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My weight has been going up/down a lb or 2... so I made a graph for myself. I thought I would conce IMAGINEJOY 5 ALLYLIZZY
8/30/19 9:45 P
Good Monday morning Sparkers..I wanted to share this visual that I come up with.. it just seemed lik MHUMBERS1950 27 DLDMIL
8/26/19 7:21 P
I just want to encourage those who are going thru rough times. I have been on sparkpeople for years. IMAGINEJOY 6 RED-LICORICE
8/14/19 1:21 P
Posted a photo DRICH7140 10 FITNESS_NINJA
8/7/19 9:22 P
Good evening.., pic from last night KEENA47 36 MIRAGE727
8/5/19 12:10 P
8/4/19 11:07 P
Proud of myself last month I weighed in at 197lbs and this month I am weighing in at 185.8. This is SWEETGABROWN1 58 GMACAMI
8/3/19 1:54 P
Out of the 240's! YAY! SARAJANE1982 32 DIGIT00
8/2/19 8:32 P
Does anyone know what to do when u don't know the calories for a certain food? I work at a cafeteria ANNAEVANS92 4 IMAGINEJOY
7/31/19 8:33 P
It happened! 220s! Focused now on the next ten! I've lost over 10% of my weight! Yay! NEWLINDSAY2019 155 BUTTERFLY59
7/26/19 4:13 P
help!!! babysitting the grandchilden for 2 weeks.... not used to all the snack food around. they are IMAGINEJOY 6 FRISKYCRITTER
7/24/19 11:22 P
7/25/19 6:26 P
Anyone here breastfeeding and trying to loose weight? KITREENA 5 GEORGE815
7/16/19 7:50 P
Today is Day 1. I have 93lbs to lose. This is my very first photo, weighing in at 241lbs... the bigg IROCHELLE 248 NANLTHOMPSON
7/28/19 11:01 A
I'm happy to say that this morning at weigh-in I was down 3.2 lb .. I had gained 3 lb. 4th of July w MHUMBERS1950 22 MHUMBERS1950
7/12/19 9:48 P
Not my official weigh-in for the week, but I havenโ€™t seen the 160s in maybe ten years. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ VESTENRAIDER 165 LIZZIE138
7/12/19 6:48 P
#NSV i I am down to a size 16 jeans from a size 24. Yay!!!! TABATHA_CAIN 15 IMAGINEJOY
7/12/19 11:00 A
Getting my bathing suit on to go to deep water aerobics class at YMCA. 45 minutes. I stay in wat IMAGINEJOY 6 GEORGE815
7/12/19 6:38 P
This is a hard journey - found my old WW card - I weighed in at 212 - my dream weight was 145 - crus MOMS3KIDS 85 GOODGETNBETR
7/10/19 1:07 A
Last night filled my refrigerator with bottles of spring water. made up some decaf ice tea and fil IMAGINEJOY 2 SWEETGABROWN1
7/6/19 2:25 P
No filter applied to this picture. There's a storm moving over the lake which makes this sunrise pic J2002HEIDS 39 DLDMIL
7/4/19 8:39 P
Got 14.5 miles in last night! Fun night with some awesome ladies, maybe I can stick to my goals! SEAOFCARNAGE 15 DLDMIL
7/2/19 7:17 P
Just picked up a 7 lb fresh turkey breast to share during the holiday. I will bake it and serve it c IMAGINEJOY 5 29WINEGAL
7/2/19 10:15 P
Anyone here over 70 like I am??? EWL978 3150 NASFKAB
1/19/20 8:27 A
#BeforeAndAfter 11 lbs down I still have a ways to go but i will get there MILKATRENA 43 123THERESA123
7/6/19 8:38 A
7/2/19 12:51 A
Setting goals and plan to acheive goal MOMTOLJ 133 MOMTOLJ
1/18/20 3:11 P
Gave away my bag of chips that came with my lunch IMAGINEJOY 4 KHALEESIKERRI
6/25/19 5:57 P
Watermelon and strawberry cream cheese dip! Yumm!! ANTHROPOLOGY19 10 GEORGE815
6/23/19 5:08 P
Prepping vegetables for the week. Using my instant pot for hard boiled eggs, green beans and mushr IMAGINEJOY 5 GEORGE815
6/23/19 5:11 P
I did it!! I've lost 50 pounds...CICO style...since last September. It works! It works! Got 60 p SNUZYQ2 22 RUSSELLFORD
6/24/19 12:33 A
Looking for your #l1 losing weight tips IMAGINEJOY 8 KBROWER80
11/20/19 10:18 A
Artistic experiment with my dinner / playing with food... Halved cucumber filled with homemade curr DEM-TOM 84 COOKWITHME65
9/2/19 1:00 P
I have been diligent with logging my food this week. I am finding that I pretty much eat the same th IMAGINEJOY 3 ALLYLIZZY
6/21/19 12:49 P
3PM and realizing my carb count is too high already for the day.. I put some frozen chicken thighs i IMAGINEJOY 2 TINYDANCER
6/19/19 3:54 P
I've done well the last two days. I'm on track so far today as well. Here's to a good start to the w AUMLANKA 3 AUMLANKA
6/19/19 10:38 P
Said no to fast food ๐Ÿ”๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ‘Žwhile out running errands. ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ˜บ It's a small step but I'm counting all th HAPPYMEG 7 TCANNO
6/20/19 4:39 A
Yesterday i started the Diabetes Prevention Program at my YMCA. I am so grateful for the community. IMAGINEJOY 2 KOFFEENUT
6/19/19 11:52 A
I am very pleased to say on Sept 1, 18 I weighed 300 lbs. Today June 8, 19, I weigh 200 lbs. It took SCRIMP1 210 CUPKAKE137
7/5/19 9:01 P
Newcomers! Introduce yourself here! JANINE8969 623 KPHEALTHY4LIFE
1/3/20 5:34 A
Has anyone else tried Reiki with EFT? AZURELITE 6 --DEBY--
3/2/18 4:19 P
What County do you live in? SALLYKWITT 177 GLASSKIM
6/10/19 8:38 A
What Fruit or Vegetable did You have Today? MRSBOJANGLES2 353 GRANNYJACKIE2
12/11/19 1:51 P