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3/16/19 1:52 A

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When I moved into this apartment I was quite excited that there was a place for me to put a table in the kitchen. Except the landlord put in new kitchen cupboards between the time I looked at the apt and the time I moved in. Guess what, they moved everything around and now there is no room for a table. for truth, no room. And there is no room in the LR as it's so small. I've been here going on 7 years, and I am going to start looking for somewhere else. I need to get back to sitting at a table to eat.


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3/14/19 2:21 A

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I also like eating alone. No interruptions, no seduction for a more foods to come. haha

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3/7/19 6:34 P

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I've always lived with someone (mom, husband, children, etc) until 4 years ago so always had them to talk with while having my meals. Being by myself for the first time in my life, I did not want to sit at the table so I fixed my plate and ate in front of the TV. But doing that, I hardly noticed what I ate or what it tasted like or how much I ate!!

So this week I started eating at the table again. I bought a cheery runner and put that on the table, as well as a very cheerful place mat. I've been eating 3 meals a day right there and I face a wall .. so I take my time eating, I'm a slow eater anyway, I think about my day, what I want to do or what I did, I think of the coming day, week, and plan things to do. But mind you, I'm quite aware of what I'm eating, how much I'm eating and how it tastes. And ... I'm quite enjoying this and have given myself a pat on the back for taking that big step.

Don't think of yourself as being lonely/bored, think how nice it is that you can eat whatever you wish, whatever time you want, and you don't have to sit and listen to chatter, well maybe the chatter of the TV, lol. Put pretty things on the table, maybe flowers in a glass or even a pretty plant, think of what you like to look at and put it there.

Wishing you all the best, your mind will be able to keep occupied and you'll find you love it!

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3/4/19 2:25 P

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I prefer eating alone much of the time. I can take forever if I want. I can eat what is healthy for me. I don't have to watch others eating unhealthy while I'm working so hard to maintain my lifestyle.

Eating alone can be quite beneficial. You enjoy your food more and savor it. You can use that time for self-reflection. Notice what you eat, and the choices you have made.

Use that time to enjoy 'self'... Eat to music, silence, or with the tv as background noise.

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3/2/19 9:29 P

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I eat most of my meals alone, only dinners are with others. When I eat alone, I just sit at the dinning room table and eat. Sometimes I have music on, but I find that if I do something else while eating, that's when I eat more than I should.

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2/20/19 9:49 A

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I agree with ELENGIL and NAYPOOIE. There really ISN'T anything wrong with eating alone; I LIVED alone for the 1st 20 years of my adult life, so I ate alone frequently. And once a week, I got out my nice china, crystal, and silver, popped my favorite "cooking music" (usually Gipsy Kings) into the CD player, and treated myself. The trouble is, it's really easy to fall into bad habits, like eating while reading (which quickly morphs into constantly munching while reading.)

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2/19/19 1:18 P

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I've noticed that actually eating only takes a few minutes. Perhaps you could spend the time eating mindfully/meditatively.

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2/15/19 5:45 P

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Romance yourself. I know, it's very cliche. Use nice dishes (not just take-out boxes or paper plates), light candles, put on some background music, make the food look nice. You don't have to use white linens or anything like that, you don't have to put in a lot of time, just act like you are worth a little bit of effort and make the meal enjoyable and relaxing.

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2/15/19 9:41 A

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Nothing wrong with eating alone.

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2/13/19 9:17 A

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I agree that eating every meal alone every day can be challenging. For me personally, however, MAKING myself eat "mindfully" and only at the table contributed to my weight loss. I think you just have to steel yourself and MAKE yourself do it. The upside to eating alone is that you can finish quickly so that you can move onto something more engaging. This is especially true if you are in a hurry to get to work in the AM or go work out in the PM.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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2/6/19 10:04 A

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I live alone and eat most of my meals by myself. I prefer to eat watching TV. I fix a plate in the kitchen so I don't overeat. It works for me.

