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This is a Public Service Announcement JUSTJ2014 21 AZMOMXTWO
6/14/21 8:18 A
Have a great day! EVIE4NOW 20 CATWMNCAT
6/8/21 8:17 P
A great year for iris in our community REBCCA 15 PAULA3420
6/8/21 5:10 P
6/4/21 8:08 P
6/4/21 6:15 P
Posted a photo LUVS2BIKE101 13 JUDITH316
5/27/21 12:54 P
I made it to onderland finally! LUNDERFUL65 23 KAS10001
5/26/21 5:24 P
80 lbs down Same dress 2 years later ALYLEVY 219 KWOOD1955
5/26/21 6:17 P
I see mule deer almost daily as I walk the dogs. T LAURAKJ70 16 LAH1222
5/7/21 7:31 P
If 9 months ago, you'd told me that I'd be able to buy clothes in a regular size again, I wouldn't h LADY_RIANY 213 EEJAA70
4/28/21 12:20 A
DH and I went for a hike this morning! We had to go a bit slower than normal because I rolled my ank PLUTONIANGIRL87 21 -POOKIE-
4/19/21 7:46 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 11 SPEDED2
4/17/21 11:16 P
You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpl DONNARADISCH 2 GEORGE815
4/15/21 7:12 P
Good Morning🌗 5:30am, Pacific Daylight Time, and it's my Birthday🎂 Weighing in at 171 lbs. Goal: 1 2PSICHI0 227 SWSHENANIGANS
4/15/21 11:29 P
Have a wonderful Tuesday all my fellow sparkers. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 13 KITT52
4/14/21 7:22 A
Posted a photo MANDA1958 22 GRAMMYEAC
4/13/21 8:13 P
I am stunned, heartbroken, and bereft... KC, my best friend of 22 years, died last night. She had wh MIMAWELIZABETH 304 GEORGE815
4/13/21 7:39 P
Happy Birthday to me! 13 lbs from goal, celebrating 71 years and counting on more. Life is good. BTINCHER2001 219 PLCHAPPELL
3/30/21 5:17 A
For the second consecutive day, met and slightly exceeded my personal exercise goal. Happy to be ba GREYGIN 25 GYNGER12
3/21/21 9:28 A
Morning! I am new here and have switched from a di MEMEJEAN377 126 CHERRYZMB60
3/17/21 11:42 P
Some days....... PIXIEDUST04 16 JTHEALTHY1
2/21/21 12:45 P
I couldn't resist snuggles today when I went out to do afternoon chores. Her little head is so war CHERIE38 14 CHERIE38
2/22/21 8:37 A
New to this and need the motivation ANTOINETTEISWRI 52 HAPPYLIFE43
2/17/21 5:14 P
It’s my 29th Birthday today!!! 🎂💕🌟🎂💕🌟 ALLYLIZZY 198 RUSTY720108
1/14/21 3:01 P
Sitting here at Kaiser Permanente waiting for another covid-19 test I had a fever of 100 last night HOOAH19764 86 FRABBIT
1/10/21 3:19 P
Message Removed CD10676776 17 CD10676776
12/15/20 7:21 P
Self empowerment.....change your thinking, set some goals....go for it! CYBILPEOPLES 13 FELICIA1963
12/10/20 7:52 P
12/13/20 2:41 P
I was happy on that day, and I’m still as happy now. It wasn’t my highest weight, but I’m glad I’m n WHOLEHEARTEDLY 11 GRAPLEIRIS
12/11/20 1:45 A
Message Removed CD23522024 18 PATRICIA-CR
12/11/20 8:31 A
Had my app't by phone w/my kidney dr. this to make sure I don't slack off on the wate DARLENEK04 37 DEE107
12/3/20 9:44 P
And this is the cheerleader that walks with me daily; he’s ugly cute BISCUITANDSISSY 32 BISCUITANDSISSY
12/4/20 1:36 P
Grateful! 🙏🏾♥️🙏🏾 Working from home has been good for me! I am back focus on what matters most! M SPOKENWORD 90 SPOKENWORD
12/14/20 6:18 P
“Simple kindness may be the most vital key to the riddle of how human beings can live with each othe DONNARADISCH 8 DININA48MN
11/27/20 12:47 A
My motivation to get back in shape! ❤️ LEAHPAUL0723 24 LIL-VIXEN
11/20/20 9:28 P
And for the first time in my adult life I’ve reach -KARMA- 228 SMILEY2969
1/11/21 7:00 P
Just feeling the need to say it. Stay home ....lets whip the virus. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 27 CD4114015
