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WW Recipes for Thanksgiving 2019 New Program PERSISTENCEMIMI 4 IRISHEI
12/8/19 10:36 A
Games Let's Play LINDA! 740 LINDA!
12/8/19 2:08 P
Friends motivating Friends FROGLADY719 7533 PHATPAT18
12/8/19 6:24 P
Be in charge of Y.O.U (Your Own Uniqueness) Have a BLESSED Friday!!! MEATYOU 14 JIBBIE49
11/22/19 8:59 A
Massive migraine again today. Trying not to dwell on it but it's killing me. Going to try to do som MISSA526 11 ROSALIE28
11/24/19 8:43 A
Last names A-Z 2BDYNAMIC 628 AZROSEZ
12/8/19 10:29 P
A-Z Occupations 2BDYNAMIC 4280 AZROSEZ
12/8/19 10:28 P
Names A-Z Boys or Girls 2BDYNAMIC 1998 AZROSEZ
12/8/19 10:28 P
Change one Word 2BDYNAMIC 10331 AZROSEZ
12/8/19 10:24 P
.....this makes me HAPPY!! one thing..... JANE1216 49 MARYPHONE
11/13/19 10:51 A
Word Association 2BDYNAMIC 7752 AZROSEZ
12/8/19 10:26 P
New Lesson: Why 10+ Fitness Minutes Works SPARKGUY 104 NASFKAB
11/6/19 7:22 A
Change one of five letters OR rearrange 2BDYNAMIC 4168 2BDYNAMIC
12/8/19 11:31 P
12/5/19 11:20 A
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 29 IRISHEI
10/27/19 6:22 A
Doctors visit was all good. I’ve lost 46.9 pounds. GINGERMONKEY21 156 _RAMONA
10/10/19 1:56 A
I saw this idea and loved it. Each week, put a string around your waist. Then put up next to the las 1DRWOMAN 54 ALLYLIZZY
10/2/19 1:37 P
Household items A to Z 52BINCE 5032 AZROSEZ
12/8/19 10:26 P
Having TLT tonight for dinner (turkey, lettuce, tomato).....yummy! IRISHEI 3 SPEDED2
9/13/19 10:30 P
Off to my annual Ophalmology checkup. IRISHEI 3 IRISHEI
9/6/19 8:34 A
How about an inspirational quote daily... BELLACUDDLES 2862 BELLACUDDLES
12/8/19 8:59 A
Name a household item - A-Z LINDA! 23 IRISHEI
8/26/19 6:37 A
what did you have for BREAKFAST? JANE1216 2654 MARYPHONE
12/8/19 7:27 P
Going back to Silver sneaker today for my routine. Been a very busy Summer and away from home on tr IRISHEI 5 SPEDED2
8/21/19 7:52 A
I was working yesterday, helping my wife assemble some shelves at the Archives and she snapped this DJSTARRIDER 290 VIRGINIAGIRL
8/19/19 12:26 P
Small Goals Commitment Challenge Links SPARKGUY 1639 LINDAW1207
9/19/19 10:51 A
12/8/19 10:05 P
8/16/19 11:25 A
What Are You Reading? IMLOCOLINDA 146 2BDYNAMIC
12/2/19 3:16 P
Having already got 17,000 steps and an hour's yoga class under my belt today, figured I'd do a short SWEETENUFGILL 6 75HEALTHYME
7/26/19 9:31 A
Gained again because I keep thinking once I reach my goal I no longer need spark and it is a mistake TMCCARTHY6 11 ALLYLIZZY
7/25/19 8:17 P
Is Diet Coke ok? It’s like my vice. MANDALYN100 10 GEORGE815
7/25/19 6:19 P
Today is INTERNATIONAL Red Shoe day. Wear red shoes if you have a pair. IRISHEI 5 SPEDED2
7/25/19 10:50 P
Well, I finally got my fitbit. Now learning to use it and hoping it motivates me to do more exercis IRISHEI 8 HARROWJET
7/25/19 10:34 P
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 29 BARB4HEALTH
7/15/19 6:48 P
Not quite my personal best but 1 of the top 5!!! JULIEA7201 34 CHEIVOUS
7/15/19 2:44 P
Hi All I was trying to follow WW but I feel the new program is too restrictive. Anyone else? That pr DEANGELISDOGGIE 28 _RAMONA
7/15/19 1:51 P
Good Monday morning!! I hope everybody had a great weekend!! Always remember this is a lifelong comm GPALMER2019 48 SPARKLE-MYLIFE