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2/2/19 2:48 A

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I would suggest perhaps spend the time talking to God. I believe we are never alone because He is always present and willing to listen.

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2/1/19 10:58 A

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I'm a solo person, rarely do I consider myself "alone" I think that term just makes a person lonely. I eat several meals a day, I find, for me, that is the best way. I've changed from eating on the coffee table to sitting at the kitchen table looking out on my yard and enjoying the view. Breakfast is my main meal of the day - that is when I really like a meal. I do like meal replacement shakes and use them throughout the day or if I really feel energetic I'll make some veggie drinks (it doesn't happen often, such a mess).

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1/31/19 11:16 P

I'll do a puzzle, read, or watch TV,

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1/29/19 9:54 A

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When im eating alone, i will watching a television.

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1/26/19 11:36 A

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For meals:

I fill my plate in the kitchen - weighing all of my choices - and then I go to the table to eat.

I will either have my laptop at the table and will bring up a forum or article that I am interested in reading, or will have a book. I find that reading (vs watching a video or show) allows me to slow the pace of my eating --- where I consciously look at my plate, choose and take my next bite, put down the fork and appreciate the first few chews, and then read until I am done chewing. Most of the time I end up taking 30 minutes or more to finish my meal --- and there are times when I realize that I am full before the plate is empty, so just put the leftovers in the fridge for later.

If the weather is good, then I'll go and eat outside on the deck --- where watching the birds and the squirrels and the neighbourhood takes the place of reading. If someone is with me, then conversation with them takes the place of reading, too.

For snacks:

If I am watching a video or show and it is time for a snack / I am hungry for a snack, then I will still weigh out my choice in the kitchen and bring out only as much as I want to eat. I do find that I tend to mindlessly inhale foods while I am focusing on watching a show, so I honestly try to avoid that (I put too much effort in to putting together foods that I really enjoy to want to "waste" that effort by mindless munching). I will pause the show if possible, or eat only during commercials, so that I can take my time and appreciate what I am eating --- and will purposely set up the plate / bowl in such a way that I HAVE to pay attention to what I'm grabbing.

My major exception is if I want to mindlessly munch on popcorn while watching a movie. That does get made in the kitchen, and I put it on a flat plate and not in a bowl, so that I can't easily grab big handfuls but have to be careful not to push it all on to the floor. I'm pretty used to it, so it is still fairly mindless, but I'm good with it as an occasional indulgence ;)

All in all, I would suggest starting to eat away from the TV, with a book or something to read that allows you to take your time, focus on enjoying your food, but still keep you interested enough that you don't super-speed your eating in order to get back to something entertaining.

While watching TV, maybe consider taking up crocheting or cross-stitch or knitting - or even having a couple of resistance bands or hand-weights. Basically - something to keep your hands semi-mindlessly busy while you are watching the show, but that doesn't involve food.

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1/25/19 7:54 P

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Eating alone has never bothered me. I like to eat with my family, but if I am alone, I probably eat less--not a bad thing for me. I don't starve, but I eat what I want. Like many other posts, I am usually doing something while I eat, but I eat what I put on my plate and no more. I also have learned to put the right amount for me to stay within what I log and don't go back unless I save extra carbs and calories for a snack.

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1/25/19 4:14 P

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TV just never held a big pull for me!!
Breakfast was almost always 'eat and run" because I'm a morning person, and always have a list of things to be doing....
One of the entertaining things I used to do with my lunch...was "take it somewhere". Pack it up, go sit in a park, my backyard, or at the Mall.... people watch, nature watch...get out of your 4 walls!! For dinner, I usually fixed my plate, then did some computer surfing, trying to read one interesting article a day sort of thing...(or language flash cards for a year when I was taking Spanish...).

