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My 6 year old daughter bought herself a play tent with her allowance, the 12 year old weenie dog has JANIMOEN 22 ALLYLIZZY
11/21/20 12:13 P
Let's face it 2020 has been a HARD HARD YEAR For ALL of us. Every bit of our lives has changed. I' DIANEDOESSMILES 11 PATRICIA-CR
11/21/20 8:51 A
Staying usual. Be safe and have a great weekend. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 17 PATRICIA-CR
11/21/20 8:51 A
And for the first time in my adult life I’ve reach -KARMA- 227 BUTTERFLYJANS
11/20/20 10:09 P
Today’s workout. DARKSIDER316 9 TURQUROISE
11/20/20 6:13 P
11/22/20 10:00 A
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 7 GEORGE815
11/12/20 2:14 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 18 FITWITHIN
11/12/20 2:19 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 12 GEORGE815
11/12/20 2:11 P
Every runner knows that wind effects your time. The heat, humidity, and Eta are just kicking my 🍑. MIAMI_LILLY 39 JER-BER
11/13/20 6:38 A
LUCY (just turned 16 this Nov.)& her dolly (my mom made it for her) & pet pup! SPARKLINGME176 52 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
11/13/20 10:47 A
A couple weeks post partum - April 2020 ASPECTSOFSELF 10 AZIL5678
11/12/20 4:50 P
Not overly confident with heading back to the gym OUTSIDEJOJO 26 CONNIET88
11/12/20 5:34 A
Good Morning Happy Wonderful Wednesday. Enjoy a healthy wellness day. GRANDMOTHER20 26 _RAMONA
11/11/20 7:07 P
Something funny to start the day 🤪 TJNTAY7 17 PWILLOW1
11/11/20 8:30 P
Happy Veteran's day to all. Not only was my father a 30 year United States Marine Corp Veteran, he w DLBEASYRIDER 19 READY201811
11/11/20 12:43 P
My backyard, one reason I love the Fall. I hope we will all choose happy and healthy today. RUTHIEBEAR 61 GABY1948
11/14/20 5:52 P
Good morning!!! Happy 63rd Birthday to me!🎉 Celebrating another 4lbs lost last week. Total pounds l UNIQUEMEONE 185 GEORGE815
11/11/20 7:15 P
Day 3 of the walk/jog challenge done before 6:45am! FOTOLEXIC 12 MSMOSTIMPROVED
11/11/20 4:31 P
Happy Monday! Took my girls for a walk along Indian River yesterday. I’m reading falling in love wi MIAMI_LILLY 48 EVILCECIL
10/20/20 6:31 A
Good Monday morning Sparklers! This is a picture of the Bolivian Highlands (I didn't take the pictu PATTYSPENCER 13 GMACAMI
10/19/20 2:08 P
Beautiful, green hike on an island just south of Taiwan. It was very hot, but worth it. TAIWANDIXIE 21 GMACAMI
10/19/20 2:09 P
I thought we could all use a little Monday compassion. I did walk 3 miles in 65 min before work. BOMBCHELL23 26 75HEALTHYME
10/19/20 9:00 P
I began my up and down journey wearing pants with elastic waistbands, size 22. One of my goals was JANETEMILY 31 MDOWER1
10/19/20 5:34 P
10/19/20 10:32 P
Whoops I did it again! DLBEASYRIDER 27 GMACAMI
10/19/20 2:08 P
Crustless quiche: arugula, mushrooms, feta, parmesan, garlic, eggs, milk, and mozzarella. (And sal MINAMACGABHANN 11 GEORGE815
10/16/20 3:24 P
Made me LOL this morning but I do tend to do lots of walking and stairs everyday. Wishing everyone DM2020 82 GEORGE815
10/16/20 3:24 P
Lunch - Boar’s Head ham wrap with holiday globe grapes. Anyone else love these grapes? 😋 Happy Frid NAVYWIFESKI 20 FLASUN
10/17/20 8:13 A
Calm morning at the beach~~ mixed in some tai chi , little bit of walking, and swimming RDM121312 20 OPTICALXILLUSIO
10/16/20 8:45 P
My sweet husband measured out the ingredients in the delicious Muesli he makes so I could put into t YOULOSEGIRL1 12 VENUSISAPLANET
10/16/20 6:10 P
😲 Now what am I going to do with all those pants in my closet? 👖 👖 👖 👖 👖 😌🤭🤪 BARBIEE52 33 JAMER123
10/18/20 12:28 A
Chicken power menu bowl for lunch CHEYNESMOM948 18 CGARR442
10/16/20 10:55 P
Super kale salad with beets, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, reduced fat feta, boiled egg for protein an MSMOSTIMPROVED 28 1BLAZER282005
