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4/20/21 11:49 P
GS's baseball game canceled tonight due to rain, so last minute change for dinner... Salmon, Green B CATWMNCAT 13 JER-BER
4/21/21 6:23 A
Gluten free Hawaiian pizza for dinner!:) 😋 Have a great night! NAVYWIFESKI 14 FLASUN
4/21/21 3:42 A
So funny how my mind tries to defeat me!!! I dropped my kid off at boxing and headed to the park whe LMORSE51 7 LITTLEFLOWERTC
4/20/21 10:23 P
Pool again this afternoon....there were only 6 of us in this whole area. Easy to keep your distance SISSYFEB48 23 SPEDED2
4/20/21 10:26 P
It's been almost a month since I lost any weight so I guess I'm at a plateau? I was doing good track HEATHER12O 14 LITTLEFLOWERTC
4/20/21 10:14 P
WHO LOVES CHOCOLATE? Okay so I just could not help it! I created Lemon Blueberry Raspberry 100 calor PASTA3 19 LITTLEFLOWERTC
4/20/21 10:06 P
4/17/21 7:33 A
Day 5 Done of Million Step Challenge (10k steps every day for 100 days... 95 to go. Little more diff WYTCHHAZYL 17 EOWYN2424
4/17/21 2:58 A
Happy Friday Sparklers! - I'm learning to view my current plateau in a more positive perspective. KARRENLYNN 15 FURRYMOM1
4/17/21 5:41 A
I started on August at 199.6 lb my goal was 175lbs by the end of January. Well as of the end of Marc PRAYERNFAITH 24 BIKE4HEALTH
4/17/21 4:06 A
23.2 miles on the Silver Comet Trails in Atlanta! 🚴🏾🚴🏾 SPOKENWORD 24 GERRYH2
4/17/21 7:20 A
Lunch - Turmeric coconut wrap with turkey, lettuce, tomato, pepper jack cheese and spinach artichoke NAVYWIFESKI 19 NAVYWIFESKI
4/17/21 8:06 A
Dinner - Grilled filet mignon caesar salad with red pepper, feta, craisins and pecans!:) 😋 Enjoy yo NAVYWIFESKI 25 FLASUN
4/15/21 3:04 A
Still no refrigerator so eating out of my cooler is like an episode of Chopped. Spicy chicken and br MSMOSTIMPROVED 27 HAPPYSOUL91
4/15/21 9:13 A
Bourbon Garlic Salmon, Spinach & Mushrooms, Khorasan Wheat w/ Nutritional Yeast and Grapes... mashed CATWMNCAT 17 GINNABOOTS
4/15/21 6:11 A
#eattherainbow 🌈 and #foodfeats fun 😋 I love grilling season!!! Cedar planked Salmon over slaw wit STILLSPARKLEIGH 31 AQUAGIRL08
4/16/21 10:09 A
4/15/21 12:48 A
lots of veggies today: lettuce, red cabbage, chickpeas, olives, carrots, red peppers, sweet potatoes GREYGIN 25 MT2021
4/15/21 7:55 A
Hello I’m new here!!!!! JRHAYGOOD 11 ROSESAREBLUE
4/15/21 6:18 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 19 NYARAMULA
4/15/21 4:23 A
My Greek salad and Greek yogurt for work tomorrow! JANIMOEN 37 CHEIVOUS
4/15/21 1:05 P
It was a bit of a stressful day today. The teacher I work with called in sick. She was unable to f COUNTRYKID3 4 LIZZYMITCH
4/13/21 10:00 P
scale victory today---down 4lbs. non-scale victory today-stayed low carb and walked, visited my mom SOFT_VAL67 12 PATTYVANCE62
4/14/21 10:20 A
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 10 DININA48MN
4/14/21 2:08 A
Dinner BECCAWEBB123 8 MJ7DM33
4/13/21 10:09 P
Grandbabies are the best LADY_KATHY 50 MIKKYB1984
4/14/21 8:08 A
Ate a rainbow with grilled salmon and wild rice tonight - so good! LMORSE51 26 GRALAN
4/14/21 12:01 A
Dinner was an epic fail! The guys wanted pizza. I did mange to hold it to 2 pieces so I guess that's HUMMINGBIRD1934 6 CATWMNCAT
4/13/21 10:18 P
Chopping my heart out! SISSYFEB48 23 FURRYMOM1
4/14/21 2:29 A
Felt good to see this as my end of day step count. Sometimes it is hard to reach. KAITJONES2013 28 GMACAMI
4/13/21 9:57 P
My SIL and I ran 6 miles on a trail run together today. At the New Year, I could hardly walk 2 miles REBOKCAROL 9 KSE1018
4/13/21 7:08 A
So I’ve been on my journey now for 2 years! I’ve learned so much about myself and about how weight l SHAWSHE 6 KSE1018
4/13/21 7:06 A
Ground turkey / eggs / turkey Bacon / ms dash lemo WESPARRISH23 12 SNUZYQ2
4/13/21 3:25 A
Starting Yoga tomorrow. Nervous about it since I just started driving. MAMAROU 5 GERRYH2
4/13/21 7:07 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 10 SPEDED2
4/13/21 7:05 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 13 SPEDED2
4/13/21 7:05 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 37 ERIN_POSCH
4/13/21 10:12 A
