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my contribution to the neighborhood scavenger hunt APONI_KB 36 LILIANN400
4/3/20 6:13 P
first bath & not a fan APONI_KB 14 1CRAZYDOG
3/28/20 5:08 P
New buddy today APONI_KB 8 BETTERME4LIF3
3/25/20 9:17 P
Not going to lie, today was...tough. Hit a wall as it were. Everyone is dealing with a lot right now APONI_KB 4 HOTPINKCAMARO49
3/24/20 9:39 P
Painting with my granddaughters and watching a Hallmark Mystery Movie-all while observing “distance” GRAMMY065 16 GABY1948
3/25/20 5:08 P
3/22/20 12:24 A
payback time APONI_KB 6 GEORGE815
3/21/20 5:20 P
Heading to Costco. Anyone in smacking distance from my yardstick is too close. APONI_KB 36 BEYONDOPHELIA
3/20/20 7:20 A
Nation's Dogs confused that entire family is still at home on Monday, the national dog day of rest. APONI_KB 23 EVILCECIL
3/17/20 6:32 A
shelter in place (this is Scout the Carolina Anole) APONI_KB 5 1CRAZYDOG
3/15/20 5:27 P
It doesn't mean that I'm already starting to lose it if I consulted Missy on what to make for dinner APONI_KB 15 1CRAZYDOG
3/15/20 5:40 P
Sometimes change is messy and it isn't always pretty but it's necessary for growth. APONI_KB 10 LILIANN400
3/12/20 10:38 A
I love the patterns on this little guy. APONI_KB 22 EVILCECIL
3/12/20 6:36 A
Wild Life Photographers MAUITN 79 THOMAS.H
3/17/20 7:16 A
Game: Any Given Names from A - Z CD17276793 1417 GEORGE815
4/4/20 9:45 A
Wanted to lose 12 pounds by today and I didn’t. However, I lost six, AND started a daily routine of LZOELLER 16 _RAMONA
3/5/20 10:00 A
8.4 mile run today! It was beautiful outside at almost 50*!! #Run #HalfMarathonTraining IOWAGIRLRUNS1 18 GARDENCHRIS
3/5/20 11:51 A
The Good News Thread WOUBBIE 1580 WALLOWA
4/3/20 5:54 P
Spring is coming! The sugaring houses are boiling sap! Nothing beats a small taste of pure maple syr MSMITCHELL2696 18 TIGERSEYEHEART
3/4/20 10:23 A
If you think elections don't matter, consider this: The mayor of Amity from Jaws was still in office APONI_KB 6 1CRAZYDOG
3/4/20 6:22 P
Stay healthy - wash your hands like you just cleaned a lizard tank and don’t want to think about wha APONI_KB 9 1CRAZYDOG
3/2/20 6:45 P
🤨 ...JOKING..... or am I?!?! 😂 #sipsipSMILE STILLSPARKLEIGH 141 -POOKIE-
3/3/20 7:43 A
Happy Leap Day from Scout who is very wee but quite the leaper APONI_KB 7 _RAMONA
2/29/20 10:12 P
Swim bag spent the night outside in the car. Sitting in the Y locker room with swimsuit in dryer to APONI_KB 4 EVILCECIL
2/28/20 6:56 A
Right now this dress zips up but is tight and uncomfortable. My first SP goal is to fit in it comfor GARDENGIRLUK 36 -POOKIE-
2/27/20 3:09 A
Having a sort of frustrating day and went to the grocery store. Guy pulls into the space next to me APONI_KB 10 1CRAZYDOG
2/23/20 5:11 P
This is Scout a baby anole APONI_KB 6 1CRAZYDOG
2/21/20 5:54 P
Last but not least this one is MY BABY. Her name is Molly and she is a 12 year old beagle mix. Every KPARTX31 10 ALLYLIZZY
2/20/20 8:58 P
such betrayal - ouch APONI_KB 13 BEDA65
2/19/20 6:19 P
before the sun sets on this day, my kitchen will be so clean you could eat off it - wait - well you APONI_KB 5 GEORGE815
2/16/20 6:56 P
today is a good day - I have spoken and so shall it be APONI_KB 5 1CRAZYDOG
2/11/20 4:49 P
if you're in the path of a monster today, stay safe out there APONI_KB 12 1CRAZYDOG
2/6/20 3:50 P
It’s the small victories that make the difference! Yesterday I weighed in and got all discouraged an RANDERS33 33 PICKIE98
2/7/20 7:22 A
I get it, the plant is dying and has some yellow leaves. Everyone's a critic APONI_KB 10 EVILCECIL
2/5/20 6:51 A
Assign #416 Starts with an "S" KWING517 42 HICKOK-HALEY
3/12/20 4:31 P
Happy Monday! Working on making my exercise, cleaning, walking a girl out, what song NOVMBRBLUE 13 GEORGE815
2/3/20 1:24 P
Coughing last night so I relocated to the couch. Hubs brought me a cup of coffee. This is the mug he APONI_KB 10 1CRAZYDOG
2/2/20 2:24 P
Hubs and I did some cleaning today. Why it is my fault if he doesn't know what's in the spray bottle APONI_KB 10 EVILCECIL
1/20/20 6:54 A
I went to Michaels at lunch to pick up a couple of frames. Check it out, I made the bathroom smell l APONI_KB 4 EVILCECIL
