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Are you walking with God today? MJRVIC2000 27530 ROX525
1/24/20 6:27 A
Have you been outside yet today? SCOTLA 24470 ROX525
1/24/20 6:29 A
1/24/20 7:04 A
Happy or Sad today? KOREENREGIS 25488 GDANE3
1/24/20 7:34 A
Did you make your bed today? KIM22211 18320 ROX525
1/24/20 6:28 A
Meanwhile--Have a good Thursday! 2BDYNAMIC 57 EVILCECIL
1/24/20 6:26 A
Did you sleep well last night? ILOVESP 43933 AMYISSUCCEEDING
1/24/20 8:19 A
Did you track your food today? PIXIE637 29722 GDANE3
1/24/20 7:34 A
Today I think I saw a frown--so I smiled and turned it upside down! 2BDYNAMIC 21 EVILCECIL
1/24/20 6:27 A
Finishing up week three! MOTAMAMA 13 _RAMONA
1/24/20 1:54 A
Yummy breakfast DEDICATED2ME32 8 CGARR442
1/23/20 9:38 P
Last night I had a nice little talk with my inner self about my journey, where I came from and all t IMAJUSKEEPMOVN 17 _RAMONA
1/24/20 1:49 A
Miss you mom😔 HOOAH19766 67 _RAMONA
1/24/20 1:48 A
Down 37 lbs from 330 lbs to 293 lbs . SGAR36 83 _RAMONA
1/24/20 1:43 A
You Are Working Hard You Are Transforming Keep Going, One Day, One Step, One Healthy Choice After T PELESJEWEL 189 -POOKIE-
1/24/20 8:22 A
Thank you for many years of laughter, sir. RIP OBIESMOM2 11 REGILIEH
1/22/20 10:05 P
Morning giggle. Keep Sparking, everyone DRINKALOTH2O 44 AQUAGIRL08
1/23/20 9:46 A
Three days of strength training. Two sessions a week up to 25 min weekly. I can start to see muscle IMSALLYSTILL 12 GEORGE815
1/22/20 5:35 P
What are your thoughts on exercise...cardio vs weight training/interval training/lifting weights? I AMYSUE04 15 GEORGE815
1/22/20 5:31 P
Note to self. TXKENNEDY 21 _RAMONA
1/22/20 8:20 P
Started 12/21 and just hit the 10lbs lost milestone! Can I get a Woot Woot! SARAOMG13 74 GOINGFORSKINNY
1/23/20 11:15 A
I'm still here. Plugging away at the holiday weight gain. Winter makes me so incredibly lazy. Was up DOUBLELSMOM 148 KAYDE53
1/22/20 6:17 P
Snowpocalypse State of Emergency day 6. I am allowed to go to work! I do blood collections for peopl LITTLEMISSMOUSE 179 KAYDE53
1/22/20 6:28 P
Do You Make Time To Exercise? MJRVIC2000 13525 GDANE3
1/24/20 7:34 A
Are you choosing to be happy today? JAROL7 9384 GDANE3
1/24/20 7:33 A
Did you take your Vitamin(s) today? TEA_LADY 68180 ROX525
1/24/20 6:29 A
Today Focus on the Actions, Not the Scale Terrific Tuesday To All! PELESJEWEL 22 -POOKIE-
1/22/20 7:45 A
Good morning Sparkers! This puppy is adorable and my spirit animal I think! I hope you all have the MAYBEMIDLIFE20 17 GRAMMY065
1/21/20 1:24 P
It’s never too late and you’re never too old! DAD_AINT_HIP 21 -POOKIE-
1/22/20 7:45 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!!! Yesterday felt like a ‘real’ day of work - there were TEXASHSMOMOF3 93 AZMOMXTWO
1/22/20 7:13 A
Kept this beauty yesterday. She refuses to take her jacket off!! Once it’s on; it’s on!! Lol VHAYES04 23 10XPERLB
1/23/20 12:54 A
New low weight today. I had made it to 182.5 back in October.  Today 182!!! Another goal crushed. 35 APEG202 152 GMACAMI
1/21/20 9:18 P
Haven't weighed this weight since high school 🙌🏼 feeling proud and strong 💪🏼 PARKDREAMS 166 GMACAMI
1/21/20 9:15 P
Did You Take A Vitamin D JOEH71 13946 ROX525
1/24/20 6:30 A
Did you pay attention to hunger level? VFAITHFUL1 221 ROX525
1/24/20 6:28 A
Anna ❤️ (December 2019) ALLYLIZZY 21 -POOKIE-
1/21/20 7:49 A
And the rain is melting the snow. As long as it melts slowly, and not too much rain, it should stay L3DESIGNS 7 GMACAMI
1/20/20 5:11 P
Getting a kick start to the new year with the Nutrisystem plan. Hopefully dropping 20 lbs in a month HALFPEACH1974 5 HONEYD2
1/20/20 3:30 P
happy healthy Monday as you all celebrate MLK day.. remember his speech not only to US but to all th TRAILWALKERJO54 14 LIVEANDLAUGH
