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Best #Keto pancakes I’ve made so far. Better than packaged!!! I made 4 servings to save for next few AMINAHRAE 23 COCKRELL_NZ
7/12/19 4:52 A
#Keto Breakfast for Dinner!! AMINAHRAE 22 DININA48MN
7/9/19 2:58 A
I wish there was an option on exercise for the Nu CJSLOVE 2 AMINAHRAE
7/8/19 5:32 P
Got the official back to school email! First professional development is 3 weeks from Wednesday. It’ AMINAHRAE 4 GEORGE815
7/8/19 9:42 P
Gym membership or special equipment not needed. Watching tv. Using an interval app. Calories burned! AMINAHRAE 8 MAYIE53
7/8/19 8:10 P
#Keto #breakfast Still recovering from my cheat day and the slight rise in the scale. Need to get a AMINAHRAE 15 RREDFORD5
7/7/19 12:20 P
Had a lot of fun with family yesterday. Today feeling quite blah. Got some exercise and following #k AMINAHRAE 4 RREDFORD5
7/6/19 9:16 P
Last stop on our family day trip down south. Jarrell Plantation in Juliette Georgia. We walked the g AMINAHRAE 16 EEJAA70
7/5/19 11:38 P
Southern Belle Farm in Ga. The first stop in our f AMINAHRAE 10 SWEETGABROWN1
7/5/19 8:47 P
So much fun!! And a cheat meal!! Had so much fun in Juliette Ga. at THE Whistle Stop Cafe! Then walk AMINAHRAE 26 VIRGINIAGIRL
8/20/19 11:35 A
Last summer outing to Sunflower farm. Today we visited Southern Belle Farm. I don’t know my weight i AMINAHRAE 35 SENIMMO
7/5/19 10:48 P
Busy day planned with the family! Going to a u-pick farm. Then to THE Whistle Stop Cafe. And then an AMINAHRAE 28 _RAMONA
7/5/19 2:17 P
Take THAT #diabetes !!!! #type2diabetes ain’t going ruin me!!! Needed this victory!! #newme #keto #n AMINAHRAE 14 SUZIEQIAM
1/12/20 5:59 P
Just getting back in the saddle. Hopefully I stay there this time. But I have discovered a new worko CYCLEDREAMER87 20 _RAMONA
7/3/19 3:36 P
I am glad that the headaches are gone. The weather was the reason why I have been having them. AUNTRENEE 6 3BOYZMA
7/3/19 12:20 P
I promise myself and my family that this is the LAST time I will say "Today is day 1 of my healthy l BUSYMOMOF3GRLS 7 NIKOLALALA
7/3/19 9:44 A
I have definitely been increasing my daily steps!! #moveit AMINAHRAE 13 CKEYES1
7/4/19 8:04 A
😜Happy Wednesday! RAERAERAE62 21 TEXASHSMOMOF3
7/4/19 12:25 A
I decided to just put on some fast beat music on Spotify and dance around my bedroom! Will definitel AMINAHRAE 9 BILLTHOMSON
7/4/19 8:39 A
Getting closer every day to my first of 8 goals. My plan is set a goal of 10%. It will take me 8 goa AMINAHRAE 45 BILLTHOMSON
7/4/19 8:39 A
Went to my first 65 minutes of Zumba dancing class today.... I made it through without taking a brea DEE230 8 BILLTHOMSON
7/3/19 7:08 A
Had a busy morning but lazy afternoon/evening... goals met anyway! Phew!! #moveit AMINAHRAE 9 BILLTHOMSON
7/3/19 7:07 A
Laundry. Laundromat. Heat stroke??? I really need a washer and dryer!! AMINAHRAE 1 AMINAHRAE
7/2/19 1:00 P
My son. He hasn’t learned that even if I’ve been up to pee, if I’m in my bed, awake or not, I’m not AMINAHRAE 20 KERRIBERRI86
7/2/19 6:49 P
Had to make myself get it done today. Shortened the video. May be the IF slowing me down this a.m. AMINAHRAE 8 RREDFORD5
7/2/19 10:29 A
7/2/19 10:33 A
Shocking myself!!! My step goal was only 9k! Never thought I’d be back to making these goals! Especi AMINAHRAE 9 RREDFORD5
7/2/19 10:33 A
Posted a photo SHINEFROMWITHIN 19 CINDY247
7/2/19 6:25 A
Just because you traded your obsession for food for an obsession for dieting, that doesn't mean you LPEEBLES5 9 NONYAGUPPY
7/1/19 8:41 P
Ok... starting a week of intermittent fasting. Decided because I don’t usually feel hungry until 10 AMINAHRAE 4 _RAMONA
7/1/19 10:38 P
Today is my first day of not drinking pop, and stretching in the morning. Feel pretty good LITTLEBABIES18 37 HAPPYDAZ1
7/2/19 10:24 A
7/1/19 10:48 A
Found a new app And I love it. Happy Scale. Great visuals for weight loss. Very motivational. Here’s AMINAHRAE 18 RREDFORD5
7/1/19 10:00 A
Happy Monday!! These mornings I need all the coffee I can get before work 😂 HELLOHOLLY76 14 _RAMONA
7/1/19 11:19 P
Down 3.1lbs my first week ! HOLLY-P 5 _RAMONA
7/1/19 11:21 P
Thank you Leslie Sansone!! #moveit AMINAHRAE 7 BILLTHOMSON
7/2/19 8:02 A
46 minutes down and it’s only 9 am. At 5,363 steps already! 60% of daily goal! May have to up my ste AMINAHRAE 6 BILLTHOMSON
7/2/19 8:03 A
