10 GEORGE815
3/30/21 6:10 P
Dinner...that is NOT cheese, but a vegan cheese style sauce that tastes like queso....mmmm...... SISSYFEB48 19 NJ_BEACHCOMBERS
3/31/21 8:05 A
Took the girls to the local botanical gardens today. These are all sculptures made entirely from LEG MIAMI_LILLY 39 EVILCECIL
3/31/21 6:14 A
It's possible. STRONGCOURAGE 4 GEORGE815
3/30/21 6:07 P
New low today, Woohoo! Successfully reached the one gallon of water yesrerday. Two pounds behind on RUBBERBONES 4 GEORGE815
3/30/21 6:07 P
Great on the calories and I had a lot of activity too. Thank you God for another great day. SCTT123 4 GEORGE815
3/30/21 6:06 P
4/12/21 6:51 A
Hello! I'm new...kind of. Did Spark People years ago. Have been and currently on WW. Hoping to marry MARY2009 8 MARY2009
3/28/21 7:49 P
So excited! My daughter gifted me with a flight to visit my great grandson. I go right after Easte SAVO47 35 CHERRYZMB60
3/28/21 11:36 P
We slept in a little bit today which was much needed. Went to One of our local parks here in town an AKPIPER 11 HAPPY-CATHE
3/28/21 7:53 P
Message Removed CD27273419 7 SPARKANITA
3/28/21 5:37 P
Hey guys, I need some help. I've not went over my calories or fat intake and only lost 1 pound this WENDYM79 13 BAILE1MA
3/28/21 9:59 P
Day 5 of my walking adventures and I'm so glad I pushed through. I met the sunrise this morning and MRSCRAFTYMANN 30 GMACAMI
3/26/21 9:45 P
...::Take some time to stop and smell the flowers today. 2BDYNAMIC 34 AQUAGIRL08
3/28/21 9:07 A
Lunch today, my mini waffle iron is my new BFF. I make keto wonder bread, which all in all cost me MJLUVSANIMALS 14 GEORGE815
3/26/21 7:35 P
Now if I can only convince myself to eat it PIXIEDUST04 24 GMACAMI
3/26/21 9:46 P
Back to the bob! I usually do like to keep my hair long, but after almost two years without even a ROCKYCATSMAMMA 17 GETITDONE79
3/27/21 2:16 P
3/26/21 7:30 P
So glad Friday is here. TWEETYKC00 10 GARDENSFORLIFE
3/26/21 11:56 P
Happy Friday friends!! Late start again, but it's ok. Just found out that people like us on disabili QSIESUE1960 5 GEORGE815
3/26/21 7:33 P