1/20/20 12:56 P
Yum yum! Lunch! Bean sprouts with angus steak and spiraled zucchini and carrots in sesame oil, ginge KIBBGIRL 29 COOKWITHME65
1/22/20 12:46 A
I almost didn't succeed this weekend. I bought squares, which my son grabbed,looked at me questionin GEMSHEART 11 CHERRYZMB60
1/20/20 5:21 P
Happy Monday spark friends! January 20, 2011 I quit smoking. I smoked for 30 yrs. If I can quit, CARLOSLAKELAND 185 MHUMBERS1950
1/20/20 9:30 P
1/21/20 7:38 A
I got lotz of extra cardio done I have 2/4 of the BEELADY56 16 49LINDA77
1/19/20 5:24 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 6 LIBR@RYL@DY
1/19/20 3:24 P
Woohoo! 20 down about 40 more to go. TRIPPYHIPPY89 32 GRAPEJAM2
1/19/20 5:03 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 8 LIBR@RYL@DY
1/19/20 3:24 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 11 LIBR@RYL@DY
1/19/20 3:24 P
LOL being funny or asking daughter to pay me back LADY_KATHY 8 LIBR@RYL@DY
1/19/20 3:23 P
Having some underrated peanut butter banana wheat toast and coffee for breakfast! 🤤🍌🍞☕️ HEATHERFEATHER0 32 49LINDA77
1/19/20 5:16 P
Hello Sparky’s. It’s been a while and I put on a few pounds during the holidays cause I just quit tr MSJWALKER52 74 LIBR@RYL@DY
1/19/20 3:23 P
1/19/20 2:54 P
Down 60 lbs and 20 more to hit my goal! Then we will see if another 20 is needed. HEALTHYLISA 161 49LINDA77
1/19/20 5:11 P
sleep...good or bad? MULLETNICOLE 8120 NANA2PRINCESSES
1/24/20 7:04 A
Freezing rain with significant ice accumulation this morning, so I put on my yaktrax and took the do LESLIELENORE 39 GARDENCHRIS
1/19/20 2:05 P
The storm has finally ended! 93cm (3’3”) of snow! A new record LITTLEMISSMOUSE 76 DUCKTURNIP
1/18/20 6:01 P
My friend, L and I went out for a girls day shopping and dining. I had a fish taco and salad with un 1BLAZER282005 54 29WINEGAL
1/18/20 5:29 P
Weigh In Day Up 1lb. I was off on my Water intake this week, Need to monitor Sodium more deligen PELESJEWEL 94 GREENIETEANIE
1/23/20 1:42 P
Down from 330 at the start! This last week was hard. The scale wasn't moving, and I wasn't feeling a NESSA5210 94 MUSICNUT
1/18/20 1:51 P
Good morning spark friends today is the day of my mom's memorial so just trying to stay on track and HOOAH19766 129 MIAMI_LILLY
1/20/20 11:53 A
Down to the next decade! NEXTCHAPTERPLZ 172 EVIE4NOW
1/18/20 11:19 P
TGIF, Spark Family!! My office surprised me this week by giving me a small raise, and I didn’t even MIAMI_LILLY 61 JRDUPREE
1/19/20 10:40 A
I focused this morning on my weight loss and healt FIELDSENDART6 59 CHOKOG
1/21/20 2:16 P
70cm (27”) of snow this morning. City is in a state of emergency and everything is closed. Hopefully LITTLEMISSMOUSE 15 DUCKTURNIP
1/17/20 10:51 P
Happy Friday, Spark friends! OBIESMOM2 31 REGILIEH
1/17/20 8:24 P
First week accomplishment! ME_CHALLENGE 68 GETULLY
1/17/20 3:35 P
YES!!!!🙌 I've officially lost the 10 pounds I gained over the holidays. BOOM💥 HOOAH19766 191 JRDUPREE
1/19/20 10:39 A
I just want to do this to the water cooler at work! #party #h2whoa GLITTER_PIGEON 8 BONNIE1552
1/16/20 2:17 P
Happy Thursday ❣️ RAERAERAE62 19 _RAMONA
1/16/20 11:35 P
I lost 2 pounds and had the best workout since getting back to the gym! Loving having a workout part MOANDKELLY 12 KATRENIAH
1/16/20 1:10 P
Get better, not bitter. PROMISE2DESIGN 42 _RAMONA
1/16/20 11:36 P
1/16/20 7:26 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday!!! I’m here! Everything’s fine just trying to figure TEXASHSMOMOF3 99 MADEINBRITAIN
1/17/20 5:41 P
Woohoo! I'm 20% to goal!!! #mylossismygain FITFABJENN 36 GOINGFORSKINNY
1/19/20 1:44 P
Did you make it a point to be happy today? ANNIEP60 1597 GDANE3
1/24/20 7:36 A