11/21/20 2:51 P
Staying usual. Be safe and have a great weekend. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 17 PATRICIA-CR
11/21/20 8:51 A
I first captured its beauty at a further distance. Sometime it looks far more beautiful looking at ALLENJOSEPH 15 JER-BER
11/20/20 5:59 A
Posted a photo NANABFITZ 25 ERIN_POSCH
11/17/20 12:58 P
We interrupt this program for a quick trip to the coast to reset my mood. I feel much better now! St BLUECAFE 31 NAVYWIFESKI
11/16/20 10:02 P
Apparently my vinca haven't gotten the message that it's November. BLUECAFE 18 JULES1795
11/16/20 3:35 P
11/14/20 11:46 P
Just to remind myself, where I was!!!! 348 to 251 pounds!!!!!! "KEEP PUSHING FOLKS"...... It's F5-FURY 34 GETITDONE79
11/14/20 2:00 P
11/10/20 10:23 A
11/15/20 7:43 A
Strategies for not overeating at night? TMS1231 157 AEVANSNUTRITION
6/8/21 6:35 P
Posted a photo WOMANOFSTEELE 17 FELICIA1963
10/30/20 2:18 P
It’s Friday! Halloween is tomorrow! Let the fun begin! ✨🌟🎃🌟✨ ALLYLIZZY 26 LKASOFF
10/31/20 9:33 A
10/29/20 9:59 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 21 CD4114015
10/29/20 6:05 P
The past 18 months have been a wild ride for sure. So happy to be where I am and determined to keep JOINMYJOURNEY 46 GMACAMI
10/27/20 7:11 P
#BeforeAndAfter Woohoo fitting in jeans that were CHANGING-TURTLE 53 ELORA101
10/22/20 11:07 A
9 years ago today I married my best friend. DEFENDERDARKSUN 9 MISS_STELLA1
10/9/20 5:10 P
From 255 lbs. On 5-29-2020 to 213 lbs. Today 10-9-2020. I've bern hitting my goals and hope to be un BARROW6 38 CHRISBEM
10/14/20 11:53 A
Please keep any snarky and rude comments to yourse PUGHMOMMYX3 69 ALLYLIZZY
10/7/20 1:56 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 16 CD4114015
9/14/20 11:48 A
Still here still going strong NEKOMINI 62 NENEBFIT
9/13/20 4:41 P
Hello everyone! Been a number of years since I have been on spark. Joined another well known weight MICHELELUND 7 NENEBFIT
9/13/20 5:05 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 16 PATRICIA-CR
9/14/20 10:59 A
Hope itself is like a star — not to be seen in the sunshine of prosperity, and only to be discovered DONNARADISCH 1 DONNARADISCH
9/13/20 1:39 P
Old badge badge 134. Better hair, better lighting too! ANNIEONLI 18 ANNIEONLI
8/29/20 6:29 A
Please pray for my home state of Louisiana. The people there are facing great danger overnight as La BONNIE1552 35 FLASUN
8/27/20 3:18 A
Posted a photo -KARMA- 16 GRAMMYEAC
8/23/20 11:13 P
I DID IT! Made my GOAL WEIGHT slightly ahead of schedule. Initially, I chose 160 pounds and would DEBBRALE 65 JERSEYGIRL24
8/23/20 9:51 P
My next door neighbor is so nice. He shared part of his Rose of Sharon so I can plant it in my yard! ACRAIG921 16 PWILLOW1
8/23/20 5:07 P
Great walk this morning on the Katy trail in Hartsburg, Missouri. 4 miles at 16 minutes per mile. LEAHLUE 31 KAYDE53
7/24/20 7:38 P
My Dad gave me the nicest compliment last night. He said to me, “you have the most gorgeous smile”. ALLYLIZZY 53 F5-FURY
8/8/20 1:16 P
7/8/20 11:29 P
I went througha lot on this journey but I wouldn’t have it any other way I respect my mind and body HENNYFLOW29 200 ERIN_POSCH
7/9/20 11:52 A
What I wouldn't give to see those sweet sparkly eyes one more time! I miss her so much! 😢💔 JEWELRYLOVER 18 SHOAPIE
7/6/20 5:18 P
Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians! DEBBRALE 15 CHERRYZMB60
7/1/20 11:32 P
Posted a photo FROGGER591 20 CD4747255
7/2/20 2:30 P
Message Removed CD25876338 53 WIZARDHOWL
7/1/20 12:00 A
6/28/20 3:47 P