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4/9/19 9:10 A

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Can you exercise early enough that you don't eat anything before, but just bring some diluted Gatorade or glucose tablets in case of low blood sugar? Especially if you're on a medication that slows stomach emptying, it might help to have either nothing or only things that can be absorbed directly through the stomach wall (water and glucose both can). If you feel that you need a little "pep" for an early morning workout, you could also try drinking a dissolved caffeinated Nuun tablet or some plain coffee.

I'm pre-diabetic and a morning person who used to eat breakfast within the first 30 minutes of being awake. I discovered I do better exercising on an empty stomach if I'm going to be working out for less than an hour. It took a little time to retrain my body not to expect food within 30 minutes of waking up, but it was worth not feeling like I was going to barf 20 minutes into an intense workout.

I also discovered there are very few foods I can tolerate while doing intense exercise. Diluting Gatorade down so that it's half the strength of the stuff in bottles seems to work for me. Plain apple juice, also diluted a little, is also ok.

For longer activities, like bike rides that last more than 2 hours, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread are generally ok if I don't eat more than a bite or two at a time, with lots of water. A couple of bites of banana are also ok - that's my go-to during the T1 (between swim and bike) transition when I do sprint triathlons.

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4/8/19 7:25 P

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What if you tried to eat something really small shortly before the workout? What have you tried in the past that has made you feel sick?

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4/8/19 3:24 P

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I've been doing the group training at Anytime Fitness since January. I've had to play trial and error with breakfast & the time of the training because about halfway into the workouts, I will start feeling sick. I understand this is exercise induced nausea, so I've tried different breakfast foods/ different workout times. I am type 2 diabetic, and my medication slows the emptying of my stomach so I think that is a factor. To combat this, I tried increasing the time between breakfast & the workout so that there's around 4 hours between eating & the workout.... now I'm dealing with getting hungry before the workout, but can't eat... but still feeling sick during the workout because I need to eat. So frustrating... anyone else deal with this issue? Tips? Advice?

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