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When you head to the doc after 3 days of unbearable pain between your lower ribs thinking you're hav DOUBLELSMOM 18 JRDUPREE
3/16/20 11:17 P
Pictures speak louder than words. They also remind me to never give up! I may stumble but I will not DOUBLELSMOM 52 DOUBLELSMOM
3/14/20 10:11 A
Killed it this week💪🙏🏼 DOUBLELSMOM 14 MJ7DM33
3/6/20 9:52 P
Edit: OMG it's only the 6th today🤦‍♀️😂 Same hai DOUBLELSMOM 32 JRDUPREE
3/6/20 6:07 P
Health is the ultimate goal. A smaller frame is just a bonus. Speak kindly to yourself. Your interna DOUBLELSMOM 8 _RAMONA
3/4/20 11:09 P
Edit. Forgot to change the date on first photo 🤦‍ DOUBLELSMOM 82 JRDUPREE
3/3/20 11:59 P
Edit!! Thank you for all the love. I just wanted t DOUBLELSMOM 101 ARNETTELEE
2/28/20 6:36 A
Morning. Wishing everyone a great day. Today I put on XL sweat pants and xl shirt! And now I fit my GINGERMONKEY21 167 MELISSAVIRGINIA
2/28/20 9:54 A
My day 1 and now. Celebrate 2 years this April. Yes it is a celebration! Takes guts and determinatio DOUBLELSMOM 24 DOUBLELSMOM
2/24/20 4:28 P
I'm still here and plugging away! Week 2 of strength training at the gym. Feeling good! Getting th DOUBLELSMOM 47 DININA48MN
2/25/20 3:15 A
See yourself through the eyes of a child. I always hated my picture taken. I preferred to be behind DOUBLELSMOM 22 JRDUPREE
2/12/20 12:11 A
I'm still here. Plugging away at the holiday weight gain. Winter makes me so incredibly lazy. Was up DOUBLELSMOM 148 KAYDE53
1/22/20 6:17 P
Christmas get together with a few friends yesterday. Still can't see when I smile but it's a whole l DOUBLELSMOM 41 ERIN_POSCH
12/16/19 5:22 P
Just chilling while the kiddos play. Not taking over the whole love seat! Why can't my body be this DOUBLELSMOM 6 EVIE4NOW
12/13/19 11:05 P
The door frame that started me on this new healthy path. My hips used to graze both sides. That's th DOUBLELSMOM 45 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
12/13/19 4:40 P
40lbs lost in a year equals 3.3lbs/month. Doesn't sound like much does it? Until you realize you've DOUBLELSMOM 125 SNOWSPEEDER
12/5/19 11:28 P
Excuse my unpainted 🦶🏾 But HUNNY!! I am in ONEdu IM_CRISSY 188 DEDICATED2ME32
12/5/19 6:16 P
Still the same 10-15lbs up and down. My jeans went from a 32 to a 29 so something is happening! 🙏🏼 DOUBLELSMOM 23 JRDUPREE
12/2/19 7:19 P
WW and Spark are you tracking in both places? I just have not figured this message bd out... lets FAZ240 7 FAZ240
2/17/20 5:14 P
Post thanksgiving weight 🤦‍♀️ didn’t take much for it to go up. Time to get back at it even if it i PIXIEDUST04 27 APEG202
12/2/19 2:44 P
The #10yearchallenge. I remember taking that fir DOUBLELSMOM 31 _RAMONA
11/25/19 2:33 P
Here I go spilling my truth. Sometimes it's hard to open up but I promise it will make you feel bett DOUBLELSMOM 43 MERMAIDLIFE
11/24/19 1:52 P
#throwbackthursday #transformationthursday Think my body is comfy here. Scale hasn't moved in mon DOUBLELSMOM 74 CD23398155
11/14/19 7:16 P
Besides avoiding stalled weight loss, remind me why I don't want to binge on discounted Halloween ca OOLALA53 10 GABY1948
11/2/19 8:29 A
