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Dinner - Steak and veggies!:) 😋 Have a great night! NAVYWIFESKI 26 FLASUN
8/3/20 4:51 A
Not bad for a Sunday. #fitnessfeats COOL-LEEN 17 CKEYES1
8/3/20 9:20 A
Well this last week was interesting for sure. . Wife is finally feeling better from her surgery, s RUNNINGRAFE 17 CSROBERTSON621
8/3/20 12:40 A
Weigh day lost 6.6 pounds HJUDIE1 24 SWIMSTERLING94
8/2/20 11:56 P
Sunday’s are the hardest for me. Every Sunday I’m emotionally taken back to November 24th, when I lo SOUTHERNJAVA 16 ALLYLIZZY
8/3/20 1:10 P
Sometimes when you fall off the “wagon” you learn something new about yourself and life as it might RUNNINGRAFE 7 ANHELIC
8/2/20 8:59 P
Sausage and peppers!! Yummy!! I've been craving this!! JAMIEIERO 15 ANNIEMAROO
8/3/20 2:40 A
It's been a while but I'm still going and in back!!! SHARE_MY_WORLD_ 8 SPARKLE1908
8/2/20 9:58 P
Posted a photo ANNJOR12 3 ANHELIC
8/2/20 8:58 P
Have A Restful Sunday! MSROZZIE 15 MSROZZIE
8/3/20 5:10 P
Hi friends, swam for 1.5 hrs, or tried to swim. Sometimes I looked like I was getting electrocuted b JUSTSTICKWITHIT 22 COMEBACKKID12
8/4/20 12:46 A
Here's what I look like now I'm hoping to get my weight under control and start exercising the right RIAH52 242 MOM2TURTLES
8/3/20 6:47 A
Food Feats are met. #foodfeats KITTYHAWK1949 4 CHESTER47
8/1/20 9:14 A
July was a good month! Almost 6 lbs gone! Looking forward to seeing even more progress in August HIKINGGIRL16 12 CHEIVOUS
7/31/20 2:17 P
Exercise Coach this morning and shopping. Be safe and have fun everyone! TOMSTUMP 2 ANHELIC
7/31/20 1:46 P
#BeforeAndAfter Piggybacking off my other post... here are the side views. MORETHANAMOMOF4 16 TRIMNUP
8/1/20 3:53 A
Working on setting my August goals, during lunch. What are some of your August goals? SOUTHERNJAVA 22 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
8/1/20 7:02 P
I have been walking and jogging ~35 minutes every other day since Memorial Day. That's an average o DANCINGGARDENER 19 SUMMERTIME20
7/31/20 6:58 P
New and I have a question about weight tracking. I weighed yesterday..but I dont see it recorded. DOANEC415 5 DOANEC415
7/31/20 2:21 P
Have a great Friday! RYDESKS 14 MJ7DM33
7/31/20 2:16 P
My beautiful granddaughter learning to cook a healthy meal. Very proud of my sweetheart. BRUCELANGLEY 15 1CRAZYDOG
7/31/20 4:19 P
Spark streaks are a great way to stay motivated! Today’s run put me over 3,000 fitness minutes for J LORI-K 29 JAMER123
8/1/20 10:50 P
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 24 KITT52
8/1/20 6:18 P
Have faith and believe: everything is going to be okay and you are enough. NEWRUNNERCLARE 14 SUMMERTIME20
7/31/20 6:57 P
#BeforeAndAfter I'm finally down to being overweight, really the first time ever. I've always been MORETHANAMOMOF4 74 BLOND1E
8/4/20 12:19 P
I can’t post a picture of myself in my birthday suit (to day is my birthday!). I did the next best KPINAZ 141 DCHANCE6
8/2/20 9:35 P
Picture day! FOTOLEXIC 246 JAMER123
8/1/20 10:50 P
The shrimp took over my salad, lol! The greens underneath are baby kale and baby Swiss chard fresh LESLIELENORE 46 HAPPYSOUL91
7/15/20 10:53 A
Beautiful day for a run. #C210K Week 4 JULESMILE4 19 GEORGE815
6/25/20 8:01 P
Posted a photo MRS_PBA 4 MDOWER1
6/25/20 4:34 P
Posted a photo MRS_PBA 2 ANHELIC
6/25/20 12:31 P
"Anniversary" lilies from our garden, just in time for our 32nd anniversary today. PINKTHUNDER 218 PWILLOW1
6/25/20 9:40 P
Posted a photo IRMAE1 9 ANHELIC
5/30/20 3:02 P
I think moving house counts as cardio and resistance exercises. My step count is just shy of 10K! CHERYL4808 18 SLASALLE
5/30/20 4:40 P
Healthy fruit snacks! -KARMA- 18 EEJAA70
5/30/20 7:44 P
Message Removed CD10416302 8 BONNIE1552
6/1/20 12:03 P
eat the rainbow #eattherainbow AZMOMXTWO 6 BONNIE1552
