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My old man crossed the rainbow bridge today. He was my magic cat for 16 years. GOODFELINE 27 GEORGE815
8/18/19 9:46 P
My walking partner. He thinks he has to jump up on every bale he sees. SASKWENDY 21 GMACAMI
8/12/19 1:39 A
How often do you weigh in? GWE204 311 MARYJOANNA
10/29/19 7:24 A
Hit the halfway point in the July's Beach 200,000 Step Global Challenge πŸ˜™! WILD_ONE 20 WILD_ONE
7/19/19 11:20 A
Artistic experiment with my dinner / playing with food... Halved cucumber filled with homemade curr DEM-TOM 84 COOKWITHME65
9/2/19 1:00 P
Sad for my city these past few days. So many people lost everything... RIVERBENEDICTA 18 CHANGINGDEDA
5/30/19 11:55 P
How do I find friends? LWDG6569 14 MARINEMAMA
5/31/19 4:19 A
Posted a photo OBIESMOM2 29 PWILLOW1
5/14/19 8:57 P
I don’t really do this, but I thought it was pretty funny! NANHBH 87 ROCKYCPA
5/13/19 11:33 P
πŸ™„ A Chuckle for Your Day. πŸ™ƒ CLO333 17 PATRICIA-CR
5/7/19 3:24 P
it is my first day here. i hope this works i have to lose 159 lbs. i am trying to lose it due to my REDCOLE51 277 STATSCAT
5/7/19 5:44 A
When all you want is Peanut Butter Cups lol!!! You eat some all natural peanut butter and some dark MAINELYLINDA 24 CHANGINGDEDA
4/29/19 2:45 P
Drank my water today. #h2whoa ELISE15615 20 CHANGINGDEDA
4/27/19 11:38 P
Bathing suits on sale this week and this is the cl TMP0418 227 ADVENTURESEEKER
5/12/19 2:15 P
Totally how I feel. Lost my manipulative friend four months ago, and I know it was for the best, but FOREVER_AGAPE 10 IGSBETH
4/25/19 9:40 P
Good night SparkPeople! My first Spark day was successfully completed! πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’™ SANZIENE 17 CHANGINGDEDA
4/20/19 12:00 P
Suddenly I am craving some eggs! Happy Saturday friends πŸ₯šπŸ³β™₯️ LADYARTIST41 33 LIZZIE138
4/20/19 2:09 P
Hi, I’m just starting what I’m calling my great adventure! At 56, at need some friends to cheer me o SWIFTEAGLE08 16 CHANGINGDEDA
4/19/19 4:26 P
Sad day in Paris,France. INGMARIE 29 SPEDED2
4/15/19 10:43 P I did something I never thought I would be able to do. All my life I have been overweight LINZY7 303 HEALIN1
4/13/19 8:22 P
Well, it's been a week since I decided to drop my calorie intake. I'd been eating 1400 cal./day for DIANEANDSHEBA 6 JENSAND99
4/9/19 10:47 A
Ok so I have never posted a full body pic before because even though I lost a lot of weight, I still HELLOHOLLY76 22 SOUTHTXXRNNR
5/6/19 3:41 P
Got a little extra cardio when I was gardening this morning! BLUECAFE 29 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/6/19 11:58 A
Quinoa chocolate cake. A cake with a bit of nutrition. Fluffy and moist, and gluten free. https:// MIAMI_LILLY 25 BERRY4
4/2/19 2:28 A
Making low cal and fat free look good lol MISSYJ0507 17 COOP9002
3/16/19 5:05 P
I'm really doing it this time and feeling fabulous. 53 years old is looking great on ME...πŸ’ #Before NOLAGEM1 154 BROSEH139
3/16/19 7:50 P
It’s 20 lbs that’s all. BUT, I’d say it’s the RIGHT 20 LBS! SCHMID70 24 SCHMID70
3/17/19 2:37 A
Hands down the best tuna I've ever had!! You gotta try it! TISHAADDAMS 8 CHANGINGDEDA
2/26/19 6:34 P
i really try to drink my water but in the winter water is my least desired drink. but during my 5K CHANGINGDEDA 2 SKIMBRO
2/26/19 6:42 P
2/23/19 8:48 P
Hello, Jumping back on the program after a long absence. Looking for new friends. I am on my way to FORICAN 34 KAS10001
2/23/19 7:11 P
Hi. I am new here. I am still getting used to the program. I am in my late 60s. i am married wit KATHEST25 292 LULU0809
2/23/19 8:31 P
2/15/19 8:41 P
If anyone is looking for a good collagen powder this ones pretty great! I was so happy to finally fi AMANDAA12 9 CHANGINGDEDA
2/10/19 9:00 P
So here's the thing: I've been a member of SparkPeople since 2006... And until recently I really was GOODBYE20POUNDS 7 CHANGINGDEDA
2/10/19 8:42 P
Posted a photo ANIMAI27 14 CHANGINGDEDA
2/8/19 3:15 P
Hey y'all! Finally hit my goal weight! Lol. REMRA4209 128 CHANGINGDEDA
2/8/19 3:07 P
Posted a photo JAMER123 12 CHANGINGDEDA
2/6/19 1:49 P
2/6/19 1:45 P
In Michigan we had a gas explosion at a nearby natural gas compressor station. Our governor is askin MMASON15 6 CHANGINGDEDA
1/31/19 8:22 P
Happy Transformation Tuesday! @peacelovewindmills on Instagram Peace Love Windmills on Facebook WINDMILLS18 135 CHANGINGDEDA
1/30/19 12:02 A
Lol, sorry for the sour looking face. 4 hours of shoveling today, when I tried smiling in the pic I JUSTSTICKWITHIT 36 TIGERSEYEHEART
1/31/19 9:14 A
Here is me starting over. I will do progress pics so if it bothers anyone I suggest not following m RICKYSGAL1 13 LIZZIE138
1/29/19 11:08 P
Posted a goal JENN_BUBAN 17 TCANNO
1/30/19 4:25 A
Most miserable race experience of my life with the pouring down rain in the cold and wet my toes hur HSARMYWF 42 HSARMYWF
2/8/19 5:52 A
Kids today are just plain cruel. Got an email tod ST3PH 309 AZMEMA
1/24/19 12:23 P
Have a wonderful and productive weekend! LPORTER2015 21 PATRICIA-CR
1/6/19 4:10 P
A question for all my fellow sparkers. Do you find you appreciate food and find it more satisfying o STATSCAT 7 ALLYLIZZY
1/5/19 3:02 P
I started my journey on May 29, 2018 at 297. I didn't get a picture on that date. The first is a BEAGLEGIRL79 307 MYJOURNEY79
1/8/19 3:59 P
Lose Weight By New Year's Day 2016 Challenge! ~INDYGIRL 1848 NEWSPARKDEBBIE
1/1/16 11:10 A
11/2/19 1:58 P
Thanks for the warm welcome in the group CHANGINGDEDA 12 MILLISMA
10/7/12 8:52 P