#throwbackthursday #halloweenvibes NSV is wearing one size fits all tights and they fit despite m DOUBLELSMOM 17 CD12282919
10/31/19 8:32 P
#BeforeAndAfter I've been riding the struggle bus since about July. Same 10lbs up and down it seems DOUBLELSMOM 66 LEED825
10/29/19 9:16 P
10/30/19 5:24 A
Finally found my Halloween cloak! I've been wearin DOUBLELSMOM 45 _RAMONA
10/29/19 2:22 A
So this is the one of the bravest things I've ever done--putting up my pics right now for where I am BABSAWRITER 10 GORDONED
10/28/19 2:32 P
Halloween #BeforeAndAfter JUSTICELEAGUE 141 123THERESA123
10/29/19 8:38 P
A year later and I'm going jacket shopping soon!! I still love this one but alas she must go because DOUBLELSMOM 64 GRANNYOF05
10/25/19 6:54 P
When You get out of your own head and push out of your comfort zone magical things happen. You find DOUBLELSMOM 25 CD12282919
10/16/19 7:40 P
#thankful Skin tight to swimming in this jacket🙏 DOUBLELSMOM 84 IM_CRISSY
10/25/19 12:23 P
I always said I'd never be that chick in tights and big boots. Well look at me now.😂 Will live in t DOUBLELSMOM 41 SMILEY82
10/13/19 1:32 P
#BeforeAndAfter Officially back to my pre baby weight in 2011!! Happy dance definitely happened 🙏🏼 DOUBLELSMOM 109 TSHAWGER
9/30/19 9:42 A
Words cannot describe the feeling of accomplishmen DOUBLELSMOM 90 LOS101
9/25/19 6:55 P
The woman on the left had no idea how much her life would change in a few short days! I put myself f DOUBLELSMOM 28 KAS10001
9/19/19 8:34 P
My family photos came in yesterday!!! So in love with how natural they are. Even happier that I will DOUBLELSMOM 31 GEORGE815
9/18/19 9:40 P
#BeforeAndNow When your 5x shirts become dresses it's a good day! Perfect almost fall colour too😍 DOUBLELSMOM 76 JRDUPREE
9/19/19 10:05 A
I didn't plan the outfit I swear🤣 Good visual though! About 50lbs between photos(I flucuate 5lbs ei DOUBLELSMOM 14 KHALIA2
9/11/19 4:42 A
After losing 185lbs I'm finding more and more reasons to smile. It's fun now to shop and go out with HELLOHOLLY76 164 PURPLEMOON1
9/7/19 11:04 P
#BeforeAndAfter I don't know the exact date for the first picture🤷‍♀️ I know there's technically DOUBLELSMOM 25 ROSIEKO1
9/8/19 2:31 A
Date night with hubby last night. I had a heck of a time finding something to wear. Literally 100s o DOUBLELSMOM 47 _RAMONA
9/2/19 1:21 A
The scale has barely budged this summer and I'm ok with that! I'm active, happy and healthy! I will DOUBLELSMOM 55 EEJAA70
8/30/19 11:08 P
My almost 7yo daughter asked to take my picture while spinning on this contraption. She took a video DOUBLELSMOM 26 DOUBLELSMOM
8/29/19 9:58 A
The closer to goal I get the more the weight loss slows down. But I'm happy to say I'm down 183lbs!! HELLOHOLLY76 202 123THERESA123
9/7/19 11:21 A
90s themed party yesterday for my brother in laws 30th birthday. Fun to dress up like I did in high DOUBLELSMOM 19 PURPLEMOON1
8/25/19 11:23 P
I wasn't going to post this but thought what the heck! There's bikinis and underwear being posted. I DOUBLELSMOM 140 ALOFA0509
8/22/19 9:40 P
My hard work paid off. TANYANIKITA 233 CHERRYZMB60
8/14/19 9:12 P
Our bathroom floor is pretty but it’s a pain to keep clean. (And It never looks really clean. 😠) To ALLTHINGSNEW81 13 -POOKIE-
