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Went for a walk on my lunch break. Whoop whoop. HEALTH4LIFE2012 6 _RAMONA
3/3/20 10:31 P
I took my husband to the dog park, with our two dogs. Hehehe. HEALTH4LIFE2012 8 GEORGE815
2/7/20 10:21 P
Stood at my stand desk and walked some at work. #moveit HEALTH4LIFE2012 13 BONNIE1552
1/8/20 6:51 A
I walked up and down the stairs to the basement to switch loads of laundry. #moveit HEALTH4LIFE2012 11 CSEGUIN2
1/6/20 10:06 A
1/4/20 10:58 A
It's a new year and I have already made excuses to DONTQUITMRM 16 HEALTH4LIFE2012
1/4/20 3:50 A
Missed my water today but kept my calories in check. TAMAROSE 9 ETHELMERZ
1/4/20 4:16 A
The last few years (especially this last year) life has happened and my workouts have gotten few and SN2ESS 13 ETHELMERZ
1/4/20 4:15 A
Hello....Hazel here...hope everyone is doing well...! ! ! HAZEL2278 8 ETHELMERZ
1/4/20 4:16 A
Posted a goal ST3PH 7 ST3PH
1/4/20 10:22 A
#motivate DIVAGLOW 25 KHALIA2
1/5/20 8:38 A
Well, I didn't gain weight over the holidays, though I didn't lose any either. But I think that is s BOOKNUT52 12 YOGA1973
1/4/20 8:01 A
For new years eve I stayed home and cuddled dogs. Mu goals are to get back on track with eating. HEALTH4LIFE2012 15 GEORGE815
1/4/20 4:57 P
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I didnt gain weight but I didnt loss either. HEALTH4LIFE2012 7 EVIE4NOW
12/29/19 12:23 A
Lots of Thanksgiving food and one friends birthday party. I haven't been eating well. I'm going to t HEALTH4LIFE2012 7 PRAIRIECROCUS
11/30/19 5:33 A
It has been a emotional week. I had an uncontrollable crying fit and a pitty party. Trying to keep m HEALTH4LIFE2012 5 DININA48MN
11/27/19 2:40 A
Me sporting my Ethiopian outfit my aunt gave me years ago. I cant believe I can wear it again. My hu HEALTH4LIFE2012 25 EVIE4NOW
11/25/19 11:10 P
For the first time in months, I did some cardio. Will definitely need to do this in the morning or I STORKBYTE 6 GEORGE815
11/25/19 5:05 P
Working out is the best therapy TESS8807 5 GEORGE815
11/25/19 5:05 P
Just cut my roses back for the winter. All the sunshine has my roses confused and they were still bl HEALTH4LIFE2012 6 HEALTH4LIFE2012
11/25/19 3:04 P
Prepping food for this week so I can make healthy choices this Thanksgiving week. Also doing my basi HEALTH4LIFE2012 4 GEORGE815
11/25/19 5:04 P
Today I clean more than I have in months. Started taking iron and my energy was better. Need to keep HEALTH4LIFE2012 1 HEALTH4LIFE2012
11/18/19 10:37 P
Stress is happening I'm my life again. For some reason I'm craving pistachios instead of chocolate. HEALTH4LIFE2012 2 KOALA_BEAR
10/5/19 3:04 A
Anyone know how to add steps using the app? I tried to go into the exercise tab but it doesnt allow HEALTH4LIFE2012 2 TOMORROW-C
9/22/19 11:34 P
My poor pup! Looks like my poor eating habit and sedentary lifestyle has rubbed off on him. Vet says BEALEXAN 26 SUNSHINEJENA76
9/3/19 8:10 A
Feeling out of it, can't seems to get myself together and get back on track with my healthy eating, MJS_35 9 NIKKINIKKI136
8/19/19 11:21 P
Super excited to find out that Zevia (no sugar soda) has no chemicals in it! They test their water EO4WELLNESS 28 DGRIFFITH51
8/20/19 9:11 P
One more day. We got this challenge almost completed. HEALTH4LIFE2012 1 HEALTH4LIFE2012
8/19/19 7:44 P
Didn't log food but kept drinkng tons of water on the camping trip. Also walked a lot. My phone kep HEALTH4LIFE2012 2 GEORGE815
8/18/19 9:44 P
I kept drinking water even though I couldn't log it during camping. HEALTH4LIFE2012 1 HEALTH4LIFE2012
8/18/19 5:34 P
Completed day 1!!! All 8 glasses of water down the hatch 👍 KETO2LIFE 2 HEALTH4LIFE2012
8/15/19 1:15 A
