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7/5/20 1:07 A

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I have sarcoidosis. This can make weight loss and exercise challenging because I have granulomas on my lungs, if I'm not careful my blood-oxygen levels can drop, and I get joint pain during flair-ups. Not to mention painful rashes.

But it took them 10 years to figure it out, and by the time they finally did figure it out I was in a wheelchair and couldn't breathe and had heart arrhythmia. For years they told me "just lose weight" as I continued to struggle and go downhill.

I'm walking now and my breathing is pretty good and I'm regaining my strength and stamina back, though, so I've come light years from when it was at its worst.

- Mackenzie
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7/2/20 2:44 P

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As a nurse (45 years) and a health coach, I would send you to the US Dept. of Health website at:

One thing that is important in any autoimmune disorder is to manage your stress -- when we get overwhelmed, over tired, try to over-do, our stress level gets the better of us and with an autoimmune disorder, it can foster a flare-up.

Do consider meditation, guided-imagery, music therapy, aroma therapy or other methods for managing your stress levels and helping to keep your physical health on a more even keel.


The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises.

-- Leo Buscaglia

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6/27/20 9:34 A

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I had a kidney transplant 8 yrs ago and my meds keep my immune system very low. I am 75 so during this Covid 19 I am rarely going out. If your immune system is low be very careful.

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6/5/20 3:22 P

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Hey folks, T 1 diabetes is an auto immune disease. Some researchers believe that
T 2 could be too.

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9/10/19 9:07 P

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I've got SEL or RA, not one will confirm for sure...but for me it's impacted how much I can exercise, as well as my moods. Anyway, I try to think of food as fuel. Good fuel in, some movement, some good sleep and I'm doing it. Frustrated by weight for sure...but as long as I'm playing my part...I feel better. I wish you well!

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9/8/19 4:47 P

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HI I have UC and recently started remicade, unlike majority of people with this rotten problem I gained weight from all the prednisone I took as well as not excercising. Im trying to get back to normal but battling what foods agree as well as getting back into the fitness regime. Anyone else been there? And what did you do to keep motivated?

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