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Do You weigh everyday? LOSEWEIGHT1212 6719 LWLAR7
4/6/20 12:17 A
Poll: Today I feel.. LIANNALIANNA 59910 LWLAR7
4/6/20 12:16 A
Are you drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily CLMART3 2924 FISHGUT3
4/5/20 11:39 A
Do you have a cheat day? CD15841637 6683 STARMONICA
4/6/20 1:44 A
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 156129 LWLAR7
4/6/20 12:16 A
Do you drink alcohol and still lose weight ? GREEN-EYED-LADY 4379 BOB5148
4/5/20 7:28 A
CLICK if you love Spark! SONYA_J 118780 ETHELMERZ
4/6/20 2:08 A
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 157662 LWLAR7
4/6/20 12:15 A
How did you start your day??? PUYALLUPSARAH 15460 TXSASSY76
4/5/20 7:30 P
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 38486 ETHELMERZ
4/6/20 2:07 A
Did you walk today? RICK1947 133619 STARMONICA
4/6/20 2:10 A
Adopted a homeless cat last week and it came with prizes. Took over the corner of my bed. No regrets CALAFIA 65 _RAMONA
4/6/20 1:39 A
Posted a photo KRISUA 17 KRISUA
4/5/20 11:25 P
Level ten completed WHITBY2020 7 BOB5148
4/5/20 5:55 A
So I'm trying to be as adventurous as I can learni ESPELRAC89 24 ESPELRAC89
4/5/20 4:30 P
Day 4 of exercising every day for the month of April ST3PH 25 _RAMONA
4/6/20 1:38 A
Posted a photo DIVAGLOW 27 1CRAZYDOG
4/5/20 5:14 P
Laney Grey is doing her best with social distancing. In the first pic she is clearly active. 2nd pi LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 19 7STIGGYMT
4/5/20 4:27 P
Posted a photo STARS2000 12 MZRUTLEDGE6
4/5/20 10:16 A
Indoor walking: The Happy Mile with Leslie Sansone - bless her, those workouts are so do-able and go SWEETENUFGILL 11 75HEALTHYME
4/5/20 5:48 P
spinning in a small space to The Sugarhill Gang #DrDance Happy Music SWEETENUFGILL 10 75HEALTHYME
4/5/20 5:48 P
Please remember *all* of our healthcare professionals in your prayers...🙏❤✌ STARS2000 16 NENEBFIT
4/5/20 10:51 A
Yesterday I sang Happy 98 to my Mom outside of her nursing home window! #goalfeats JSTETSER 32 CGARR442
4/5/20 10:03 P
Joke time: I was addicted to the hokey pokey but I turned myself around🤭 TWIGBISKIT5 14 ERIN_POSCH
4/5/20 11:03 A
Day 21 of lockdown: gave myself a pedicure, sandal weather will be here soon. LIS193 10 TABATHA_CAIN
4/5/20 8:36 A
Going for a hike this morning! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 35 DGRIFFITH51
4/5/20 8:50 P
How often do you weigh yourself? AV_MOM2 24279 HAPPYCPA1965
4/5/20 11:15 A
Day 10 of 21 completed WHITBY2020 11 RYCGIRL
4/4/20 10:34 A
Day 3 of exercising every day for the month of April ST3PH 13 RYCGIRL
4/4/20 10:34 A
Started a home exercise routine with some app. My arms and tummy hurt. Just makes me realize how out SAM3214 15 MARINEMAMA
4/4/20 6:04 A
Got over 12k steps today and on one of my short outdoor walks I saw this guy going about business as NITEMAN3D 32 GABY1948
4/5/20 1:12 P
4/4/20 3:25 P
Day 20 of lockdown: Made a big pot of vegetable soup LIS193 11 NENEBFIT
4/4/20 8:03 A
Avocado, dry fruits and lentil pancake! (Also called dosa in India.) As a vegetarian, I have started BEGINNER13 15 FAITHANNNB
4/4/20 8:15 A
Hope you Stay Safe ! Enjoy your Saturday!! FLASUN 25 JAMER123
4/5/20 10:50 P
What I know for sure is that food doesn’t fix what is going on in the world. No chips for me since JULIE1971BELLEH 5 LITTLEREDHEN8
4/4/20 6:23 A
Reaching my goals, and drinking a kale smoothie! #foodfeats JSTETSER 13 JAMER123
4/5/20 10:50 P
