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3 Letter Words A to Z LAURA44851 3981 BELLYDOG
8/10/20 1:30 A
Some days i just want a hearty breakfast. Shreddin SOUTHERNJAVA 19 JRDUPREE
8/8/20 11:17 P
Ok today is a very hard day for me today it's my mother's 68th birthday today and omg I just wish sh RIAH52 16 ALLYLIZZY
8/9/20 12:33 P
The note I wake up to when I have to go to work early! Such a sweet and supportive hubby, and the ki JANIMOEN 16 GEORGE815
8/8/20 7:15 P
"Diet Day 1: I have removed all the bad food from the house. It was delicious." NANASUEH 34 GABY1948
8/9/20 11:57 A
Here's what the desert looked like from last night I thought I posted it sorry RIAH52 30 GETITDONE79
8/9/20 9:44 A
After 10 days in the hospital, my mom is finally b 13BUTTERFLY13 7 GEORGE815
8/8/20 7:14 P
How do you like the progress I'm making on my new beach body? BIRDLOVER-CJ 24 GEORGE815
8/8/20 7:13 P
All of this time wearing these shoes and low socks and never before have they had my ankle bleeding. LOTTALOX 12 GEORGE815
8/8/20 7:12 P
Made a promise to myself 10-yrs ago to commit to a lifestyle change. My goal then was to get to ON GO_GAL_GROW 133 CATHYSFITLIFE
8/9/20 4:30 P
Heyyyy sparkers! Today is the day! Today I reached my goal weight!!! #BeforeAndAfter MISSMONMON 278 KAYDE53
8/8/20 9:11 P
Post a food icon BEVERLYJEANNE 36089 EMMACORY
8/9/20 9:57 P
8/7/20 12:49 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Friday!! I thought I posted before I went for my walk but evident TEXASHSMOMOF3 40 TOMSGAL85
8/8/20 10:57 P
My grand-doggies ZUCCHINI8 10 DENNIS99707
8/7/20 11:22 A
Great neice wearing her 4th Birthday Unicorn crown! 🎁🎂🎁 #lildiva CINDY247 112 JER-BER
8/9/20 11:30 A
Happy dance time!!! ST3PH 23 GARDENSFORLIFE
8/7/20 7:52 P
I’m cha-cha-ing my way to the beach for the weekend!! WOMANOFSTEELE 30 ERIN_POSCH
8/7/20 12:14 P
Post Something Red! MUGSYMOM 26290 DAIZYSTARLITE
8/10/20 1:24 A
Noon is not a time for me to run. Ran 20 minutes and remembered that solar rays are my kryptonite. DANCINGGARDENER 23 SLASALLE
8/6/20 7:10 P
Just a girl and her best friend ❤️🥰 My sweet Beau boy. #blueeyedboy #sweetpup GIRLGETTINGFIT 14 SILOBEND1
8/6/20 7:10 P
4 years to get here. #weightloss MKIRBY1987 263 _RAMONA
8/7/20 2:37 A
Post Any Emoticon BRETTIOWAUSA 72024 _CYNDY55_
8/10/20 12:02 A
Trying a new chicken fajita recipe 😋 Wish me luck 😬 LALAP1012 10 MWHIGGINS
8/5/20 4:45 P
Survived.... well ate my way through the landfall of the hurricane. No real damage except to my die DAVIS414 9 ARNETTELEE
8/5/20 5:19 P
A light cucumber and tomato salad for lunch after a good walk at the lake~ Yay! CELTIC79KITTEN 8 LILIANN400
8/5/20 2:52 P
Woke up with a sore back this morning. No workout fir me, but there’s plenty to do. Clean the kitc KPINAZ 15 MWHIGGINS
8/5/20 4:34 P
Went a-wandering at The Matthei Botanical Garden (University of Michigan) Tuesday night and saw this AHTRAP 13 GARDENCHRIS
8/6/20 11:51 A
Hi 👋 Mr Grace running around is missed since he pulled his leg muscles. AOKDIET21 12 AOKDIET21
8/5/20 10:58 P
A to W ending in 'LY' RMUL2013 2664 JM_OR_MARTY
8/10/20 1:44 A
Whoo Hoo! It’s Grammys and Granddaughter day! GRAMMY065 24 GABY1948
8/8/20 12:38 P
‘In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.’ ~John Muir. Day 91 of walking outs GODS-PRINCESS 24 GRALAN
8/5/20 9:31 P
The struggle is real! NANHBH 25 LWLAR7
8/5/20 12:40 A
Breakfast Tacos for Lunch!!! Happy Taco Tuesday🌮🌮 CATWMNCAT 32 EVIE4NOW
8/4/20 11:11 P
🍕Pizza 🍕 TESS8807 15 EEJAA70
8/4/20 9:27 P
I’ve been trying to walk outside every morning in different places. It has helped to lift my spirits BNANCIB 25 KOSHIE1
8/4/20 9:11 P
3 Letter Words RAYNAC3 29581 KATHYGBENNETT
8/9/20 6:49 P
I’m down 10 pounds! Things that are working are consistent 300-400 cal breakfasts and 400-500 cal lu UMBRELLA 4 GEORGE815
8/3/20 4:15 P