10/16/20 8:57 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Friday!!! It’s my off day so I’ve been up doing all the things lo TEXASHSMOMOF3 33 AZMOMXTWO
10/17/20 12:19 P
Lunch today - macaroni salad made with cukes, grape tomatoes and red onion - and the Barilla high pr KDEBORDA 17 OPTICALXILLUSIO
10/16/20 8:42 P
Hope everyone is having a great day! ❤️👻 LKASOFF 20 _RAMONA
10/16/20 3:13 A
Today's lunch. A peanut butter and peach preserve sandwich, an apple with peanut butter, and sliced AUMLANKA 15 TRAVELGAL417
10/15/20 3:18 P
Colors seem to be fading fast! Took a little drive after chores this morning. Still pretty! JEWELRYLOVER 16 SUMMERTIME20
10/15/20 8:23 P
quick throw together turkey wing quinoa veggie stew with black eyed peas, mini bell peppers, celery, COCOLEAN 16 20KAREN
10/16/20 8:45 A
My 239 calorie pizza! I logged everything myself, so I know it's correct lol. KELLEYNICOLE30 31 SUMMERTIME20
10/15/20 8:22 P
9/22/20 8:38 A
Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles HICKOK-HALEY 30 BERRY4
8/17/20 2:37 A
Walking with him slows everything down because We're usually stopped by at least 5 people to tell hi LAM200514 31 ALLYLIZZY
8/15/20 1:19 P
Officially into the 160s!! I weighed in last Sunday at exactly 169! The last time I weighed that muc JESSFIELDS13 23 PEGJW111
8/15/20 9:10 A
11 pound difference, the after is on left the before is on right SUNNYWORKOUT30 46 SUNNYWORKOUT30
8/15/20 11:40 A
I am so proud of myself I just have to share another before and after... 200 lbs Sept 9, 2019 / 140 CATWMNCAT 153 _RAMONA
8/16/20 2:22 A
i love doing these!! sometimes i feel like ive made no progress but then i see pics & im like dang i BPATEL18 51 ERIN_POSCH
8/15/20 11:03 A
No Meat, No Problem Breakfast... Avocado toast w/fried egg topped with a little white cheddar, a lit IMAJUSKEEPMOVN 28 CHRISTINEM80
8/12/20 10:26 A
Good morning M33624 18 HARROWJET
8/12/20 10:29 P
Vampire Bat-sized mosquitoes tried hauling me away this morning but come hell or high water I was go J2002HEIDS 9 GMACAMI
8/12/20 2:13 P
Progress (up and down) between Nov. 2017 & Aug. 2020 AMANDAHAC 34 AMANDAHAC
10/5/20 7:54 A
Just do what it takes to get what you want!! #ivegotthis CINDY247 15 DIANEDOESSMILES
8/13/20 12:15 A
My morning walk was so serene this morning KEITATP 32 GMACAMI
8/12/20 2:10 P
Have A Wonderful Day Chasing Goals ✨✨✨ #butfirstcoffee❤️☕️✨ STILLSPARKLEIGH 76 PCK12J
8/13/20 11:49 A
August 2020 Step Challenge Below - No chats TCANNO 23 TRAVELISMYGAME
8/31/20 2:21 P
8/17/20 8:50 A
My first butterfly visitor this summer. It makes going out in the heat worth it just to see this up RUTHIEBEAR 52 AQUAGIRL08
7/22/20 5:58 P
My sister made eggs this morning. I not typically an egg person. I figured why not, eggs are really MORGANALEFAE 14 GEORGE815
7/21/20 2:22 P
Starting the morning off good with a delicious, healthy meal! GABABYDOLL89 23 GEORGE815
7/21/20 2:22 P
7/26/20 2:43 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Tuesday!! I meet all my goals yesterday, whacked at weeds for a c TEXASHSMOMOF3 94 AQUAGIRL08
7/22/20 5:57 P
7/21/20 9:53 P
Today is my Birthday and YES.. I will eat cake❤️ SYDNEYSHERMANAU 236 PWILLOW1
7/21/20 9:48 P
9/11/20 8:47 P
3 Things to Be Happy About Today KALISWALKER 282 AFERRARI
9/13/20 6:48 P
Where Are You From? KALISWALKER 30 KAIMANA927
7/7/20 1:44 P
5% Challenge Creator *and* our FIRST **STAR**!! HICIM705 17 KALISWALKER
6/21/20 9:46 A
Coffee Chatter - Daily Check In KALISWALKER 780 AFERRARI
10/2/20 4:05 P
6/22/20 6:37 P
Waterfalls of the World Tracking Thread LOSINGLINNDY 129 RONNIE150
6/1/20 6:17 A
Sparktastic Summer Slimdown ~Chit Chat KPACE7 369 KPACE7
8/26/20 3:20 P
What a great reminder!! The sun is shining, I'm feeling good, and it's Friday! CHRISTINEM80 12 ROSENJ1965
5/15/20 9:58 A
5/16/20 11:35 A
FRIDAY FUNNY 😂😂😂 Glinda says “Stay Away From Those Flying Monkeys” 🚫🐒🐒🐒 #sipsipSMILE #coffee STILLSPARKLEIGH 66 TOMSGAL85
5/16/20 10:05 P