Reaching my goals, and staying calm. #goalfeats JSTETSER 22 JAMER123
4/5/20 10:51 P
Coming back from an injury is harder than I thought. This quote has been me for the past couple of m HAILEYMURE 11 BANEWLAND
4/4/20 8:57 A
Here’s a little humor to start off our weekend. Have a great Saturday and enjoy your day, Spark fri PAMBROWN62 51 GOODGETNBETR
4/5/20 1:57 A
Reaching my goals, and going for a walk! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 33 JAMER123
4/5/20 10:51 P
We all need some LAUGHTER in our Life! Wishing everyone a Fun Friday - even if we can't find our toi FLASUN 24 JAMER123
4/3/20 11:29 P
Day 14 of my isolation. Thank goodness for the outdoor walks or I might be certifiable by now. How PAMBROWN62 20 CANDLES9103
4/3/20 4:09 P
I love my secret pal, Lori...she had this shirt made for me and I absolutely love it. I am definitel NVRGIVINGUP 8 DAWNWATERWOMAN
4/3/20 5:41 P
Day 19 of lockdown: The feral cat had her kittens 3 days ago, today when she was out hunting I manag LIS193 12 WALLAHALLA
4/3/20 4:21 P
4/3/20 8:11 A
4/3/20 12:32 P
Finding the balance #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 19 LIS193
4/4/20 4:54 A
Focused on healthy food! #foodfeats JSTETSER 23 LIS193
4/4/20 4:53 A
We were able to “be there” to celebrate GD’s Bday! We all sang Happy Birthday and watched Sierra bl MIMAWELIZABETH 13 PATRICIA-CR
4/3/20 12:32 P
Focused on learning #goalfeats JSTETSER 12 WATHENCR
4/4/20 11:03 P
Cat rescue continues... very happy to be a small part of vetting this sweetheart and getting her ado MIMAWELIZABETH 9 PATRICIA-CR
4/3/20 12:30 P
I LOOOOVE waking up from a nap and finding these two sacked out on my tummy! Fur-kids are the best m MIMAWELIZABETH 22 PATRICIA-CR
4/3/20 12:28 P
I went to the store and was shocked by how empty the shelves were. It’s nice to know our cats will f MIMAWELIZABETH 12 PATRICIA-CR
4/3/20 12:29 P
Do You Ever Give Groceries To A Food Pantry? ON_A_DIET 38 EEJAA70
4/4/20 6:56 P
Total for March 2020 ST3PH 17 TMP0418
4/2/20 8:00 A
4/2/20 6:52 A
Day 18 of lockdown: Husband went to the grocery store.. we are stocked up for the next 3 weeks LIS193 18 SPEDED2
4/2/20 11:10 P
Movement Medicine - Calming Practice LIS193 7 SPEDED2
4/2/20 11:10 P
4/2/20 9:58 P
So my feet are cold even with my fuzzy sleep socks on! I let the dogs out at 0200 and looked at the IMLOCOLINDA 15 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
4/2/20 8:03 P
Up and down but still forward. 6PACKKKK 8 PLCHAPPELL
4/2/20 6:51 A
Yes we can! We're in this together! #goalfeats JSTETSER 17 GABY1948
4/3/20 3:25 P
We can make it through this pandemic together! #foodfeats JSTETSER 27 JAMER123
4/3/20 11:27 P
4/2/20 11:21 A
4/2/20 8:16 P
Looks like it's going to rain - well, that makes a change. I hope it 'cleans' the air a bit. SWEETENUFGILL 25 EDLEAR
4/5/20 3:34 A
Posted a photo JUDITH316 27 DUCKTURNIP
4/5/20 6:39 P
4/3/20 1:50 A
Posted a photo SLIMMERKIWI 26 GRAMMY065
4/2/20 5:08 P
Posted a photo SLIMMERKIWI 13 MOMMACAT57
4/1/20 1:33 P
Despite all that is happening right now we just need to remember to remain positive and find the joy PAMBROWN62 23 7STIGGYMT
4/1/20 5:04 P
Drinking the 8 glasses of water every day! #foodfeats JSTETSER 18 GABY1948
4/2/20 2:56 P
I get by with a little help from my friends and family! #goalfeats JSTETSER 21 GABY1948
4/2/20 3:12 P
Up early today to watch my granddaughters since their parents are still essential. At least I get t LJBOWSER1 9 BILLIELDANN1
4/1/20 7:57 A