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Reset my goals for 2020. Lost 8 pounds overall in 2019 and that's amazing. Put on muscle too which I JENNKFIT 4 _RAMONA
1/1/20 5:43 P
10/9/19 4:15 P
Thank you all for the support. I've been at this plateau forever and to break through it this weeken JENNKFIT 3 MADEINBRITAIN
10/10/19 4:12 A
I had to get on the scale 3 times today and I even wiggled it. The weight loss I saw I was not expec JENNKFIT 21 GORDONED
10/7/19 2:16 P
What Motivates you to check in with SP every day? LOSINGSEVRYTHNG 112 WILDHUNTRESS
1/18/20 3:25 P
Now that the trauma is gone, how do you train your body to not react anymore? I have to reprogram my JENNKFIT 4 CINDYTW963
9/18/19 4:07 P
I should just come here instead of Facebook. I used to come here more. JENNKFIT 3 GEMACO
9/16/19 12:32 P
Summer has begun and I'm trying to relax into it. JENNKFIT 3 MADEINBRITAIN
6/29/19 3:27 A
Badtz-Maru was very cool in college circa 1995 but do I really need that 'vintage' lunchbox from Jun JENNKFIT 4 JENNKFIT
5/21/19 8:10 A
Can you believe I found a notebook stuffed in the corner of a shelf that my ex-boyfriend left here w JENNKFIT 6 _LINDA
5/21/19 9:25 A
A featured blog post?! Thank you Spark Family for voting for me! This is very exciting. JENNKFIT 3 KMMR87
5/21/19 5:57 A
Got an epidural in my neck, 3 huge needles looked cool on the x-ray after. Writing a blog about the JENNKFIT 12 BOB5148
5/19/19 6:45 A
Tracking is painful when you get really honest with yourself. I'm embarrassed to see the amount of c JENNKFIT 11 MADEINBRITAIN
5/6/19 2:39 P
Lower calorie, nutrient dense foods. Lower carb, different carbs, more veggies and fruits. I'm good JENNKFIT 3 MADEINBRITAIN
5/5/19 4:50 A
Need to be honest about my eating habits. Getting back to tracking again. Too much mindless grazing. JENNKFIT 8 JENNKFIT
5/4/19 2:24 P
What exercise did YOU do today? ELISOS 814 PLATINUM755
4/27/19 12:25 P
Trigger Point Therapy successful. Had an MRI and I'm well into round 2 of physical therapy with a lo JENNKFIT 3 MADEINBRITAIN
4/15/19 4:06 A
Killed a tub of pretzel sticks and a chocolate chip crumb loaf last week. Shot up 8 pounds. Got a lo JENNKFIT 4 HMBROWN1
4/4/19 6:56 A
Winter makes my depression very hard to manage but I'm feeling the nicer weather and I'm noticing ch JENNKFIT 14 JENNKFIT
4/4/19 6:01 A
Physical therapy coming along great. Getting trigger point injection for my neck and spine now. Prog JENNKFIT 10 MADEINBRITAIN
4/5/19 3:52 A
Caught myself in the mirror in bra and panties and thought I looked amazing. I could see more defini JENNKFIT 15 123THERESA123
3/15/19 9:54 A
I didn't think I needed a serious injury but the time away from work gave me a distance I didn't hav JENNKFIT 13 CONNIET88
3/13/19 8:41 A
Weather hopefully getting nicer. Spending more time with family. Priorities. Getting a trailer hitch JENNKFIT 2 ALLYLIZZY
3/11/19 11:47 A
Doing okay, finger getting better. Thanks everyone for your support and kind words this week! JENNKFIT 3 GEORGE815
3/10/19 5:50 P
Talk about a bad week. Had a bookshelf fall and something cut my finger real bad. Got 6 stitches now JENNKFIT 10 JENNKFIT
3/10/19 9:23 A
Looking into my options for next year. It's not right that I'm one of the best at my career and it t JENNKFIT 12 MADEINBRITAIN
3/7/19 4:41 A
I cannot express in words the depths of the sadness I feel going to work. I don't want to feel that JENNKFIT 12 NANCYANNE55
3/6/19 7:55 P
I really enjoy blogging again. Nice to sip coffee and write it all down. JENNKFIT 6 OAKBANK24
3/3/19 9:01 A
Not an easy week. Focused on the positive and grateful it's Friday. JENNKFIT 5 ALLYLIZZY
3/1/19 5:03 P
Physical Therapy is inspiring me to get back into the gym. I can do my yoga practice at home, I need JENNKFIT 4 YMWONG22
2/28/19 9:48 A
Lost a few pounds, going for 10 more in the next 8 weeks. JENNKFIT 16 MEMEQ2
3/3/19 3:19 P
Every day letting something go. Facing forward, letting the new positive energy in. JENNKFIT 13 ALLYLIZZY
2/27/19 12:27 P
Back from vacation. Set some goals to reach before the next break in 2 months. I'm well on my way an JENNKFIT 3 MADEINBRITAIN
2/24/19 3:24 P
Thank you Spark Family for making me a featured blog post this week. I wanted to get back to writing JENNKFIT 5 DYMONDCLAY
2/15/19 5:46 A
Never eat the 3rd chocolate chip muffin. Sometimes I gain 5lbs when I decide to get back to my fitne JENNKFIT 7 MADEINBRITAIN
2/13/19 3:54 A
It can be very difficult to be brutally honest about your personality flaws. JENNKFIT 7 AZMOMXTWO
2/11/19 6:50 A
Going to change when I go food shopping so I can hike on Sunday mornings too when the weather gets n JENNKFIT 4 MADEINBRITAIN
2/10/19 3:37 P
A lot of positive changes ahead, starting with here and now. #bepresent JENNKFIT 7 MADEINBRITAIN
2/10/19 3:38 P
Going to work through the Yoga Every Day series of videos on Gaia. Did Season 1 Episode 1 today. JENNKFIT 4 NANCYANNE55
2/10/19 4:07 P
Losing weight will help reduce my pain. Back in physical therapy for my shoulder. On week 2 now. Pro JENNKFIT 5 123THERESA123
2/22/19 7:04 A
Not having my best week. It's okay though, I can do this. JENNKFIT 9 JOCELYNH711
2/8/19 5:24 A
This year nice Saturdays will be for Family, Hiking and Mountain Bike rides. Sundays are for food s JENNKFIT 2 MSMITCHELL2696
1/26/19 2:38 P
Every day I don't buy take out I'm sending $20 to my credit card. I am such a good cook and meal pla JENNKFIT 5 CRUISINLOSIN
2/20/19 7:19 A
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