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Again I've been MIA. Things are getting busy ramping up to Christmas and I haven't been fitting exe NORTHONTGIRL 2 JAVNMICH1969
12/13/19 5:13 P
๐Ÿš™ broke down today so walked 3 miles to see my dad! It was worth it๐Ÿ˜„ JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
12/10/19 9:59 P
30 minutes this a.m. weights/ stationary bike Lunch with a friend. Stay warm my friends very cold ROSALIE28 3 NORTHONTGIRL
12/10/19 9:59 P
The treadmill seems to be my workout of choice this week. Another 60 minutes while watching Christm NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
12/10/19 9:41 P
Today I was on the treadmill for 40 minutes. NORTHONTGIRL 5 JAVNMICH1969
12/9/19 12:00 A
Walking and cleaning! Itโ€™s my life! JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
12/9/19 11:10 A
Stationary bike - 50 minutes ROSALIE28 2 JAVNMICH1969
12/7/19 12:10 P
I'm back from a great time in Toronto with walking being my main activity however I did get to the h NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
12/5/19 12:28 A
With our challenge coming to an end in a couple of weeks I have decided that I will not be doing ano JAVNMICH1969 5 NORTHONTGIRL
12/5/19 10:32 A
I was on the treadmill for 60 minutes yesterday and today I drove to Toronto for some big city Chris NORTHONTGIRL 3 ROSALIE28
12/1/19 4:03 P
Posting for Friday. I didnโ€™t exercise until the evening. 30 mins. Arm strength training 30 mins. S ROSALIE28 2 JAVNMICH1969
11/30/19 8:47 P
Been cold ๐Ÿฅถ and rainy last couple of days. Did get in some walking though but not my usual cuz itโ€™s JAVNMICH1969 2 ROSALIE28
11/30/19 9:08 P
Yesterday was full of volunteer work and then a play. Elf, the musical. It was very well done by a NORTHONTGIRL 3 ROSALIE28
11/29/19 11:28 A
We had a snowstorm with winds that took the power out for 4+ hours. My workouts were shovelling the NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
11/29/19 2:26 A
Itโ€™s late but happy thanksgiving ๐Ÿฆƒ walking and house cleaning ๐Ÿงน and didnโ€™t overeat!!! A miracle s JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
11/29/19 10:11 A
Walking and house cleaning! JAVNMICH1969 3 ROSALIE28
11/27/19 8:05 P
Todayโ€™s workout was 45 minutes on the treadmill. Walk/run. NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
11/27/19 5:45 P
30 minute stationary bike, still very busy preparing for Thanksgiving. My 6 year old granddaughte ROSALIE28 3 JAVNMICH1969
11/27/19 5:44 P
A lot of house cleaning and decorating for Thanksgiving Day/ family dinner. ROSALIE28 4 ROSALIE28
11/26/19 3:31 P
Got in ten thousand steps 5 miles shopping for Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ JAVNMICH1969 3 ROSALIE28
11/26/19 3:30 P
Bowling today. I am not sure if that is exercise, so calling it a rest day. ROSALIE28 3 NORTHONTGIRL
11/26/19 11:55 A
Another busy week and Iโ€™m not sleeping well for some reason. When that happens my exercise becomes n NORTHONTGIRL 3 ROSALIE28
11/23/19 9:12 P
30 minutes low impact cardio 30 minutes yoga Taking my grandkids out for Mexican food tonight the ROSALIE28 3 JAVNMICH1969
11/23/19 12:38 P
Housecleaning! More tomorrow! And gym but also busy day with friends! My mom is going home tomorrow JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
11/22/19 10:17 P
20 minutes interval stationary bike 10 minutes core ROSALIE28 2 JAVNMICH1969
11/22/19 12:19 A
@JAVNMICH1969 You mentioned time to form a habit and i just happened to see an article this morning. NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
11/22/19 12:18 A
Light walking today. Hoping to go to the gym tomorrow ๐Ÿ‘ JAVNMICH1969 2 ROSALIE28
11/21/19 8:19 A
Walking at the mall we drove 2 hours to see some Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ not entirely decorated but pretty and JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
11/19/19 10:07 A
30 min. strength training arms - DVD workout 40 min. stationary bike ROSALIE28 2 JAVNMICH1969
11/19/19 12:50 A
I just finished a Beachbody Abs, Arms, A** workout. So glad for both of you to keep me going! NORTHONTGIRL 4 JAVNMICH1969
11/19/19 12:50 A
Hi Michelle and Rosalie, sorry I've been MIA. I've been involved in my volunteer work and Christmas NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
11/19/19 12:49 A
I joined a gym! Arms 15 bike 10 and treadmill! Loved it! Anybody know how long it takes to form a ha JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
11/18/19 9:29 P
Today is a rest day. Have a good evening. ROSALIE28 2 JAVNMICH1969
11/16/19 7:29 P
Rosalie, thank you for asking. My mom is doing better and they are talking about discharge back to h JAVNMICH1969 2 ROSALIE28
11/16/19 6:45 P
Busy day planned today! Should be lots of movement! Have a great day Rosalie and Lauri! JAVNMICH1969 2 ROSALIE28
11/15/19 2:14 P
Shopping therapy! New jammies shoes and socks! Walked the entire mall and parking lot oh my we got l JAVNMICH1969 2 ROSALIE28
11/15/19 8:29 A
