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Happy Tuesday! I’m doubling up on coffee today before heading to work! We are implementing new chang NOVMBRBLUE 20 JRDUPREE
3/25/20 12:08 A
The stars don't look bigger, but they do look brighter. Sally Ride #h2whoa AZMOMXTWO 5 ALVEDAPERO1
3/24/20 10:44 P
Out of the house all day again today. Here's my delectable selection: lunch of buffalo chicken w bro KAWLIGANZ 21 1BLAZER282005
3/25/20 11:57 A
It's been two years and I am back in the saddle! With everything feeling so out of control, I think SPORKSIES 12 LIZZYMITCH
3/24/20 4:03 P
I saw the most beautiful sunrise this morning on my walk! I also added two blocks to my normal walki EZZYJZ33 29 1STBUCKETITEM
3/24/20 2:22 P
Good morning! Happy Terrific Tuesday to you. Smile, be thankful and gracious, and have a wonderful BANEWLAND 8 NANCYPAT1
3/24/20 8:48 A
3/24/20 12:59 P
3/24/20 1:18 P
Posted a photo TXSASSY76 13 YMWONG22
3/24/20 9:49 A
Posted a photo DARCY-B 13 TABATHA_CAIN
3/19/20 8:33 A
Yesterday was my first day of the kids (a toddler and preschooler) home and me trying to work solo. ELORA101 7 NISSANGIRL
3/19/20 7:14 A
There’s a steady rain beating against my windows. Going to need to get creative while entertaining m NENEBFIT 9 SMORSEBVR
3/19/20 7:41 A
Good morning everyone. As a senior who retired 9 months ago my travels have downsized to small road TWOTYPE 9 BILLIELDANN1
3/19/20 9:53 A
Good morning! I'm a Homebody & a Capricorn So this staying home thing is my normal. I only go out w CINDY247 16 1STBUCKETITEM
3/19/20 10:52 P
Posted a photo NENEBFIT 16 SMORSEBVR
3/19/20 7:39 A
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 26 BARB4HEALTH
3/20/20 9:50 P
Good morning! Happy Thankful and Terrific Thursday! Count your blessings, enjoy and have a blessed BANEWLAND 13 SMORSEBVR
3/19/20 7:39 A
“I am in control of my worries. They may come to visit, but I will not ask them to stay.” DGFOWLER 12 GARDENSFORLIFE
3/19/20 10:13 P
Inspirational Quote of the Day ~ DGFOWLER 13 GARDENSFORLIFE
3/19/20 10:12 P
Thirsty Thursday !! How many glasses of water will you drink today ? Happy Thursday! FLASUN 23 LIS193
3/20/20 5:00 A
Good morning. Happy Thursday! JAS-55 9 SMORSEBVR
3/19/20 7:37 A
If you’ve never tried this apple cider vinegar, you may be surprised at all it’s health benefits. Ha NENEBFIT 23 SMORSEBVR
3/19/20 7:38 A
Posted a photo DARCY-B 22 YMWONG22
3/18/20 9:45 A
Becoming very post-apocalyptic here. University is online only. All restaurants and bars, and busin NOLALIJE11 15 NOLALIJE11
3/18/20 9:12 A
I have a Positive Pandemic Plan! #foodfeats JSTETSER 11 LIS193
3/19/20 4:57 A
Goofy Names: Boy: My father's name is Laughing and my mother's name is Smiling. Teacher: You must b TWIGBISKIT5 11 1BLAZER282005
3/18/20 7:41 A
Knee scope surgery today. Just a bit nervous but i got this ! GRLTAZ 21 -SPIRITSEEKER2-
3/19/20 8:54 A
Happy Wednesday! NO THRIFTING for me today- doing my social distancing - But love looking at my Spri FLASUN 36 LIS193
3/19/20 4:56 A
I have a Positive Pandemic Plan! #goalfeats JSTETSER 22 GABY1948
3/19/20 6:17 P
I have a Positive Pandemic Plan! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 39 JAMER123
3/20/20 12:48 A
~💕~🌸~💕~🌸~ 💕 ~🌸~💕~🌸~💕~ ~ Waving Hello ~~ 🙋🏼 ~~ Wishing You ~ ~a WOOOOHOOOO ~ WONDERfilled --DEBY-- 7 REGILIEH
3/18/20 2:52 P
This Scottish gin distillery is switching production to make sanitising hand-gel - isn't that brilli SWEETENUFGILL 20 ALOTCANHAPPEN
3/30/20 6:10 A
Inspirational Quote of the Day ~ DGFOWLER 16 HARROWJET
3/18/20 9:54 P
Pandemic? What pandemic? NOLALIJE11 2 DARCY-B
3/18/20 6:53 A
“You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the p DGFOWLER 22 1CRAZYDOG
3/18/20 7:27 P
Post workout glow! Keeping positive and my immunity up! STOPTHECRAVING 10 ALLYLIZZY
