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Still no refrigerator so eating out of my cooler is like an episode of Chopped. Spicy chicken and br MSMOSTIMPROVED 27 HAPPYSOUL91
4/15/21 9:13 A
#eattherainbow 🌈 and #foodfeats fun 😋 I love grilling season!!! Cedar planked Salmon over slaw wit STILLSPARKLEIGH 29 KENNAN123
4/15/21 10:52 A
Dinner - Grilled filet mignon caesar salad with red pepper, feta, craisins and pecans!:) 😋 Enjoy yo NAVYWIFESKI 25 FLASUN
4/15/21 3:04 A
Got my second #COVID vaccine today! So proud! #pfizer RANDERS33 25 RANDERS33
4/15/21 8:00 A
Mindful Hatha Yoga Workout LIS193 9 WALLAHALLA
4/15/21 9:32 A
Happy Thursday!! Yesterday my cute Find at Thrift -3 Sitting Flamingo's -Enjoying the beach -Frank-F FLASUN 28 KAREN_EDMONDS
4/15/21 11:19 A
BEST day of the week for me - my THRIFT SHOPPING day! Woo Hoo!! Might meet Sister there. SPARK FRIE FLASUN 29 LIS193
4/15/21 3:57 A
Spring Fling Away The Pounds Challenge LITTLEREDHEN8 27 LITTLEREDHEN8
4/15/21 6:10 A
Beautiful day for a walk in the park CGARR442 25 FLASUN
4/13/21 2:08 A
Rise and SHINE ☀️ Sparkers!!! Here comes MonSLAY... and it will take a great attitude to make it Spa STILLSPARKLEIGH 53 JER-BER
4/13/21 5:35 A
Great day for a walk/jog. It’s been almost a year since we’ve been able to come to the park. It felt CGARR442 14 FLASUN
4/13/21 2:07 A
Never Miss a Monday! Egg white wrap with turkey bacon and extra sharp cheddar, pear with honey and p NAVYWIFESKI 28 GODS-PRINCESS
4/13/21 10:37 A
Lunch - Salad with strawberries, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, feta and Skinny Girl poppyseed dressing NAVYWIFESKI 21 FLASUN
4/13/21 2:06 A
Dinner - Southwest Chipotle turkey burger with roasted broccoli and sweet potato!:) 😋 Have a great NAVYWIFESKI 19 GODS-PRINCESS
4/13/21 10:37 A
Happy Monday! Committed to run/walk interval training outside. Now I just need the weather to cooper MSMOSTIMPROVED 12 CKOUDSI617
4/13/21 11:49 A
Happy Tuesday Spark Friends!! Enjoy your day - Stay Successful!!! FLASUN 39 JAMER123
4/13/21 10:02 P
Biscuit says we shouldn’t allow hurt people hurt us, she also says we should stay; because people ne RANDERS33 22 RANDERS33
4/12/21 9:17 A
Focused on My Priorities!! Using #goalfeats to get me there with tracking #h2whoa💦 #eattherainbow🌈 STILLSPARKLEIGH 32 BECCAWEBB123
4/15/21 9:38 A
4/11/21 10:46 A
Posted a photo EDWARDS1411 26 GARDENCHRIS
4/11/21 2:14 P
Today’s priority was organizing but I still had to #moveit MSMOSTIMPROVED 24 GARDENSFORLIFE
4/11/21 6:44 P
Happy Sunday Spark Friends! Need to do some gardening today! Enjoy your Day!!! FLASUN 38 JAMER123
4/11/21 9:39 P
This one is just too good not to share ☺️ since we are on a WELLNESS Journey, we might as well do be STILLSPARKLEIGH 25 AZMOMXTWO
4/10/21 8:02 P
Let's Get Our Sparkle On!! CINDY247 17 FLASUN
4/10/21 5:13 A
Posted a photo BOOKNUT52 26 LIS193
4/11/21 4:17 A
Biscuit and i have decided to leave Sparkpeople. We joined to have accountability partners and frien RANDERS33 11 FLASUN
4/10/21 3:46 A
Lunch - Boar’s Head garlic bologna wrap, sweet pickles and strawberries!:) 😋🍓 No bologna in years. NAVYWIFESKI 17 FLASUN
4/10/21 3:43 A
For CATWMNCAT here she is! My mom made her! SPARKLINGME176 15 NANHBH
4/10/21 8:41 P
Fajitas for dinner!:) 😋 Have a great Friday night! NAVYWIFESKI 18 GODS-PRINCESS
4/10/21 11:02 A
I did not prep my food this week but I have been m MSMOSTIMPROVED 27 TOCONNER
4/10/21 9:17 A
Happy Saturday! We did our walking yesterday at Hollywood Beach Boardwalk! Beautiful Sunny 81 degre FLASUN 31 JAMER123
4/10/21 10:32 P
Spark Team Bonus Points MKBWNSUGAR 6743 GOOZLEBEAR
4/15/21 11:37 A
Happy FRIDAY Spark Friends!! Make it a Fabulous One!!! Have some FUN!! FLASUN 60 AQUAGIRL08
4/10/21 9:28 A
Between work and working out, I fell asleep at my desk! Now I hope I can get back to sleep. #moveit MSMOSTIMPROVED 33 ISNESS
4/9/21 7:03 P
Congratulations to these Spark ladies! IF you would like to read their blog--read in THOMS blog entr 2BDYNAMIC 37 AQUAGIRL08
4/10/21 9:32 A
Dinner - Chicken, strawberry and pecan salad with feta and raspberry walnut vinaigrette!:) 😋 Enjoy NAVYWIFESKI 19 ISNESS