Finally got to go jogging again for the first time since contracting Lyme disease, which was just ab PLUTONIANGIRL87 19 WIZARDHOWL
8/8/20 5:40 P
Message Removed CD26237221 15 GEORGE815
8/3/20 4:11 P
8/3/20 4:37 P
Haven’t left my house in almost a week except once to give blood. So I was really stir crazy today. SHEILASANFORD20 12 KAYDE53
8/3/20 4:52 P
Went for my usual walk at Riverbend Park and was forced to stop because these beautiful creatures we RENEEMI 19 PWILLOW1
8/3/20 4:57 P
Went for our morning walk. Athena is camera shy. After 2 miles she decided to lay down so time to co SHELLYHARNDEN62 11 SHELLYHARNDEN62
8/3/20 11:03 P
Harvested potatoes today DANI_WEIDER 33 PWILLOW1
8/3/20 4:55 P
I really need to stop taking this view from my local track for granted 😍 Good morning! LOLOLOVESLIFE 15 GEORGE815
8/3/20 4:07 P
Greens, beans, and berries. Plenty of the first two, just a few berries. Now I get to snap all the b LESLIELENORE 48 WIZARDHOWL
8/8/20 5:40 P
Did my mountain climber sets w/o stopping!!! BEBABY77 6 GEORGE815
8/1/20 4:44 P
I love my morning walks around the river in addition to the physical benefits of the exercise it als TIMELADY23 6 GEORGE815
8/1/20 4:44 P
Finished up my first class with a perfect score of 1000/1000.🙂 On to my next class, Educational La MUSICLADY923 7 GEORGE815
8/1/20 4:42 P
Good morning all. Happy Saturday. It’s raining and rumbling thunder here this morning. Hope every SHEILASANFORD20 30 GEORGE815
8/1/20 4:41 P
Kodiac protein waffles peanut butter and sugar free jelly😃 BLANCAROMERO4 12 GETITDONE79
8/1/20 11:30 P
After a bad night's sleep, seeing this made my morning. SISYPHUS_CLIMBS 142 MARYJOANNA
8/2/20 5:19 A
8/9/20 6:26 P
Happy Friday all my beautiful sparkly 🦄🦄! I hope that you're chasing the 🌈 and 🌼🌻🌷🌺ing where FIREBRTHR 15 TEXASHSMOMOF3
7/31/20 5:55 P
T-shirt collection #25 SPEDED2 27 GABY1948
8/1/20 5:36 P
#BeforeAndAfter ST3PH 42 BLOND1E
8/4/20 12:20 P
Along with the blueberries I picked today... the first of the beets! LESLIELENORE 25 WIZARDHOWL
8/1/20 6:48 P
Picture day! FOTOLEXIC 246 JAMER123
8/1/20 10:50 P
Another visit to Rock Lake. Beautiful day. There were two women there with their gorgeous pit bulls, JEWELRYLOVER 17 FISHGUT3
8/1/20 11:27 A
I can’t post a picture of myself in my birthday suit (to day is my birthday!). I did the next best KPINAZ 141 DCHANCE6
8/2/20 9:35 P
"C" stands for ... DENIBAR 36901 REDPEPPERS
8/8/20 3:07 P
I finished snapping the beans dad picked this morning, I will save out a couple of handfuls for lunc LESLIELENORE 27 WIZARDHOWL
8/1/20 6:51 P
Good morning from me and sweet little Rosalie! She is such a cutie, and just as sweet as she looks! JEWELRYLOVER 42 SHOAPIE
7/30/20 6:26 P
SparkPeople are my magical people! NANHBH 20 ROCKYCPA
7/30/20 10:55 P
Good Morning Sparkfriends! I was sitting in my garden pre-logging my meals for the day, and a little LORI-K 39 JRDUPREE
7/30/20 11:09 P
my fun mask arrived I can be safe and remember fun Adventures. Have a safe Thursday and re SPARKFRAN514 11 NANHBH
7/31/20 5:34 P
DeLiSh homemade chicken salad MAMA2JJN 20 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/30/20 7:27 P
#BeforeAndAfter. It occurred to me that I am a SparkPeople success story. Even though I threw aw NEEDBU66 174 LISAMARIE2015
7/30/20 5:00 P
There’s a passel of green beans under all those leafy greens (and a handful of broccoli). After I ge LESLIELENORE 28 GARDENCHRIS
7/30/20 12:47 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Wednesday!! I’ve tried to write this post 20 times already and I TEXASHSMOMOF3 80 CGARR442
7/30/20 9:55 P
Ok, got to refuel before shower with skim milk and no sugar added chocolate mix, and protein power s QSIESUE1960 2 JLPEASE
7/29/20 11:47 A
7/29/20 10:16 P
Today’s 2 mile walk around my neighborhood LJBOWSER1 20 GEORGE815
7/29/20 4:53 P
Hey @CATWMNCAT Do you agree? EVIE4NOW 22 GEORGE815
7/29/20 4:50 P