I had trouble drinking enough water today but did it with lots of ice and lemon which did the trick. HEALTH4LIFE2012 1 HEALTH4LIFE2012
8/15/19 1:15 A
# failed this one today RCLYKE 6 JAVNMICH1969
8/14/19 4:47 P
Yesterday's milestone/highlight was stretching for the first time since my surgery! It felt great. W SPARKGUY 38 20KAREN
3/2/20 9:11 A
I walked up to town this morning to meet some lady friends for breakfast. Then we walked to a coupl JMAHNKEN 11 HEALTH4LIFE2012
8/14/19 3:07 P
I already got in over 2 miles walking today. Walked up to my work just to open the door and give th JMAHNKEN 9 HEALTH4LIFE2012
8/14/19 3:05 P
So happy to be part of SparkPeople! Looking forward to this new journey. KETO2LIFE 14 HEALTH4LIFE2012
8/14/19 3:04 P
Last night, at the end of a business dinner, I dec AUNTLYNYRD 138 CINDY247
8/27/19 4:58 A
Going camping this week. I decided to make parmesan crisps as a health snack. Then went s'more time HEALTH4LIFE2012 4 GEORGE815
8/14/19 1:29 P
Welcome to our challenge's private chat. Use this space to say 'hi' and let us know how you did today. 😁 KETO2LIFE 2 HEALTH4LIFE2012
8/14/19 9:40 A
Washing 2 dogs in the shower and then clean bathroom. This is my plan for tonight. HEALTH4LIFE2012 4 DARCY-B
8/12/19 10:11 P
ENCOURAGE ME PLEASE. I've lost 40 pounds and have 10 to go -- my goal is by October 12. Thanks! RUTHIE254 214 QUIETDEE
8/13/19 6:45 P
What I did this weekend no gym required. HUFFELPOWELL16 15 HUFFELPOWELL16
8/12/19 8:48 A
Anyone remember when this was everywhere you went and the most common form of communication lol LISSALUVMICKEY 35 TLV106
7/28/19 10:27 P
Week 1 Discussion. FOXBAY99 7 HEALTH4LIFE2012
5/8/19 1:42 P
Please Introduce Yourself HERE. SPARK_COACH_JEN 1715 SUSIEQ14072
2/28/20 9:26 A
Daily Check-in 15 SLIMMERKIWI 3570 HEALTH4LIFE2012
11/7/18 9:01 A
Having a bad day? Get help here! SLIMMERKIWI 1053 SMJTELLER
7/8/20 9:46 A
Started at 379 and today I am at 309. I have a long way to go, but I am up, and I am mobile and get DJSTARRIDER 232 JUNIORSSISTER
8/18/19 3:21 P
best relief for ibs TAPPERS 175 KERRY4614
2/18/20 12:57 P
Trouble keeping up with proper hygiene? HUYANA_PHOENIX 25 LADYBUGSY
8/19/17 11:06 P
How to eat healthy with no support from family? JANACW 7 HEALTH4LIFE2012
8/19/17 8:12 P
7/9/20 11:46 A
Non-Medical Alternatives - 2 SLIMMERKIWI 173 SLIMMERKIWI
6/7/20 9:13 P
Daily Check In BKP4166 1872 SASIKHASI1
12/31/17 8:46 P
6/28/17 12:01 P
What Colour Is Your Shirt Today? LILAFRODITE 69046 HANOVERLADY
6/20/20 9:20 P
Weather Report #3 (2010) BKP4166 1429 SASIKHASI1
1/4/17 10:17 P
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 51893 KBEHNKE81
7/9/20 8:05 A
Daily Chat LINDA! 5035 LINDA!
7/4/20 7:02 P
What are you reading? ZANQUETTA 3050 CHIPPEE
7/8/20 11:40 P
NEW QUESTION EACH DAY....?????? CD15491213 1410 CD16633328
1/25/17 9:58 P
New Members. ..Please introduce yourselves here. CD15491213 159 2BDYNAMIC
3/28/17 3:17 P
Walking - what are you goals? NWCOUNTRYDANCER 239 IZZY911
4/1/17 1:01 P
Animal lovers ENGLISHGIRL 10 HEALTH4LIFE2012
12/4/15 9:09 P
Coffee today? CD494922 138104 ALFBUNDY
7/9/20 11:50 A
Take A Minute & Introduce Yourself Here! TX.PATRICIA 688 CDCSMITH2013
7/9/20 7:45 A
Oregon Welcome Wagon BKP4166 928 SKCASON
9/28/19 3:48 P
new to this team, but glad to here. HEALTH4LIFE2012 11 HEALTH4LIFE2012
9/11/14 11:36 A
How are things going? Check in here! SPARK_COACH_JEN 11014 SMJTELLER
7/8/20 9:54 A
Quick:the first word that comes in your mind? MARIANA1 30479 HANOVERLADY
7/9/20 6:36 A
Movies, Last letter starts next title ROB_IN_OK 62822 TOJOHO2005
7/8/20 12:42 A
Terrible Bloating KIMBERLYHI 53 BLAZERS7
11/15/14 11:21 A
nutrition tracker SUZIEBOO 22 ANGLING4MORE
6/16/16 7:51 P
11/27/18 6:01 P