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Restful Sunday! MSROZZIE 13 MSROZZIE
7/6/20 9:05 P
Summer lunch, planning for dinner and dessert tonight. FNIGHT 5 KATTHOMAS2
7/5/20 6:10 P
As part of the 5% summer challenge, here's my Livi L1VEL1FE 14 GRAMMY065
7/6/20 12:18 A
I set a goal for June to reach 4,000 steps at least 3 days a week. I'm very sedentary and that was a KCOXHGP3 8 ALLYLIZZY
7/6/20 1:29 A
Watermelon 🍉 yumm!!!.. JOYWILSON383 22 SWIMSTERLING94
7/5/20 8:21 P
Cutest leg day ever. He wants many, many sets of leg lifts 😂 ELLARIAN 23 DBEAU57
7/6/20 12:30 A
Lost 3 pounds this week yay me im so happy MCATLEDGE 3 DIGIT00
7/5/20 5:53 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 21 PATRICIA-CR
7/6/20 7:57 A
So far ive lost 22.4 pounds im so happy MCATLEDGE 15 ALLYLIZZY
7/6/20 1:27 A
Yay, i hit 11,001steps, walked little over 5miles as of 11:27am! Walked to the beach park about 1 CHERYL4808 6 DIGIT00
7/5/20 5:52 P
My new water cup MCATLEDGE 9 INDEJAM09
7/5/20 5:55 P
My workout room this week. I’ve made up a little routine of walking, jumping jacks & squats. Not s LJBOWSER1 13 HISTORYBUFFLS
7/6/20 12:31 A
Hope you had a fun and safe Holiday Weekend! I’m celebrating me! I have met or gone beyond my move g SPOKENWORD 10 ALLYLIZZY
7/6/20 1:27 A
This is me yesterday after an hour workout and a couple hours of taking down a fence in 100+ degree KPINAZ 13 KATRENIAH
7/5/20 8:30 P
Trying my hand at homemade dill pickles, fresh from our garden ♥️ UGAGIRL719 13 CSROBERTSON621
7/5/20 8:16 P
"One must not trifle with love."-Alfred de Musset SWEETNEEY 13 ELSCO55
7/3/20 9:53 P
Breakfast for dinner tonight 😋. Scrambled eggs with bacon and toast and chocolate skim milk. And o QSIESUE1960 25 _RAMONA
7/4/20 2:17 A
Love seeing this out my window! GRAMLOCK77 38 _RAMONA
7/4/20 2:17 A
Beautiful Hokitika walk and a bonus, my Son found a pair of glasses. As every thrifty Mum knows, alw ZOOMTHOM 11 KOALA_BEAR
7/3/20 10:14 P
Keep your fur babies close this holiday week. If you are not a pet owner, please be considerate of h NANHBH 18 ROCKYCPA
7/4/20 12:52 P
7/4/20 5:13 P
Have a beautiful evening! Today's results . . . 🌟 Completing pushup goal • achieving great JAMESEVER 15 GMACAMI
7/3/20 11:43 P
How's your cooking? BARBIEE52 38 7STIGGYMT
7/5/20 9:34 P
This week Breakfast- smoothie Lunch- salad Dinner- taco soup The family wanted taco soup and so my c MCATLEDGE 6 NOCALORIES
7/3/20 10:38 P
4 mile workout in today before the holiday. 95 degrees out- but definitely got my vitamin D. GINGERMONKEY21 27 _RAMONA
7/4/20 2:13 A
Finally done for the day... rain never came so I kept on going until I couldn't go anymore... now to CATWMNCAT 29 1BLAZER282005
7/4/20 7:54 A
Who says gardening isn't a work-out!? I had a good sweat going weeding. RUFFIT 18 GRLTAZ
7/4/20 9:39 A
Evening walk yielded these flowers growing in mom’s flower garden. Afterwards I retrieved my laundry LESLIELENORE 25 WIZARDHOWL
7/4/20 6:45 P
Happy July 4th weekend from my place to yours SparkFriends! GRAMMY065 21 GABY1948
7/5/20 4:53 P
My body is still getting used to the heat, but I am proud to say I jogged my first mile without stop RUNNINGRAFE 11 _RAMONA
7/4/20 12:40 A
Posted a photo FIT2FINISH 11 _RAMONA
7/4/20 12:40 A
I'm down 5 lbs in almost 2 weeks. :) KAITLINKUKE 46 LOOTJE69
7/4/20 7:42 A
Dinner is almost done! My family have spaghetti with Penn noodles, and I have Salmon with panko brea JASMINEGETFIT 7 GETITDONE79
7/2/20 10:09 P
I was outside doing some stuff around the yard and I came across an adult rabbit and 4 young rabbits JOELLEN69 4 ASF220
7/2/20 10:54 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 7 JIBBIE49
7/2/20 9:01 P
Ribeye Pork Chop w/ Habanero Pineapple Sauce, Green Beans and Sweet Potato Hope you are having a g CATWMNCAT 22 NAVYWIFESKI
7/3/20 7:50 A
Cauliflower riced, egg whites and low sodium turkey bacon is what’s for supper. AMYBRO1 9 ROCKYCPA
7/3/20 1:10 P
Dinner is complete! Salmon with mix veggies no car JASMINEGETFIT 14 MADEINBRITAIN
7/3/20 4:07 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 8 LAH1222