6/1/20 12:02 P
Ground turkey, cabbage, a little rice, mushrooms, corn. Cilantro and scallions to dress. SACREDSAYRAH 15 HAPPYLIFE43
5/30/20 4:01 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 20 GABY1948
5/31/20 6:26 P
Goal to lose 15 pounds and get fit! DENISE_SCHROCK 7 SISTERPRETTY
5/30/20 3:37 P
Yesterday was my two year anniversary of my weight loss journey. Two years! I am down 121 pounds. BEAGLEGIRL79 134 ZIMFARMDC
5/30/20 9:35 P
Message Removed CD24291603 163 ISNESS
5/31/20 11:38 P
We took Thor for a walk around Te Rapa industrial park this morning. It was a nice slow walk so Thor 74KGSTU 18 GEORGE815
5/15/20 8:23 P
Posted a photo. Protein pumpkin balls my new inve LASTARLITA 14 GERRTIE
5/15/20 8:26 P
Hoping your Friday is "a far, far better" one than the day before Today's results . . . * Achiev JAMESEVER 13 JAMESEVER
5/16/20 7:04 A
During ALL the time I have off work, I am FINALLY Learning to COOK!!! WOOHOO!! DIANEDOESSMILES 30 NVRGIVINGUP
5/16/20 4:18 P
I absolutely loved getting a chance to watch this momma with her precious little ones. They are comm MSMITCHELL2696 23 URBANREDNEK
5/16/20 11:01 A
#BeforeAndAfter don't give up. I've gone up and down like crazy over the last 5 years- but the overa KOBRIEN13 42 MARABOU
5/17/20 3:55 P
The picture below is of a blooming Palo Verde. It’s the reason I’m haven’t trouble breathing. Not KPINAZ 14 CHERRYZMB60
5/15/20 11:28 P
They have opened a new walk on our street. We went and checked it out today. It was better than we e 74KGSTU 22 _RAMONA
5/17/20 3:25 P
Turkey burger w/ cranberry mayo, roasted cauliflower w/ wing sauce, pineapple jicama slaw and brocco CATWMNCAT 27 CATWMNCAT
5/16/20 11:12 A
Posted a photo RICHARDBABY74 25 CD25862409
5/16/20 1:18 P
98lbs gone forever EMILYJCOLETTA0 208 BERTZ3
6/22/20 10:33 P
Breakfast: oats, an egg, 1 slice Canadian bacon, a pinch of cayenne and garlic, salt, pepper. Not t ERICINGEORGIA 8 ANHELIC
4/10/20 12:08 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 8 KOSHIE1
4/10/20 5:43 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 8 GOALCXXV
4/10/20 12:34 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 14 DENNIS99707
4/10/20 1:19 P
When you can’t get one due to social distancing, consider yourself virtually hugged! SISSYFEB48 14 1958TMC
4/11/20 2:51 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 8 GOALCXXV
4/10/20 12:31 P
Good morning sparkies ❤ Hope you all are staying safe and healthy!!! Weekly weigh in .8 loss I'll t TMP0418 78 NVRGIVINGUP
4/11/20 12:27 A
An EMT friend posted this on her fb page 75HEALTHYME 25 JAMER123
4/12/20 1:01 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 23 CATWMNCAT
4/10/20 2:28 P
Posted a photo SMOONEY0529139 8 SMOONEY0529139
4/10/20 9:06 P
4/10/20 10:37 P
I am ecstatic because I STRUGGLED SO LONG!!! Appro MUSICLADY923 40 EVIE4NOW
4/10/20 10:17 P
Take it one day at a time GREENEMERALDGRL 7 CHERYLHURT
3/17/20 8:56 A
3 miles walking #goalfeats CKEYES1 4 CECELW
3/17/20 1:39 P
3 miles walking #fitnessfeats CKEYES1 3 LAURALLANCE
3/18/20 8:43 A
Good morning! #eattherainbow GYNGER12 6 ALVEDAPERO1
3/17/20 10:28 P
I stopped going to the gym years ago. I prefer to workout at home. There are advantages of working o LSTONRSTREET 7 DIANEDOESSMILES
3/17/20 9:15 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Tuesday!! Yesterday was a weird day. I let a little of the panic TEXASHSMOMOF3 45 MADEINBRITAIN
3/18/20 5:38 A
3 miles walking #moveit CKEYES1 6 ALVEDAPERO1
3/17/20 10:46 P
Woot! We are back on the move. #3MorelbstilGoal #299HereICome DEDICATED2ME32 21 CGARR442
3/17/20 8:59 P
Happy St Patrick's Day! Stay healthy. JAS-55 17 ROBBIEY
3/17/20 10:08 A
peanut butter, bread, cheese, ham, mayo, chorizo, pepperonni, peppers, tomatoes, banana, orange. #e BECCA199207 5 ALVEDAPERO1
3/17/20 10:27 P