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8/20/19 3:52 P

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i find i want to exercise more if i'm stretched out. if life, injury, or what-ever gets me tight and i don't stretch out, i don't even sleep well, let alone want to exercise in that bound up condition. love the results when everything is working right

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8/18/19 6:18 A

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My husband and I both do, we're not "gym" people, we prefer outdoor activities, and do have a few indoor workout options, wii, other videos. We are getting ready to retire and move from Chicago burbs to Tucson. Our plan to do a lot more than we do now, might have to be really early to beat the heat, but we're early risers and it shouldn't be an issue

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8/13/19 12:32 P

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It comes in waves. I'll go through phases of several weeks when two hours/day doesn't seem like enough, followed by days when I have to pry myself off the couch.

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9/16/18 4:31 P

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OMG! I wish I WANTED to exercise a lot!!! LOL


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9/5/18 7:12 A

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We all have things we love to do... yours is exercise.
It is normal for you, and that is all that matters.

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9/5/18 5:53 A

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When I was in my forties I worked at a place that offered their employees free use of the gym 24/7. One of the best thing was that my job was in the heart of downtown. I was at the gym a lot. I mean a lot. If I went downtown I went to the gym after shopping. They gave us lockers, which I kept all my gym supplies. I would get up early in the morning ON WEEKENDS and go to the gym. On holidays I was at the gym. If I had a minute I would be at the gym. It was like I was addicted to exercise, I couldn't stop, nor did I wanted to stop.
Ok now I'm in my seventies, I have that same rush, that same desire. I just want to exercise. Do a five minute boost here, another five minute boost there. Mind you I already worked out for, anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes already.
I want to lose weight, yes, but that's not why I want to exercise so much. I want to exercise because I enjoy it, a lot.
My question: am I the only one who ever felt this way, especially over 50 year of age? Is this normal?

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