7/2/20 11:56 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 11 LAH1222
7/2/20 11:56 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 21 DENNIS99707
7/2/20 10:09 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 27 MDSCOORD
7/2/20 11:35 P
Well today I turned 38. Totally failed on counting calories today, buy I'm still gonna make sure I g KATENUNYA2 50 UMBRELLA
7/5/20 2:12 P
Yup tired of dumb questions? DIZEIMAGE 21 ERIN_POSCH
7/3/20 12:30 P
Inspired by @stardrop42, here’s my current showing in the world. Yikes. We all start somewhere! Let’ LAUGHCRINKLE 38 LAUGHCRINKLE
7/5/20 3:58 P
Sausage and bell pepper pizza on a 2 ingredient dough crust for lunch. KIMBERAKA 32 MDSCOORD
7/2/20 11:34 P
Enjoying a quick lunch-time walk around the Mall. Yikes it’s empty compared to the usual bustle pre- CHERYL4808 7 JANSAUR
7/1/20 9:35 P
Here we are at the start of JULY and I’m wearing a down vest in Seattle. Looking forward to summer a SALEX52 16 ALOHAALO
7/2/20 12:12 A
I’m stuck. 2 weeks same weight. Doing it all. Exercise, eating right. Maybe I shouldn’t weigh myself LORANNNYGAL 4 GEORGE815
7/1/20 9:16 P
I enjoyed the sun a bit today. I did walk 3.51 mi in 75 min though. I also worked on getting my mom BOMBCHELL23 10 JRDUPREE
7/1/20 11:45 P
Really? Who is this? Maybe it's a friend? BARBIEE52 25 JAMER123
7/2/20 11:05 P
Tuscan Chicken and Vegetables (McCormick One Skillet) with added Mushrooms and Sweet Potato😋 Hope y CATWMNCAT 22 SERENASEA
7/2/20 10:55 A
Win-win, I mowed the lawn and it counted as exercise too! #moveit BACKTO35 8 TOCONNER
7/2/20 7:29 A
At least I drank 8 glasses of water today and stayed under my calorie goals. NIGHTINGAIL2258 16 MISSPIGGEY
7/2/20 1:33 A
Happy Canada Day to all Canadians. With that border closed, I cannot go up there. I’m missing a big DRINKALOTH2O 10 GEORGE815
7/1/20 9:10 P
Not the run I planned for, not the run I wanted, not even the run that I needed today but, it’s the LOLOLOVESLIFE 9 GEORGE815
7/1/20 9:11 P
Weighed in at 192 today. Down from 207. Can you say hello there 180’s, I’m on my way!!! SHEENBEAN82 82 SHEENBEAN82
7/2/20 2:51 A
Dinner bbq season JULESFORD 19 GRANNYOF05
7/2/20 9:37 A
I'm gonna be feeling this one tomorrow 💪 #dailyburn #morningworkout BRANDNEWBUFFY 6 GEORGE815
7/1/20 9:09 P
My meals today! Avocado toast for breakfast, rice and veggie bowl for lunch and veggie quesadilla fo BRANDNEWBUFFY 14 NIGHTGLOW
7/5/20 3:12 P
Yeah, I know it’s a pie plate! I put black bean pasta, wheat pasta, zucchini spirals, and greens to OOLALA53 14 WIZARDHOWL
7/4/20 6:49 P
Another great day. 1BUGZZY 24 GMACAMI
7/2/20 2:07 P
Tamarind Cauliflower with veggies for #dinner 👌 #plantbased #vegan #healthyeats LOLOLOVESLIFE 19 NIGHTGLOW
7/5/20 3:12 P
Just something to think about.. :o)) BARBIEE52 26 JAMER123
6/30/20 11:31 P
Spaghetti Squash & Homemade Meatballs and Sauce💞 CATWMNCAT 21 CFITZ1
6/29/20 11:59 P
Here is one that reminded me of both @ALLENJOSEPH , and @SISSYFEB48 ; enjoy beauty, and let it nouri RREDFORD5 15 ISNESS
7/3/20 3:27 P
I helped put out 2'000 lbs of rubber mulch. 40# bags. That was a work out. CAMN2010 17 ARNETTELEE
6/30/20 6:40 A
Dinner: chickpea curry tacos; pea pods, red cabbage; grapes OOLALA53 9 GABY1948
7/1/20 10:23 A
Happy Monday, everyone!! This workout this morning kicked my butt! In a good way! #dailyburn #mornin BRANDNEWBUFFY 7 EDONALDSON68
6/29/20 9:24 P
Hope you're enjoying your day Today's results . . . 🌟 Allowing body to rest for July • 20,000 st JAMESEVER 7 ARNETTELEE
6/30/20 6:40 A
It was a busy morning here, but I got my fitness in this afternoon, and finished 2 little pieces, to RREDFORD5 22 ISNESS
7/3/20 3:29 P
My granddaughter eating nectarines. VHAYES04 18 CFITZ1
6/29/20 11:57 P
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 13 JTHEALTHY1
6/30/20 7:36 A
Wearing Masks. Love Freddie! Had to share! TREKPURRSON 24 PATRICIA-CR
6/30/20 3:36 P
Today is my 42nd birthday here is the cupcake my daughter and here man got me and my wonderful daugh MCATLEDGE 40 ARNETTELEE
6/30/20 6:44 A