7/31/19 1:41 P
Are u guys ready for that scream here it goes "SCREAMING LOUDLY" ok I'm done. Omg I did it y'all my JASMINEFAT2FIT 246 QSHEPP
7/15/19 10:46 P
Thinking of getting a fitbit. I do not want anything too complicated to hook up. Does anyone have a IRISHEI 6 IRISHEI
7/11/19 1:50 P
I can smell that 299lbs coming. I'm practicing my scream omg! I get on the scale and boom I saw this JASMINEFAT2FIT 250 JASMINEFAT2FIT
7/11/19 9:57 P
For some reason I lost how to find the page to get bonus points for each team with a spin? Any help IRISHEI 7 IRISHEI
7/9/19 8:16 A
Thanks I found it and am back spinning for the bonus points for team. Thanks for you help friends. E IRISHEI 1 IRISHEI
7/9/19 8:06 A
Tracking meals and activity to stay on top of things daily is a MUST for me to stay focused! IRISHEI 5 1CRAZYDOG
7/7/19 2:04 P
Posted a photo CHEYNESMOM948 67 CGARR442
7/6/19 11:08 P
53.2lbs lost! I'm almost out of 3s I am going to scream when I hit 299lbs. JASMINEFAT2FIT 229 MMMMD59
7/6/19 10:30 P
Have a happy month of July! Enjoy the sunshine and make the most of the outdoors and the pool too i IRISHEI 6 SPEDED2
7/1/19 9:15 P
🐛 Note to Self: The Choice is Yours. 🦋 https: CLO333 14 SPEDED2
6/30/19 9:35 P
Good morning!! Hope everybody's having an awesome week!! You all know what to do!! So get up, get ou GPALMER2019 31 TSINSIN002
6/30/19 9:57 A
A to Z USA Locations 2BDYNAMIC 3766 AZROSEZ
12/8/19 10:27 P
Inspiration Or A Good Word 2BDYNAMIC 1057 NANASUEH
12/8/19 1:46 P
Giving our teams bonus points IRISHEI 3 IRISHEI
6/19/19 4:27 P
Created a blog this morning with some favorite inspiring quotes. Take a look and enjoy. Irish Ei IRISHEI 2 SPEDED2
6/19/19 10:53 A
Almost 7 yrs difference... ANIMAI27 154 GMACAMI
6/18/19 1:09 A
7/13/19 7:36 A
New to this group DEEDO123 14 REDSHOEBLUE
10/17/19 6:23 P
6/6/19 10:24 P
List Your 10 Favorite Foods PERSISTENCEMIMI 4 IRISHEI
6/2/19 6:28 P
8/30/19 10:13 P
I started my journey this time last January, I do not have a picture from then but I had only lost a JESSIC242002 155 NIKKIG15
5/29/19 3:08 P
Morning!!!! Lets all have a great day today! 2B-ME-AGAIN 13 IRISHEI
5/23/19 7:39 A
Two years ago today my significant other passed away suddenly. The loss has been very hard for me. IRISHEI 12 IRISHEI
5/17/19 5:04 P
5/17/19 6:56 P
Will be doing lots of walking today. Going on a bus trip with friends for entertainment and a nice m IRISHEI 14 FELICIA1963
5/14/19 10:27 A
Hope everyone has a good week as we begin to think about Summer and warmer days here in OH. Keep s IRISHEI 9 SPEDED2
5/13/19 8:39 A
Silver sneaker class today. (-: and will walk on track first. IRISHEI 5 1CRAZYDOG
5/7/19 12:43 P
Celebrity Birthdays! 2BDYNAMIC 15 LINDA!
5/6/19 2:28 P
Going to be in the 70's here today in OH, yeah!! Off to the gym. IRISHEI 5 SPEDED2
5/6/19 8:45 P
More Rain again today in OH....)-: IRISHEI 4 1CRAZYDOG
5/3/19 12:49 P
Tracking meals and snacks and doing exercise 5x a week at least. IRISHEI 4 SPEDED2
4/15/19 10:47 P
Thread Closed 2BDYNAMIC 465 2BDYNAMIC
11/6/19 1:33 P
Celebrities Name Game A-Z 2BDYNAMIC 373 2BDYNAMIC
6/3/19 11:22 A
Just fell off the wagon SKEETER24 10 LYNMEINDERS
4/15/19 10:22 P
A-Z how are you feeling? Make it positive! BELLACUDDLES 1727 BELLACUDDLES
12/1/19 7:37 A
Greek Yogurt Tweaks - Ideas Needed SEAGLASS1215 7 ALIHIKES
3/4/19 2:26 P