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6/28/20 1:47 P

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6/24/20 4:31 P

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We apply an uplift factor/multiplier to your base BMR to account for calories burned for everyday activities (walking around the house or office, cooking, etc.). This article provides details behind the calculation:

Here's an article discussing RMR that you might find interesting:

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6/24/20 2:37 P

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Check out this thread- I believe it should explain the difference!

a basic BMR calculator will just tell you your absolute minimum calories if you were stationary all day. There are different multipliers based on how active you area. If those calculators you've used don't include that, it might explain the difference!

This is what spark says (you can see this under the report for calorie differential):
BMR is your Basal Metabolic Rate, which is the number of calories your body burns on a daily basis to perform its basic tasks like breathing and pumping blood. The BMR calculation is based on your age and weight and accounts for a sedentary lifestyle. The BMR in the chart above has been increased to account for the calories you need for both basal metabolic functions and activity outside of exercise (such as light walking on the job, deskwork, and running errands.) Please note that BMR is not a perfect measure.

Spark will give you a great range to use- make sure you update your fitness goals with target cals to burn each week so that it can adjust if necessary based on your activity level.

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6/24/20 1:52 P

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Every BMR calculator I've looked at for myself shows a bmr far under Spark's bmr for me. Why does yours disagree with all other calculators? I'm thinking RMR is a better calculator to use for diet and weight loss efforts. Your opinion?

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