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TUESDAY SNACK POLL: *mine is raisins today 10XPERLB 11 LIS193
8/12/20 2:46 A
Lots of work to do but feeling great!! 5lbs down 150 to go!! I know I can I know I can I know I can! PAULA_KINDERRN3 66 DENNIS99707
8/11/20 5:45 P
Posted a photo MARILYNS481 15 LAH1222
8/11/20 11:49 P
Feeling kinda fierce with my reflective goggles and morning (socially distanced lane to myself) swim JLB2109 8 ALOHAALO
8/11/20 5:39 P
Day 5 of my starting over journey. Ready to hit this gym and get a good workout in!! BEACHBUM18918 13 GARDENCHRIS
8/12/20 11:38 A
Happy Tuesday! RAERAERAE62 7 GETITDONE79
8/11/20 4:54 P
8/12/20 11:38 A
It’s been quite a journey body, mind and spirit but life continues to offer amazing things. Grateful 6THOFSIX 168 6THOFSIX
8/11/20 6:17 P
How did you feel when you woke up this morning? CD13444141 13133 MCJULIEO
8/11/20 11:04 A
What Emoticon Are You Today? FIT4BRIT 42195 MSROZZIE
8/11/20 3:35 P
Did you overeat at your last meal? IAMJOYFUL2 20542 LOTUS737
8/12/20 10:28 A
Are you at peace and grateful right now? IAMJOYFUL2 16804 ROCKRS
8/12/20 9:03 A
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 62681 URBANREDNEK
8/12/20 10:17 A
Are You Happy Right Now? SMYLEERED 43447 URBANREDNEK
8/12/20 10:14 A
How many cups of water today (or yesterday)? SNARDEESNIFF 19579 URBANREDNEK
8/12/20 10:15 A
TBT Missing Brazilian Carnaval KAIVANKA 11 KAIVANKA
8/11/20 6:39 P
One banana, baked beans, stewed apples, raspberry yogurt, potatos, butter beans, cucumber, tomato, D BRUCELANGLEY 8 TOCONNER
8/11/20 7:16 A
Tried a new one again! I think I like this one the most so far. CPROKASKI 5 COVDAR9
8/10/20 9:52 P
Today was tough, making decisions on food could have gone better. Here’s to getting back on the wago MOMMYTWOBEE 10 FUNNYFACE101002
8/10/20 6:21 P
Rowed for an hour today and learned that I can join rowing competitions that are shared online as we MOINSDEMOI 5 FUNNYFACE101002
8/10/20 6:21 P
10 minutes in the stationary bike. It’s a start. I’m not allowed to walk the treadmill due to a to CHRISTLYN1 7 29WINEGAL
8/10/20 9:54 P
What exercise to you do for an arthritic hip? I try stuff but am in pain the whole time. AUNTDOIRTY8 8 LUANN_IN_PA
8/10/20 6:48 P
I tracked over the weekend, but loosely and def ex _CRINKLE 31 _CRINKLE
8/11/20 12:36 A
Still trudging along! FOTOLEXIC 36 JAMER123
8/11/20 10:56 P
Good morning SparkFam! It's a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in PA. It's lawn mowing weekend, s LIVINGHEALTHY16 176 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/10/20 6:57 A
So far so good! Took a good long walk down the beach, after got home from work this morning. This is DLBEASYRIDER 18 ALLYLIZZY
8/10/20 2:03 P
Posted a photo TAYGRL 12 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/10/20 6:56 A
Yummy lunch🤤 Hope you are enjoying your day💜 CATWMNCAT 15 PCK12J
8/10/20 7:22 P
My 3 year-old. SAFETGIRL522 20 CHERRYZMB60
8/9/20 9:52 P
Weigh in today...yep, still in maintenance mode. I owe it to CONSISTENT fitness and counting macros LORI-K 56 ALLYLIZZY
8/10/20 2:01 P
I don’t get pictures taken often. Started January LEMOW72 135 KAYDE53
8/9/20 10:36 P
This is my weekly total of my exercise 7 day a week Routines: 🔻 126,000 steps👟 21 hours total walk ANNIEROKOV 23 ANNIEROKOV
8/8/20 9:43 A
Posted a photo DIVAGLOW 16 MCBETH
8/8/20 8:26 A
Had an amazing ride with my hubby this evening. Finding new (to me) places and pushing myself to bec LORI-K 39 SPARKNB
8/9/20 1:26 P
8/9/20 12:53 P
Day 7 of exercising every day for the month of August ST3PH 30 RYCGIRL
8/8/20 10:04 A
A collage of mom alone, baby alone, and two photos of them reunited. This was a tense trapping situa MIMAWELIZABETH 21 PATRICIA-CR
8/8/20 11:01 A
Happy Saturday Spark Friends! Visiting my mom & sis today- Going to surprise me for where we will ha FLASUN 43 LIS193
8/9/20 4:07 A
Posted a photo BOOKNUT52 27 GRALAN
8/9/20 1:18 P
Chicken Breast, Roasted Cauliflower, Sugar Snap Peas and Tomatoes straight from the farm stand😋😋😋 CATWMNCAT 24 SPEDED2
8/7/20 11:30 P