Starting July with a total of 20.4 lbs lost!! That was awesome to wake up to! I have sent expecting AMINAHRAE 10 MAHEDAGO
7/2/19 9:24 A
#10yearchallenge 30 versus 40!!! AMINAHRAE 8 RREDFORD5
7/1/19 10:01 A
I am down 40 pounds since Februay 5 following intermittent fasting and a healthy keto diet. My avg b PEGGYR9 23 1CRAZYDOG
7/1/19 3:05 P
I have lost 5 lbs. but it has been slow. One day I am doing well but next not so well. I find it har BRIDGETTEANNB2 10 KOALA_BEAR
7/1/19 3:31 A
60 mins. today #moveit CKEYES1 3 AMINAHRAE
6/30/19 10:41 P
I exercised for a total of 60 minutes today. #moveit PATRICIAANN46 7 ECOAXUM
7/1/19 3:17 P
42 minutes today....wwhhhhaaaattttt it is Sunday!!!! #moveit SASSYSUE1963 7 ECOAXUM
7/1/19 3:17 P
I've been sick today but managed 15 minute walk. It took all I had #moveit DEBBIEDOODLE65 8 DEBBIEDOODLE65
7/1/19 9:23 A
Awesome Day! Just keep getting better and better!! #moveit AMINAHRAE 17 BILLTHOMSON
7/2/19 8:03 A
This is the diet I'm doing I lost 15 pounds in 19 days LIZZZIE88 21 KOALA_BEAR
7/1/19 3:37 A
Did a lot of nothing for about 8 hours then got my second wind!! Seems to happen every night and I’m AMINAHRAE 11 ECOAXUM
7/1/19 3:16 P
In December 2009 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My walking was limited. My first attack I XXLADYBUG09XX 105 TNSCUSTOMS
1/22/20 5:39 P
Started my day with tons of energy. Seem to have fizzled out last few hours. Time for a cuppa cawfee AMINAHRAE 2 PCK12J
6/30/19 4:06 P
First time doing #yoga ... The video was a little more explaining/talking than I would have liked so AMINAHRAE 7 GEORGE815
6/30/19 2:17 P
Cannot believe it is the last day of June!! The scale has been steadily moving down a little every d AMINAHRAE 9 RREDFORD5
6/30/19 12:42 P
Seriously.. I’ve never been so committed to a healthy lifestyle before!! I started my day with a 46 AMINAHRAE 21 RREDFORD5
6/30/19 12:43 P
Almost went to bed to watch tv and veg but knew I wanted to hit all my goals!! #moveit AMINAHRAE 20 CKEYES1
6/30/19 9:35 A
Best week in a LONG time!!! Feel like my day is off if I don’t get some sort of workout in. Trying t AMINAHRAE 12 FISHGUT3
6/30/19 8:40 A
Working on getting in the freggies today. #eattherainbow BONNIE1552 17 SMALLERMELORIE
7/10/19 1:08 P
Went for a hike today and got to see some beautiful sunflowers 🌻🌻 KENTUCKYMEL14 33 ARNETTELEE
6/30/19 6:51 A
Just bought a fitness mat. Needed something thicker than yoga mat. It’s hard for me to spend money b AMINAHRAE 6 BEEGIRL10PJ
6/30/19 2:14 P
I was able to wear a pair of slacks I haven’t worn in ages! #nsv AMINAHRAE 3 RREDFORD5
6/29/19 6:24 P
46 minutes. Started with strength training and then finished with cardio. #moveit AMINAHRAE 2 RREDFORD5
6/29/19 12:10 P
Is feeling grateful that I didn’t put off my dermatologist appointment. She found a suspect mole th PMRUNNER 10 ZRIE014
6/29/19 12:32 A
Was a slacker yesterday... made up for it today! Raising the goal starting Sunday. It isn’t easy whe AMINAHRAE 14 TOCONNER
6/29/19 10:16 A
*Vent*- I applaud people who have lost a lot of weight because they reach a goal they set for themse CD23639219 14 GEORGE815
6/28/19 9:36 P
My boy! One of my many reasons for taking better care of myself. And my motivation to get out the ho AMINAHRAE 8 PRAIRIECROCUS
6/28/19 5:13 P
I used to sit and read or play on my phone while my son played... NOW I WALK!! And today I added som AMINAHRAE 14 BILLTHOMSON
6/29/19 6:08 A
Keto blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon!! AMINAHRAE 17 RREDFORD5
6/28/19 2:10 P
Now I’m ready for coffee and breakfast! #moveit AMINAHRAE 18 BILLTHOMSON
6/29/19 6:08 A
7/5/19 2:47 P
Challenging myself to 20 mins a day for 7 days. Even yesterday when I felt bad and took a rest day, AMINAHRAE 8 BILLTHOMSON
6/29/19 6:09 A
6/29/19 6:56 A
I got up early this morning - it's been extremely windy overnight and the sea is still very choppy. SWEETENUFGILL 19 YMWONG22
6/29/19 6:55 A
Would love to hear from anyone who has successfully used Keto/banting to lose weight....i am all for INCREDIBLE_EM 7 INCREDIBLE_EM
6/29/19 4:02 A
Trying my best but it’s difficult!! GGMOMO 11 QUADCMOM
6/28/19 7:50 A
“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…” Theo AMINAHRAE 4 YMWONG22
6/29/19 6:54 A
I choose a positive perspective no matter what my situation is. DGFOWLER 26 REGILIEH
6/28/19 3:00 P