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Are you going through menopause? Connect with others like you.

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Team Members:  10,770

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Menopause and Losing Menopause and determined to lose weight . The right way - with friends on the same ship. Members: 7,800
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Perimenopause to Menopause: what should you expect If you are Perimenopausal or going through Menopause this team is for you. From HOT Flashes, to moods swings, and all those things that come with this stage in life. Members: 2,437
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Menopause at a young age This group is for those going through the change before they were ready. Please join for support, encouragement, and friendship. Members: 342
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Woman in Menopause using HRT A Group for woman who are going through Menopause using Hormone Replacement Therapy Members: 112
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Menopause: What should we expect? This is for members who are showing slight signs of Menopause and would like to know what to expect. Members: 71
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