4/9/21 8:56 P
4/9/21 12:20 P
I'm adding in lifting weights during TV time #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 22 LIS193
4/10/21 4:04 A
Joke time: How can you tell when it's been raining cats and dogs? When you step in a poodle🤦🤪 TWIGBISKIT5 20 PATRICIA-CR
4/9/21 12:33 P
Posted a photo BOOKNUT52 24 LIS193
4/10/21 4:04 A
Yoga For A Rainy Day LIS193 10 SPEDED2
4/9/21 7:46 A
Breakfast - Honey almond protein cereal with banana and strawberry!:) 😋🍓 Have a great day! NAVYWIFESKI 17 ISNESS
4/9/21 9:07 P
Happy Thursday Spark Friends!!! Make it a Successful One! FLASUN 24 JAMER123
4/9/21 9:53 P
4/7/21 5:23 P
4/7/21 5:21 P
Starting Out with #foodfeats and plenty of the good stuff 🦄💜☕️✨ #eattherainbow🌈 #trackingworks STILLSPARKLEIGH 30 AZMOMXTWO
4/8/21 9:13 A
Breakfast - Lemon raspberry buckwheat with slivered almonds and coconut!:) 😋 Have a wonderful Wedne NAVYWIFESKI 12 NAVYWIFESKI
4/7/21 8:46 P
To our sweet JOY dog, I will love you forever! SPARKLINGME176 21 ALLYLIZZY
4/8/21 2:23 P
HAPPY WEDNESDAY!! Did my Thrift store Shopping - Got 1000 Goodie Points on the Bonus wheel!! Woo Ho FLASUN 16 JAMER123
4/8/21 8:57 P
*Question of the Day 4/7 MILLER-S 10 MILLER-S
4/8/21 1:11 P
Happy TUESDAY Spark Friends!! Thank you @Navywifeski For letting me know about these products!! Goi FLASUN 25 JAMER123
4/6/21 9:32 P
Never Miss a Monday! We are made to #moveit👟👟 and to crush #goalfeats✨..... after coffee, of cours STILLSPARKLEIGH 36 FLASUN
4/6/21 2:34 A
Monday does symbolically represents the first day of a new eating plan. After a day of eating a bunc CHANGING-TURTLE 18 PATRICIA-CR
4/7/21 4:16 P
Did You MonSLAY your day?!? I am stoked because I prepped and planned to EXCEED my goal for #eatther STILLSPARKLEIGH 22 NAVYWIFESKI
4/6/21 10:19 A
11,500 steps today LOSEWEIGHT1212 9 KAREN_EDMONDS
4/6/21 9:42 A
First time I earned the landing badge myself! We moved, we tracked, we landed! Go Bears! #Spring2021 _WARRIOR4LIFE 14 STILLSPARKLEIGH
4/6/21 8:22 A
Happy Easter! This is baby Hazel's first Easter basket...she just wanted to get her hands on that i SWALLIS7 40 FLASUN
4/5/21 3:38 A
Wishing every bunny a FUN and beautiful Easter!:) 🐰🌷@CARLOSLAKELAND , This plate is for you...hope NAVYWIFESKI 17 NAVYWIFESKI
4/5/21 8:02 A
No Candy for me today But I did make this deliciou CINDY247 20 FLASUN
4/5/21 3:37 A
Wishing each of you Sparling friends a very "Happy & Healthy Easter!" GLORYB83 12 FLASUN
4/5/21 3:37 A
Lunch - Red pepper and avocado with reduced fat garden vegetable cream cheese, plain almondmilk yogu NAVYWIFESKI 15 FLASUN
4/5/21 3:36 A
The Easter Bunny came and brought a basket for each of us with a dozen plastic eggs with two or thre CHANGING-TURTLE 15 FLASUN
4/5/21 3:36 A
Happy Easter! My Easter bracelette from My DH. Better than candy! I'm down 5.5 #'s since 3-16!!!! Fe SPARKLINGME176 32 -POOKIE-
4/6/21 9:10 A
Have a blessed Easter Sunday! #goalfeats 1CRAZYDOG 14 KITT52
4/5/21 3:07 P
Dinner...Hope your Easter was lovely! 🐰🌷🌈 NAVYWIFESKI 19 NAVYWIFESKI
4/6/21 2:12 P
4/5/21 12:44 P
Happy Monday Spark Friends!!! Had a Wonderful time with Mom & Sis yesterday. Here we are with our E FLASUN 30 LIS193
4/6/21 3:52 A
4/14/21 11:50 A
Dinner - Baked chicken, green beans and butternut squash!:) 😋 Hope you’re enjoying your Easter week NAVYWIFESKI 23 FLASUN
4/4/21 12:58 P
Happy Easter LIS193 11 SPEDED2
4/4/21 9:03 A
Have an EGGSELLENT Day 😉 of healthy choices and FUN!! I shall #moveit behind a fifteen month old in STILLSPARKLEIGH 45 BILLTHOMSON
4/4/21 6:25 A
I officially finished the Sydney Cummings Burn Series. I’ve never completed an entire 30 day program MSMOSTIMPROVED 49 CAMRY2019
4/7/21 12:28 A
During this hopeful time of year, I wish you and yours the best this Easter KURTZIE1998 15 MADEINBRITAIN
4/4/21 7:24 A
Grilled calamari and Fisherman’s stew for dinner. I made good choices at dinner tonight and drank lo MSMOSTIMPROVED 13 COOLHEELS
4/8/21 12:19 A
Missing family this weekend I my water drank, my yard mowed almost done, and just wish we DARLENEK04 17 CKEYES1
4/4/21 9:33 A