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FAITH901 Posts: 3
4/26/20 3:21 P

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Zorbs: huh, maybe I’m just worrying too much. I am able to feel it, like I said in another comment, I feel like my left leg is doing all the work. I don’t even feel sore on that side.

FAITH901 Posts: 3
4/26/20 3:19 P

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Nirerin: I don’t know I just feel like one leg is taking all the work. I feel it a little bit on my right leg but not as much as my left. It’s like I have a weak side. Maybe that’s normal and I’m just making a big deal out of it. I even feel my left leg looks better than the other 😂

As for the planks, yes I would say so.

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4/26/20 3:04 P

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from my experience, I rarely feel a "burn" in my glutes..are you able to contract the muscle with every rep?

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,765
4/26/20 10:25 A

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There are some yoga positions that I am supposed to "feel" and I have all of nothing in that department. I decided long ago that it's not worth the mental energy of figuring out. Is it every leg exercise that you have ever done, or just the ones you usually do? Have you tried other exercises to see if that gets you the same results?

As for the planks, is your form about the same as when you were in physical therapy?

-google first. ask questions later.

FAITH901 Posts: 3
4/25/20 3:37 P

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Hello everyone, I’m a newb to this site so bear with me lol. I’ve been working about for a few years now (nothing serious, just treadmill, body weight exercises, and some dumbbells). I do this all at home and plan to get a membership soon. I have 2/3 questions:

One is concerning certain exercises I do for my glutes. I don’t really feel the “burn”. If anything, it seems my left leg is the leg that’s doing all the work. I feel that way with every activity though. I do single leg exercises too, like lunges but I still don’t feel my right leg is getting any benefit.

2nd question: I feel I might be doing my planks wrong. I went to physical therapy for a while (I have spondylitis) and they told me I had the proper form and things. My upper back feels like it’s taking all the work.

I’m not sure if some of this is normal or maybe I have a leg that’s stronger than the other.
If anyone has some advice or can help, let me know. Thanks

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