10 minutes general warm up exercises 30 strength training, total body work out with weights. Got ROSALIE28 2 JAVNMICH1969
11/14/19 8:50 P
Walking and decorating for Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ I need happy spots in my home! So many sadnesses around me a JAVNMICH1969 3 ROSALIE28
11/12/19 10:46 P
Went back to an intense Beachbody workout program called 80 Day Obsession. Day 1 Core workout done! NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
11/12/19 9:49 P
Monday 15 minutes stationary bike, 20 minutes ๐Ÿ’ช strength training. ROSALIE28 3 JAVNMICH1969
11/12/19 9:48 P
20 mins stationary bike 20 strength training Have a great day! Michelle, hope your Mom is better t ROSALIE28 2 JAVNMICH1969
11/9/19 3:56 P
My mom is better! Thanks for the prayers and support! Getting my walking in again at hospital and he JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
11/9/19 9:26 P
I took a bit of a rest day yesterday. Did an easy walk with a friend. Today was a brutal Booty wor NORTHONTGIRL 3 ROSALIE28
11/7/19 10:10 P
My mom had a stroke a couple of days ago. Trying to stay strong... lots of walking back and forth be JAVNMICH1969 2 ROSALIE28
11/7/19 10:15 P
My activity over the weekend was walking either outside or on the treadmill. Back to some structure NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
11/4/19 11:43 A
Lots of walking today ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ found out I was low on vitamin d so finally got some energy today at last JAVNMICH1969 3 ROSALIE28
11/3/19 8:00 A
30 minutes stationary bike ROSALIE28 2 JAVNMICH1969
11/3/19 1:02 A
I did a 25 minute leg workout and 30 minutes on the treadmill. NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
11/3/19 1:02 A
Deep house cleaning ๐Ÿงน JAVNMICH1969 3 ROSALIE28
11/2/19 9:38 A
Happy Halloween ๐ŸŽƒ JAVNMICH1969 3 ROSALIE28
11/1/19 8:34 A
Do you struggle with any one thing in your weight loss journey ? Mine is the amount of effort we ROSALIE28 4 NORTHONTGIRL
10/31/19 12:12 P
I took a break over weekend but watched some wonderful curling! Back to it today and did a 60 minut NORTHONTGIRL 5 NORTHONTGIRL
10/29/19 2:56 P
Cleaning house and walking today. Itโ€™s been a very hard week being sick but today was great ๐Ÿ‘ I had JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
10/28/19 11:02 P
Rest day today ROSALIE28 2 JAVNMICH1969
10/28/19 1:26 A
Been recovering from some mysterious illness but feeling better today ๐Ÿ‘ weather has really hot too! JAVNMICH1969 2 ROSALIE28
10/26/19 2:51 P
10 minutes stationary bike 30 minutes strength training ROSALIE28 2 JAVNMICH1969
10/26/19 2:38 P
Was busy with birthday celebrations, resting and then bladder infection ๐Ÿ˜ฉ back on track today! Than JAVNMICH1969 3 ROSALIE28
10/24/19 8:16 A
Yesterday hubby and I spent the day outside painting. Painting for 4 hours but trying to get things ROSALIE28 2 JAVNMICH1969
10/20/19 1:08 P
Friday although I had some exercise calling it a rest day. Saturday will be a busy day. weigh in do ROSALIE28 4 JAVNMICH1969
10/19/19 5:58 P
I did a Beachbody total Body weight workout and a HIIT workout. Glad to be done for the day๐Ÿ˜ NORTHONTGIRL 3 ROSALIE28
10/19/19 6:06 P
Yesterday was a massage and biofeedback day so wanted my body to absorb those and not do a workout o NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
10/18/19 9:05 P
Fun in Monterey and Carmel by the sea. 8,000 steps! A miracle really! I used to walk 10 - 12 miles A JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
10/18/19 10:58 A
Walking ๐Ÿšถโ€โ™€๏ธ at beach ๐Ÿ– JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
10/16/19 6:28 A
Iโ€™ve been visiting an aunt who just moved into a new house so my daily activity is unpacking boxes a NORTHONTGIRL 3 ROSALIE28
10/14/19 8:20 A
Roller skating 60 minutes! Omg havenโ€™t done this since my kids were young! ROSALIE28 4 JAVNMICH1969
10/12/19 11:03 P
Swimming 30 minutes and keeping up with grandkids 6 & 9! ROSALIE28 2 JAVNMICH1969
10/11/19 2:02 P
Going away for my 50th birthday to Pismo Beach for 4 days with hub! Lots of walking ๐Ÿšถโ€โ™€๏ธ hopefully! JAVNMICH1969 3 ROSALIE28
10/11/19 10:49 A
Hey gAls๐Ÿ˜€ youโ€™re both doing great ๐Ÿ‘ Iโ€™m refocusing in my walking and yoga! Stress has subsided tha JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
10/9/19 10:14 P
Walking - 40 minutes ROSALIE28 3 NORTHONTGIRL
10/6/19 9:52 P
@JAVNMICH1969 How are you doing? You have been in my thoughts and prayers. ROSALIE28 3 NORTHONTGIRL
10/6/19 9:52 P
10 minutes Stationary bike, 20 minutes strength training ROSALIE28 3 NORTHONTGIRL
10/4/19 9:57 P
Walk at beach ๐Ÿ– if you both can pray for a special intention I am really struggling with some perso JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
10/4/19 9:58 P
Finally, I'm getting better. I was allergic or had a horrible reaction to the antibiotic i was takin ROSALIE28 3 NORTHONTGIRL
10/4/19 10:01 P
Rest day JAVNMICH1969 1 JAVNMICH1969
9/30/19 8:35 P
Got some walking in at lemon ๐Ÿ‹ festival and beach with my daughter โค๏ธ JAVNMICH1969 3 ROSALIE28
10/2/19 7:22 A