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1/25/19 2:26 P

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I always eat alone, except two weekend lunches per week with my husband - other meals are my quiet me time.
I usually read online news and SP posts and blogs.
What I read should be nice and calming, that helps me eat slowly, noticing every bits, and to be satisfied with the planned amount.
If I'm reading something upsetting, or I type in a hurry... then I start to eat quickly, mindlessly and that easily leads to overeating and cravings.

On workdays I eat at my desk - but I don't work! just read something interesting.
My colleagues learned I'm all theirs during all working hours but I need to be left alone for those 20-25 minutes.

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1/25/19 10:00 A

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When I lived alone, it was life before podcasts (2004-2006 when I finally gave up and got roommates because I realized I didn't LIKE living alone!).

I used to turn on the radio and listen to music, sometimes watch an episode of a TV show I'd rented on DVD (no cable or Netflix), orient myself so I was facing out my kitchen window and could watch the birds in the tree (I lived on the second floor of a 2-story apartment building), etc.

One thing I still find helpful to this day, is to have something to occupy my hands after I'm done eating whatever I've prepared. For example, I keep a book of Sudoku puzzles in the kitchen to grab when I'm done eating my lunch if I'm home alone, and I keep knitting or crocheting projects in the living room to occupy my hands during our pizza-and-movie nights on Fridays after I eat the pizza I've planned into my meals.

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MLAN613 Posts: 23,088
1/25/19 6:36 A

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I, too, live alone and last week, I started working from home again. During my workday, whether working at home or in the office, I have specific times for my breaks. I work in a call center so I can't be eating while talking with people. I also have my snacks and lunches portioned out,

I don't keep a lot of snack foods like chips in the house either. Currently, I do have some kettle corn and have some bowls that fit exactly 1 serving so I measure out 1 serving, enjoy it, and am good.

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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1/25/19 2:40 A

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I am a widow and live on my own, and as I don't eat out, I eat all my meals on my own. I have hardly ever been a victim of mindless eating. I pay attention to what and how much I eat. I eat my dinner while watching TV, and sometimes during the day I eat my lunch watching the news on TV, too. The bulk of my food intake is fruit/veges, and I tend to snack on them when I get peckish. If I am bored I will get on the computer and read online newspapers, or get on SP. OR I will go to Facebook and watch the funny clips that are on there. Other than that, I will play Spider/Solitaire on my mobile phone or computer. I go out once a week for about 5 hours, but either eat my lunch before I go, or will take it with me. I seldom get visitors.

The thing is, I am HAPPY to be by myself. Some people tend to need others around them to occupy their minds. The trick is to find something other than food to occupy YOUR mind.


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1/24/19 8:31 P

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I eat alone a lot and almost always have something to read. I'll eat a few bites then stop and read. Make sure I pay attention to what I'm eating and then reading (or watching TV) for a bit, makes me slow down. I really work at paying attention to what I eat.

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,652
1/24/19 7:59 P

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I read or catch up on my emails or sometimes watch a show depending on the rest of my schedule. Is there anything that you could reasonably plan to accomplish while you eat? Barring that would it be possible to schedule your non-eating time so that there isn't so much room for television?

-google first. ask questions later.

LE_SIGH's Photo LE_SIGH Posts: 2,825
1/24/19 3:07 P

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I do sometimes watch a show, but I will also listen to a pod cast or an audio book, or read a book.

1/24/19 11:46 A

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When you eat alone, how do you occupy your mind? I just find eating so BORING and I can't seem to just sit quietly while eating a meal.

I live alone, so I tend to eat at least 3-4 meals a week alone, and that's not something I'm able to change.
For as long as I can remember, when I eat alone it's always been in front of the TV, but that has lead to the habit of eating whenever I'm watching TV, and that's a big reason I'm 35 pounds overweight. So, that needs to stop.
I need to break the association I've spent decades building, between food, and being lonely/bored. So, any tips that can help to alleviate the boredom I get when sitting down to a solo meal would be so greatly appreciated!

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