1/15/20 6:38 A
going into the weekend like a boss APONI_KB 4 1CRAZYDOG
1/11/20 5:38 P
Hot off the Hook I present - uh a weird Venus thing that a friend of mine begged me to make. I've ne APONI_KB 10 MRSMICHELLEMARI
1/10/20 10:40 P
My little boy got this for me for my birthday. Saved his allowance and everything. Such a clever boy APONI_KB 14 APONI_KB
1/9/20 6:10 A
Flylady babystep challenge day 1: polish the kitchen sink this is the after pic - the before pic ma APONI_KB 10 EVILCECIL
1/7/20 6:34 A
Posted a photo APONI_KB 8 EVILCECIL
1/5/20 9:54 A
Just logged a swim and thought the place would be crowded. Where are the New Year's peeps? I count o APONI_KB 3 1CRAZYDOG
1/2/20 5:32 P
When you put the recycling out this week, make sure you put the box for that big new TV in front of APONI_KB 10 EVIE4NOW
12/31/19 12:33 A
I blew my spark streak, but to be fair it was my birthday yesterday. APONI_KB 19 KAYDE53
12/30/19 9:40 P
This is me, alone in the house until 5:00 with I can't even guess how many pounds of rich, delicious APONI_KB 8 1CRAZYDOG
12/26/19 5:03 P
I saw a deer this morning while walking the dog. Not saying it was a scout but not saying it wasn't. APONI_KB 4 1CRAZYDOG
12/24/19 10:59 A
Posted a photo APONI_KB 10 EVILCECIL
12/25/19 2:31 A
The last 2 cookies have been to make tins and trays for the worthy. LOL. The left are MIAMI_LILLY 32 ALLYLIZZY
12/24/19 7:55 P
who else is practice sparking for the new year? APONI_KB 4 1CRAZYDOG
12/24/19 11:05 A
mile 3 of the snowman 8k I can't believe that the hubs kept those antlers on the entire time APONI_KB 17 1CRAZYDOG
12/22/19 4:13 P
Got my tooth fixed, mailed Christmas packages, got in a swim, and then ate pizza. I guess its better APONI_KB 8 _RAMONA
12/13/19 3:10 A
Posted a photo APONI_KB 12 EVILCECIL
12/10/19 6:05 A
AWE YEAH..... feeling like a Super Hero ( or at least a good sidekick 😂) when I get my rack time! � STILLSPARKLEIGH 63 AMYINTHEWILD
12/10/19 6:32 P
So frustrating keep loosing and the gaining back the same 5 lbs HJUDIE1 23 SHELLLITA
12/8/19 5:26 P
Does it work to make snickerdoodles without cream of tartar? I can taste it and it makes me unhappy. APONI_KB 5 GEORGE815
12/8/19 2:26 P
Happy Small Business Saturday APONI_KB 3 EVIE4NOW
11/30/19 9:33 P
I don't make fun of YOUR breakfast so stop making eww noises. Dried bugs are tasty and nutritious. M APONI_KB 28 CD12282919
10/16/19 7:38 P
In January I set a goal of taking this little stinker on 20 hikes this year. This weekend we knocked COURTPHX 28 CD12282919
10/16/19 7:37 P
cleaned out the junk drawer and found the symphony tickets that I just claimed I never received - oo APONI_KB 5 EVILCECIL
10/11/19 6:31 A
….::It started with ten minutes! Deep cleaning in the kitchen, scrubbing sinks and drains, nooks and 2BDYNAMIC 34 JAMER123
10/9/19 11:14 P
I had a crazy weekend, saw Itzhak Perlman Saturday and then went to a Panther's game today. It's the APONI_KB 13 1CRAZYDOG
10/7/19 3:40 P
It's Oct 1st - the first day of the 4th quarter of the day. A perfect day to make a few small goals. APONI_KB 3 EVIE4NOW
10/1/19 12:44 P
We're heading for one last hurrah at the beach tomorrow. Of course we're watching the Jaws marathon APONI_KB 19 EVIE4NOW
9/27/19 10:59 P
back from vacation and ready to get back on track APONI_KB 10 APONI_KB
9/25/19 8:37 A
repin' precinct 38 APONI_KB 8 MIAMI_LILLY
9/10/19 7:33 P
Down 2 pounds today, I fear at least some of it is water weight from yesterday's literal hot mess of APONI_KB 13 GEORGE815
9/9/19 3:43 P
Heading in to swim at the Y. Someone has a phone in a locker with a baby shark ringtone. I fear this APONI_KB 6 GEORGE815
9/5/19 5:23 P
Not the best news at the doctor - I go back in 3 months for follow testing so basically a wake-up ca APONI_KB 19 1CRAZYDOG
8/30/19 12:23 P
harsh criticism APONI_KB 6 1CRAZYDOG
8/25/19 10:12 A
Took the boy for his walk, it's so humid out there that both of us look like a poodle now. APONI_KB 14 1CRAZYDOG
8/15/19 3:49 P
I have a new toy, 2 inches of spinning glory. I'm making a bulletin board APONI_KB 4 GEORGE815
7/31/19 1:44 P
Post 4th and back to work it is; perfect time to start a new streak APONI_KB 6 HEATHERHY011
7/8/19 11:11 A