3/18/20 12:11 P
Posted a photo DARCY-B 3 COOP9002
3/17/20 1:45 P
Don't know if Corned beef is healthy but cabbage and carrots are! #foodfeats RD03875 7 NITEMAN3D
3/17/20 1:59 P
My son reminded me that if you cannot find isopropyl alcohol for sanitizing, 80 proof vodka will als MILPAM3 4 NADDIE06
3/17/20 2:25 P
Posted a photo STEPH6377 8 PETRA320
3/17/20 1:31 P
Lunch time fully loaded salad 335 calories Lean ham, sharp cheese, carrots, celery, mushrooms, onio TMP0418 34 LIZZYMITCH
3/17/20 9:09 P
Any advice for low carb protein shakes that don't taste like tin? Thanks in advance. DARCY-B 1 DARCY-B
3/17/20 1:23 P
This is what's hurting me. My weight is up. BUT my fat is down and my lean mass is up. And w MCASKEY6 10 BERRY4
3/12/20 8:37 P
For lunch... Spinach and iceberg lettuce topped with my fav veggies. Only 384 Calories! I'm stuffed! MONICAMARIEQOPK 11 SRIVERS1
3/12/20 10:15 P
I love forsythia! -POOKIE- 22 GABY1948
3/13/20 8:53 A
Down 15 MONA80 5 GEORGE815
3/12/20 7:06 P
I am officially down 70lbs!!! ANNANS1984 122 GEORGE815
3/12/20 6:50 P
Posted a photo DARCY-B 17 GEORGE815
3/12/20 7:02 P
"Happiness is like jam. You can't spread even a little without getting some on yourself." NANASUEH 17 GABY1948
3/13/20 8:53 A
Guru: "If at first you don't succeed…" Charlie Brown: "Finish that sentence and you're a dead man NANASUEH 13 GABY1948
3/13/20 8:54 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 16 GABY1948
3/13/20 8:53 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 12 SPEDED2
3/12/20 10:37 P
Funny how drinking 4 glasses of water, one glass of skim milk and a cup of coffee before 10 AM seeme NENEBFIT 4 GEORGE815
3/12/20 7:08 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 22 SPEDED2
3/12/20 10:35 P
35 min walk today. NEPTUNE1939 5 URBANREDNEK
3/12/20 1:48 P
Happy Thursday. 🌞 RAERAERAE62 26 LILIANN400
3/12/20 9:55 P
Have A Great Thursday SPARK Friends! PELESJEWEL 38 JRDUPREE
3/13/20 12:53 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Thursday! I was crazy busy with people all day from open to clo TEXASHSMOMOF3 31 AZMOMXTWO
3/13/20 8:44 A
Good morning! It’s not raining or snowing so the Cooper-dog wanted a long walk again today. He came LESLIELENORE 19 DUCKTURNIP
3/14/20 7:42 P
Within 24 hour post surgery, I am home and enjoying a hand-dipped chocolate covered cherry from my h EJOY-EVELYN 16 RNJIMENEZ
3/13/20 4:24 A
We lost our sweet furbaby this morning. They just latch on to your heart. She will be greatly misse IOWAGIRLRUNS1 90 IOWAGIRLRUNS1
3/13/20 2:02 P
Posted a photo DARCY-B 7 CANDLES9103
3/11/20 11:19 A
Good morning everyone, getting a walking work-out in @work lol, feeling good, and determined to get WORKINGWOMAN31 14 WORKINGWOMAN31
3/12/20 5:50 A
Well, being at this for the third or fourth time, I'm starting to understand myself better. These p MARCOSTYX 6 LIZZYMITCH
3/11/20 12:39 P
It's so hard to get rid of this stubborn belly fat TASHAJ30 14 LIZZYMITCH
3/11/20 12:52 P
3 miles walked in this very breezy weather. Will brush the salt out of my tangled hair after this we -POOKIE- 37 GABY1948
3/13/20 8:57 A
Posted a photo -POOKIE- 20 GABY1948
3/12/20 11:46 A
3/11/20 4:53 P
My classroom is running the AC when there was frost on the cars are you serious? Where is my polar b BOMBCHELL23 20 CANDLES9103
3/11/20 11:23 A
Posted a photo NOLALIJE11 38 PWILLOW1
3/11/20 6:43 P
3/11/20 10:14 A
Happy 🐪 Day!!! ✨ ANGELAM1980 29 _RAMONA
3/12/20 1:28 A
Averaging 12,000 steps a day. Trying to eat less and drink more water. Gaining a half pound a day. ALICIASMALL 35 LIZZYMITCH
3/11/20 12:41 P
Obviously, COFFEE is part of my everyday carry. LT3AG4S 17 DUCKTURNIP
3/11/20 8:08 P
When Was The Last Time You Went Out On A Date? ON_A_DIET 38 SUNSHINE99999
3/13/20 10:01 A