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  • Friday Finish?

    10/23/2020 10:02:49 AM, by NANCY-

    Usually I do a Friday Finish, however I cannot finish if I haven't even started. This week has been an emotional let down week and I haven't done much of anything. Well that's not true. I have done my exercises and stretches before getting out of bed. I have my meal plans to draw from. I have ... Read more

  • Thoughtful Thursday

    10/22/2020 2:33:33 PM, by NANCY-

    Working on my mindset. ❤️ Grateful - Noise cancelling earbuds. Online ordering. I can name someone who loves me.... Read more

  • What Happened Wednesday

    10/21/2020 11:59:27 AM, by NANCY-

    Post surgical let down, is what happened. Once I knew that hubby was fine, I crashed and burned. Hubby iced his back using the towel middle son made in his day program. Alright a bit gruesome, but the humor of it was not lost on us. Nutrition is the most important thing right now. Beef st... Read more

  • Thinking About Weight

    10/19/2020 6:51:40 PM, by LINDA!

    I am almost at goal with my weight. I set two goals. I reached one. I then added another. Getting to my goal weight is one thing. But will this satisfy me? Will I still feel fat? This is something I ponder. The brain will still tell me I need to do more. I know that I will never be the weight I was ... Read more

  • Serendipitous Saturday

    10/17/2020 1:15:04 PM, by NANCY-

    Now that cortisol, the primary stress hormone, levels have dropped, I'm feeling much better as the sugars (glucose) in the bloodstream have decreased. Managing my stress levels was my primary focus during the past week. Do you ever have like an inner guidance system that shows you the way... Read more

  • Friday Finish

    10/16/2020 8:21:07 PM, by NANCY-

    Hubby's surgery was scheduled for 1 pm. By 4:20 I hadn't heard anything, so I anxiously called the hospital. Thoughts racing... Why hasn't the Doctor called? Did everything go okay? Did something go wrong? Thankfully I was connected with his Doctor. Everything went well, his bones are st... Read more

  • Tea Time Tuesday

    10/13/2020 1:34:46 PM, by NANCY-

    Don't know if it is allergies or a cold, but Breathe Easy tea is helping with the stuff dripping down the back of my throat. No fever and I can still smell my morning coffee. Hubby's minimally invasive spine surgery will be done by the neurosurgeon on Thursday. Anxiety has kicked in while awaiting ... Read more

  • Sedate Saturday

    10/10/2020 1:13:42 PM, by NANCY-

    Following JSTETSER's lead and working on my Christmas Gift to myself.
    vidual.asp?blog_id=6708301 I have had problems consuming enough water. Today I came across the following article "30 Ways Alexa Can Help You Lead a Healthier L... Read more

  • Friday Unfinished

    10/9/2020 3:13:38 PM, by NANCY-

    Love the sound of wind blown autumn leaves as they dance along the street. I tried for my usual Friday Finish but it was more like unfinished. Apparently everyone needs a COVID test before surgical procedures. Sat in a COVID testing line for two hours with hubby for his preprocedural test.. Now ... Read more

  • Windy Wednesday

    10/7/2020 9:10:11 PM, by NANCY-

    The weather prediction is for power outages for later today. No worries I have a gas stove for just such an occasion. Actually it is for everyday usage and definitely comes in handy when we lose power. We have a quick easy supper for tonight and it is still light out. So no worries! Except OMG wh... Read more

  • Tactful Tuesday

    10/6/2020 4:13:47 PM, by NANCY-

    I'm a bit cranky today. Sinuses are stuffed, patience is thin. I do not know it it is Hubby's meds or not, but communication is a bit askew as we are prepping for our many but necessary errands tomorrow. So I will not say anything. 🙊 The same is true about our reality show Presiden... Read more

  • Merry Monday

    10/5/2020 12:43:12 PM, by NANCY-

    My spirits are high on this lovely Autumn day. My car is in for body work repairs and I have a rental. Things have changed a bit since I purchased my car. Back up camera and then some. It is sufficient to get us to appointments. I do miss heated seats for my back, but I will have my car back soon en... Read more

  • Selective Sunday

    10/4/2020 11:55:06 AM, by NANCY-

    There is too much noise out there. Uncertainty leaves me unsettled, distracted, reactive instead of proactive. Focusing on my personal challenges is where I have the choice. This is where Sparkpeople helps me get centered, get clear and settle into healthy routines. What are the possibilitie... Read more

  • Salubrious Saturday

    10/3/2020 12:18:12 PM, by NANCY-

    Got to visit with the grands yesterday. Dear DIL broke her arm so we had dinner delivered. I love how the little one's eyes light up, her fifth birthday is on Monday. The eldest was brooding until I got silly, then her smile beamed and laughter came out. Encouraging words to the grandson ending with... Read more

  • Fun Friday

    10/2/2020 1:10:36 PM, by NANCY-

    The nights are getting longer. Many leaves are now down from a storm. Spirits seem to be getting more somber. COVID stats seem to be climbing. Don't even get me started about the unPresidential debate. Wait...didn't she say "fun" in her blog title? Yes I did! Even though it is damp and gloomy ou... Read more

  • Tidal Tuesday

    9/29/2020 11:51:11 AM, by NANCY-

    Now we are in a bit of an ebb of appointments. Scan results are in.... and everything is looking good and he is responding well to treatment. Woo Hoo! In about two weeks Hubby gets the kyphoplasty, then the radiation. As for me, stress has shown up in my back. So I have been doing airplane yoga t... Read more

  • Update on Week and Weight Loss

    9/27/2020 8:53:25 PM, by WIZARDHOWL

    I had training all day last week Friday with the rest of the Accounting and Payroll teams at my work. It was great meeting a couple of people who I've never met before as they work at the other office or remotely, and seeing some people who work at my office but are working remotely right now. It wa... Read more

  • Serendipitous Sunday

    9/27/2020 1:42:10 PM, by NANCY-

    Yesterday's day trip was lunch and a trip to the shore again. Hubby was happy with mussels. My mission was a change of pace/scenery. I was amused by this, middle son not so much. My favorite part of the trip was closing my eyes, hearing the soothing rhythmic waves upon the beac... Read more

  • Friday Finish

    9/25/2020 2:04:35 PM, by NANCY-

    Alright, Summer is back. Took a break and when down to the shore for a visit. It was very breezy and refreshing. I asked Hubby if would he still come down to the beach if we were not going to have lobster rolls. He said no. Even to watch the birds? No, he replied. So food driven trips it will... Read more