If you would of told me 2 months ago when I was 343lbs I would take 11115 steps in a day I would of SIAMILLS 102 CHERRYZMB60
4/12/21 8:49 P
How does a 100 pound loss look like? A picture is worth a thousand words... LADY_RIANY 30 EISSA7
4/12/21 7:40 A
Walked 4 miles today, something I haven't been able to do in a while without severe pain. I'm tired LIVINGITUP5 14 TDSIMOES67
4/12/21 6:16 A
Fun day out including the NW Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane, WA for the Downtown Abbey Costum SILVERSHOOK 14 CLAUDIA120
4/12/21 2:48 A
New week new chance to eat healthy and exercise more. I started today off making plans for my succes CHANGING-TURTLE 15 IMNOTSTOPPIN
4/12/21 6:57 P
First time making air fryer fried chicken, and it was soooo good. Made the chicken, then made mashed QSIESUE1960 5 GMAM48
4/12/21 1:10 P
Spent my weekend hiking! #trailllife #hiking #westvirginia #newrivergorge #getoutside&play CUPCAKEGURL913 37 ARNETTELEE
4/12/21 6:39 A
Roast pork, potato, unsweetened cinnamon apple sau GRAPLEIRIS 20 STILLSPARKLEIGH
4/10/21 11:12 A
7,000+ steps Friday. Busier at work so not getting as much walking time in. JERICHO1991 12 ROCKYCPA
4/10/21 10:18 P
Another beautiful walk in the park! #moveit MACHOL 19 TOMATOCAFEGAL
4/10/21 1:23 P
I got something bad to share...I DID HORRIBLE TODAY! BUT... I entered it all in,,, Made me NOT WANT LIVINHOPEFUL44 17 LITTLEFLOWERTC
4/10/21 8:59 A
4/10/21 12:29 P
This week, I got a friend to switch out her cases of soda for cases of bottled water! #h2whoa MACHOL 16 BIGRENTMAN
4/10/21 9:48 A
My primary objective has been to meet caloric and nutrition goals. According to my nutrition reports JEWELZSTOREY 14 DIANEDOESSMILES
4/10/21 1:38 A
Day 1 tomorrow LAKEGIRL89 9 ALLYLIZZY
4/9/21 11:52 A
Dinner: ground turkey taco bowl. Cauliflower rice, ground turkey, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes BECCAWEBB123 11 STILLSPARKLEIGH
4/9/21 7:35 A
Yup, that's the kind of day it is. BAILE1MA 20 ERIN_POSCH
4/9/21 11:23 A
Almost through my second week and still trying to find my rhythm in this journey back to health. I MEDSMILEY1 3 LIZZYMITCH
4/8/21 10:59 P
#BeforeAndAfter Don't mind all the clutter on my parents' bathroom counters. Pay attention to the pa GREENEMERALDGRL 34 BIKE4HEALTH
4/9/21 3:09 A
Wednesday’s step count and supper. Shrimp with asparagus, mushrooms, onions, carrots, celery cooked KIBBGIRL 23 STILLSPARKLEIGH
4/9/21 7:31 A
I am so happy to be here! I have had diabetes for over a year and my doctor told me to limit my carb ONTRACKTANYA 19 DININA48MN
4/9/21 2:10 A
4/17/21 8:52 P
4/10/21 9:32 A
4/9/21 7:03 P
Got beautiful flowers today KATHYSCOTT6764 17 PWILLOW1
4/9/21 7:02 P
Between work and working out, I fell asleep at my desk! Now I hope I can get back to sleep. #moveit MSMOSTIMPROVED 33 ISNESS
4/9/21 7:03 P
Dinner: cobb salad. It has spinach, turkey bacon, tomato, boiled egg, grilled chicken, avocado and h BECCAWEBB123 34 FROLICINFLORIDA
4/8/21 12:11 A
Homemade vegetable and chicken chow mein. Yummy HAPPYJUD 16 ALLYLIZZY
4/8/21 2:08 P
Enjoying the Spring flowers which are adding beauty to every day! ...Camellia growing in a friend's BERRY4 28 ARNETTELEE
4/8/21 6:22 A
I had my second appointment with my new dietician today. She was pleased with my progress. She said GOODFELINE 9 ALLYLIZZY
4/8/21 2:09 P
🌤️. Rest and weigh day. Gained 1.4 lbs. Walk x2, gardening and marching in place. 17,000+ steps. CSEGUIN2 9 DAWNWATERWOMAN
4/8/21 5:43 P
4/9/21 9:11 P
Good night everyone! Meals throughout the day. Only ate less than half the steak. Early day tomorrow CLIMBOVERARIES 19 NAVYWIFESKI
4/8/21 8:51 A
Here we go! Me in all my glory. Day one- starting off photo. GREENGEENY75 85 ARNETTELEE
4/8/21 5:45 A
Honey Mustard Panko Crusted Salmon (Sparkrecipe), Sweet Potato and Asparagus😊... Have a Lovely Even CATWMNCAT 26 GINNABOOTS
4/7/21 7:57 A
Well I had a really good lunch today a Reuben sandwich from Arby's and iced coffee from McDonald's GABBYROCKS368 4 LIZZYMITCH
4/6/21 10:21 P
I wanted to try a healthy recipe for dessert, and can’t believe how delicious this is! It’s an apple MIAMI_LILLY 24 CHEIVOUS
4/7/21 2:16 P