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It’s been a roller coaster ride since I last posted. I am still fasting, just hit a plateau. I was l AMANDACAVNER 6 GEORGE815
10/21/20 6:25 P
Dinner: cheeseburger, meat and cheese only, and a serving of Lay's sour cream and onion chips. QSIESUE1960 12 OPTICALXILLUSIO
1/19/21 7:18 P
Down another 3 lbs this week. In 19 days with intermittent fasting, and being reasonable in my food AMANDACAVNER 9 MLR_00
9/23/20 8:42 A
Join SP in July, but started eating healthier and exercising since May. Lost 50lbs so far! #BeforeA R0SESAREVIOLET 157 _RAMONA
9/22/20 2:22 A
1/18/21 10:24 A
Emoticon your mood today . . . MAMA_BALSAMIC 9128 REMABO
1/25/21 7:54 P
Woke up and decided to hop on the scale. I am down another 5 lbs, so that means I have dropped 12 lb AMANDACAVNER 32 BLUECAFE
9/17/20 12:34 P
Had an appointment at the doctors today, and confirmed that I am down 5 lbs. Considering that this w AMANDACAVNER 8 JLPEASE
9/15/20 5:55 P
I finally have set some goals. Goal one: I would like to do a month of IF and see where that takes m AMANDACAVNER 2 GEORGE815
9/11/20 4:52 P
10/23/20 3:37 P
I’ve started working out, and starting today I’m going to do a liquid diet, I’m going to try to do i FIDENCIADENISE 8 FIDENCIADENISE
9/9/20 1:50 P
My brother recently bought an elliptical and put it in the basement for everyone in our building to JOELLEN69 7 ALLYLIZZY
9/8/20 2:45 P
We have gone from a heat index of 105 or 108 F whatever it was Sunday to a windchill of 39 F in less EVIE4NOW 9 ALLYLIZZY
9/8/20 4:37 P
Week two of intermittent fasting has commenced :) I am looking forward to more progress, and feeling AMANDACAVNER 4 ALLYLIZZY
9/8/20 2:38 P
Since I have started IF, I have lost 7 lbs in the first week. Yes, mostly water weight but it still AMANDACAVNER 13 AMANDACAVNER
9/8/20 9:56 A
Feeling super good today :D AMANDACAVNER 5 GEORGE815
9/4/20 5:57 P
Day 4, fast 2. Before photo of the face AMANDACAVNER 3 STILLSPARKLEIGH
9/3/20 6:02 P
Second fasting day in my 5:2 regiment. 5 days regular 8 hour eating window, rest fast and 2 days ext AMANDACAVNER 2 GEORGE815
9/3/20 3:53 P
What is the point of joining a Sparkteam, when it seems that nobody actually uses them? Looking for AMANDACAVNER 5 AMANDACAVNER
9/2/20 2:08 P
Has anyone tried intermittent fasting? I’m new here and trying to find someone who’s trying this. Ha SLEWIS49 5 LINSEYBAKER82
9/2/20 11:18 A
Scheduled a couple of “appointments” for the gym. AMANDACAVNER 2 DIGIT00
7/3/20 7:09 P
Time to get started. No longer can I sit by and watch myself get lost into my own darkness AMANDACAVNER 5 GEORGE815
7/2/20 8:06 P