Four miles today. The Scottish Highlands Trail is a beautiful virtual walk. I don't know who is up a SPARROW125 8 GEORGE815
8/7/20 8:08 P
‘Sitting alone and enjoying your own company is better than being surrounded by fake people.’ ~TheM GODS-PRINCESS 11 GRALAN
8/9/20 1:27 P
Great Surprise 💙🏈 In the middle of me kettleballing my brother just showed up on my doorstep and ANNIEROKOV 5 GEORGE815
8/7/20 8:07 P
Be careful using your mandolin. Vegetables taste better without Band-Aids on your fingers.🤦 JONGDAESGIRL 11 JONGDAESGIRL
8/8/20 5:39 P
Lunch of champions! Tuna fish. Raw broccoli and cauliflower. And green grapes. It was great. Plus I HUDZY28 7 GEORGE815
8/7/20 8:04 P
Giant salad for lunch! Yum yum TRIEDNTRUE89 13 GEORGE815
8/7/20 7:59 P
Posted a photo TWYSTEDSYNS 6 GEORGE815
8/7/20 8:04 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 6 GEORGE815
8/7/20 8:02 P
Keeping the Friday laughs going... MIAMI_LILLY 45 JER-BER
8/9/20 11:29 A
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 11 GRAMMY065
8/7/20 11:59 P
Lunch time! It's such nice weather out right now that I'm eating on the porch. I hear thunder in the SPARKININFL 20 GEORGE815
8/6/20 3:10 P
Hanging out reading a book by the river in Marshall. It's a beautiful day to be outside. I think I JEWELRYLOVER 27 CATHYSFITLIFE
8/6/20 6:06 P
Here I go! 100 pounds to lose. I have to succeed in order to lead a happy, healthy life. I have lite GLINDAGOODWITCH 31 GARDENSFORLIFE
8/6/20 11:21 P
Roasted tomatoes, peppers, garlic and almonds ready to puree for a rich healthy sauce for pasta or r -POOKIE- 32 GABY1948
8/8/20 12:13 P
Today's healthy delicious lunch: fresh seared scallops over an arugula paremsan salad with a light l TIMELADY23 30 _RAMONA
8/7/20 2:41 A
Well, here I go. I have gained 40 pounds in two years. Haven’t been to the gym in 7 months and have LILMEMEJEAN 114 KOSHIE1
8/6/20 5:48 P
4 years to get here. #weightloss MKIRBY1987 263 _RAMONA
8/7/20 2:37 A
Yummy Salmon Tacos and Broccoli #Keto NVRGIVINGUP 23 DAWNWATERWOMAN
8/6/20 11:06 P
I'm starting to see results from eating low carb. Gives me incentive to keep eating right. VFR4US 29 DININA48MN
8/6/20 4:39 A
My life has been wrapped up in my PhD work. It's great to get out in the garden today. I have lost 1 TYMBERWOLFE 29 PATRICIA-CR
8/6/20 11:56 A
Good evening spark friends. So nice to come home and unwind after a stressful day. Looking for nor CARLOSLAKELAND 63 AQUAGIRL08
8/8/20 8:14 A
WEIRD and Wonderful Wednesday!! Macros were better... steps lower but more INTENSE today... can you STILLSPARKLEIGH 45 TOMSGAL85
8/6/20 8:55 P
Realized chicken sausage needs eating up before expiration date. With some bok choy and green beans _CRINKLE 19 DININA48MN
8/6/20 2:59 A
Dinner - salmon steak, asparagus with mozzarella and creamed potatoes 😋 Almost made my macros toda LILIANN400 38 ALLYLIZZY
8/6/20 11:55 A
How motivated are you today? Scale from 1-10 CD2477171 49510 ROCKRS
8/12/20 9:02 A
Does anyone else have days where they accidentally go over calories due to lack of planning? It’s to MONTANAMEESH 11 OOLALA53
8/5/20 12:07 A
Homemade takeout today- just as tasty but way more LOLOLOVESLIFE 25 ANNIEMAROO
8/5/20 2:00 A
Well, I am three days sober. I made the choice to drink on Friday and after only one drink I was mad LILMEMEJEAN 17 DLMGRAHAM
8/5/20 8:35 A
How was your Tuesday Gang? I made my turkey tacos on romaine boats 😋 and ate that lovely rainbow 🌈 STILLSPARKLEIGH 25 7STIGGYMT
8/5/20 6:00 P
A visit to the zoo is a good way to get steps in! APRILDV 19 LINDALEE24
8/5/20 6:52 A
What I ate today was little more hungry than usual today but stayed in my calories 🙃 HJUDIE1 9 ELIR_KVOTHE
8/5/20 8:54 A
Not as much sweat as usual but the workout was intense enough. Tonight I used resistance bands. For LOTTALOX 9 1BLAZER282005
8/5/20 8:55 A
Great 3 mile walk at Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve this afternoon. VICKI27655 18 GARDENCHRIS
8/5/20 8:04 A
Before my workout. I felt okay today. LOTTALOX 10 1BLAZER282005
8/5/20 8:55 A
Pushed myself to try a new workout! 60 minutes of JOYFLCHICK 15 CFITZ1
8/4/20 11:22 P