8/15/19 3:20 A
Ok so I think my brain has finally caught up to the reflection in the mirror! I was sorting throug DOUBLELSMOM 283 SONIAPALMER55
9/24/19 11:39 A
Officially down 150 lbs. Going on a bike ride to celebrate! PLANAR 121 CD12282919
8/9/19 7:31 P
Happy #facetofacefriday Happier and healthier inside and out💪😘 117.5lbs between photos but a wh DOUBLELSMOM 34 JRDUPREE
8/9/19 11:26 P
I have lost 30 pounds so far. Im halfway there! #BeforeAndAfter J47851 103 VIRGINIAGIRL
8/12/19 1:17 P
There was supposed to be a picture lol whoops! L DOUBLELSMOM 8 JRDUPREE
8/8/19 11:03 P
This was the pic that was supposed to go with my long post if you read it 🤣 DOUBLELSMOM 9 _RAMONA
8/9/19 2:58 A
2 weeks before I started this new way of life is on the left. I absolutely despised being in photos. DOUBLELSMOM 36 LINDSAYB2013
8/5/19 5:24 P
Here's to a new month of crushing goals! I'm hoping to finally be in a new decade this month. 💪Stil DOUBLELSMOM 34 OCIKAT
8/4/19 12:24 P
7/30/19 12:23 A
Fantastic weigh in today! I knew I killed it last week. Now to keep it going. My heads back in the g DOUBLELSMOM 20 JULIEISA
7/29/19 11:12 A
#BeforeAndAfter 14 years later and still smiling. We get better with age. Amazing date night with DOUBLELSMOM 11 MDOWER1
7/28/19 7:26 P
The numbers are not important. How you feel on the inside, body and mind are the real way to measure DOUBLELSMOM 77 SMALLERMELORIE
7/26/19 10:09 P
This is what happens when you have a walking play DOUBLELSMOM 29 ARNETTELEE
7/25/19 6:34 A
I really need an updated pic with hubby! We are going out Saturday night and have a sitter. Pictures DOUBLELSMOM 62 KERRIBERRI86
7/24/19 9:45 P
Whoop! Whoop! 🙌 Look what I can do!😂 CD23705067 31 AMYINTHEWILD
7/24/19 8:11 P
I've been asked a lot lately about extra skin. Specifically arm wings. Yes I have extra basically al DOUBLELSMOM 36 SCRAPALICIOUS
7/22/19 12:53 P
#motivationalmonday cuz I feel like garbage from crap food all weekend😫 Pic on the left is 2 weeks DOUBLELSMOM 43 ARNETTELEE
7/16/19 7:06 A
3 months in to my journey vs 15 months in. Getting better every single day. When all you focus on is DOUBLELSMOM 20 _RAMONA
7/12/19 2:30 A
So thankful I decided to stick this out! Bye bye covering up and living in black all summer 🙏🏼 At DOUBLELSMOM 39 LE_SIGH
7/8/19 8:02 A
Crazy what can change in a year! 75lbs between photos. Left is 42.2 bmi Class 3 obese and I had alre DOUBLELSMOM 27 CD12282919
7/4/19 8:32 P
#ThenandNow #NSV Today is the day that I put an outfit on and tucked my shirt in!! Probably the fir DOUBLELSMOM 156 LANNET
6/30/19 12:58 P
Me again! Eeek!! First half of my Rosegal shipment arrived today. I cannot explain the feeling of DOUBLELSMOM 19 GEORGE815
6/27/19 8:12 P
I haven't done a #throwbackthursday #transformationthursday in a while. Still plugging away. So many DOUBLELSMOM 190 CHERRYZMB60
6/27/19 9:09 P
18 months before my first baby was born vs 21 months after my last baby. Hubby says I get better wit DOUBLELSMOM 15 GEORGE815
6/12/19 8:26 P
#BeforeAndNow So it seems I need new goal jeans. These are my size 11s I was wearing before I had b DOUBLELSMOM 113 DOUBLELSMOM
6/12/19 4:51 P