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  • Zoo Lovers Day

    4/8/2020 5:07:42 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always April 8 Today is Zoo Lovers Day. Zoos have been around for thousands of years. A zoo was originally called a "menagerie". In some form, menageries have been around since ancient times. The earliest recording was around 1500 B.C.!! P... Read more

  • World Health Day

    4/7/2020 4:53:43 AM, by ADKISTLER

    When is : This holiday is always April 7 Sponsored by United Nation's World Health Organization (WHO), World Health Day focuses upon a different health theme each year. It is an international event to emphasize and work on important health issues or problems. Many countries around the wor... Read more

  • put on list of to dos for today

    4/6/2020 9:14:52 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning- my morning was the sound of the vacuum cleaner. My DH has been up since 5 am drinking coffee. I pour my cup and coffee and he starts the vacuuming. He is not just vacuuming - he is moving furniture and cleaning under. It needed to be done but I did not plan for it to be all done by... Read more

  • Sorry Charlie Day

    4/6/2020 4:31:24 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Observed : Always on April 6 Have you ever been rejected? For anything? Sure you have! We all have. Sorry Charlie Day is for all of us who have been spurned, and yet somehow survived it. Take a minute today and reflect upon a past dejection. Then, smile with he realiz... Read more

  • what I have found

    4/5/2020 10:54:20 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning- I have been struggling with my BP readings. is it the virus news all the time in TV, is it this or that? I have been cutting out items with food, family members, etc. I stopped putting salt on my popcorn. My BP is normal. I track the popcorn, but I would sprinkle salt on it after... Read more

  • Palm Sunday

    4/5/2020 10:48:08 AM, by ADKISTLER

    When: April 5, 2020; March 28, 2021; April 10, 2022; April 2, 2023; March 24, 2024; April 13, 2025 Palm Sunday is begins the Holy week leading to Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It commemorates Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem where people put palms down i... Read more

  • saturday

    4/4/2020 12:52:02 PM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good afternoon - what a rainy day. There was a huge thunderstorm last night. Now it is just rainy, lovely day to do puzzles - read - watch a movie. DH is watching the Hobbit which he loves. I tune in and out but am doing online work. It is a nice relaxing day. I was thinking of walking but it ... Read more

  • Walk Around Things Day

    4/4/2020 9:11:13 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always April 4 Walk Around Things Day is an important day to avoid problems and risks, by simply walking around the potential problem. You wouldn't walk under a ladder, would you? Then, it is also wise to walk around objects, especially those that po... Read more

  • Friday -

    4/3/2020 11:46:21 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning - did a 3 mile walk with DH. Humidity was so high. It had started to rain toward the end. It really wore me out. I am going to try to get a nap in today. I sent 2 small packages doing to each my grand kids this morning. I did not want to go to the PO so I looked in the large bin t... Read more

  • Find a Rainbow Day

    4/3/2020 5:01:40 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday event is always on April 3 The month of April brings spring showers. After those showers, the sun comes out and a rainbow often appears. This makes today, the perfect time to celebrate Find a Rainbow Day! We don't always hope for rain in an already rain... Read more

  • Thursday

    4/2/2020 9:46:26 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning - I have been cruising on our streaming options. I found the "Ann Richards" the play that was on Broadway about a former governor of Texas. What a women she was? I am taking today as a rest day from walking. DH has already had his walk. He did not walk as long as he usually does ... Read more

  • National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

    4/2/2020 4:53:18 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday event is always held on April 2 National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day celebrates the infamous and beloved "PB and J" sandwich. Its the favorite lunchtime sandwich of American kids, and many adults, too. Some kids practically live on Peanut Butter and Jel... Read more

  • mail server down all morning

    4/1/2020 11:47:08 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good Morning - I know my mail server was down. DH is the techie. He always install things so complicated that I have to go to him to fix. Nothing is simple. He has spent 2 hours working on it - he finally deleted it and reinstall. I was doing the puzzle but I am hearing all his signs and groans... Read more

  • April Fools Day

    4/1/2020 4:59:59 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When celebrated : April 1st Traditionally, April Fool's Day is an opportunity for playing jokes or tricks on one another. The stranger and the more absurd the better. The challenge is to carry out a trick that is believable, if only for a little while. Tricks are most successfu... Read more

  • walked this morning. - I am walking faster

    3/31/2020 11:31:11 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning - I have wanted to get back to my level that I was in early 2019 before my knee procedure. I am there now. I can feel it and I see the level I used to be. TG, healing takes time and I get impatient. With this virus, I have had to slow down and just let be. Focus on me and it is so... Read more

  • National Crayon Day

    3/31/2020 4:58:00 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always March 31 Today is a colorful day, one truly worth celebrating. Today is National Crayon Day. It is a day to celebrate the creation of crayons and the joy of coloring. The origin of crayons dates back to the17th century. In those days, the... Read more

  • finding new outlets during this virus

    3/30/2020 10:02:39 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning - I have found new cable channels. I am watching a performance of the Riverdance which was taped some years ago. it has brought such a smile to my face. I always wanted to see them. I love Ireland and have been there many times. I am also reading so much more. I just love reading.... Read more

  • walking this morning - Very humid - but did 3 miles

    3/30/2020 8:24:14 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning - I knew it would rain so I planned to get out early. There are less people but dark. I am walking along - smiling and really upbeat. I fall into a hole in the street with one shoe. My husband grabs my arm to steady me. I was glad he did it so automatically - but at this point I kn... Read more

  • National Doctor's Day

    3/30/2020 4:36:33 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always March 30 National Doctor's Day was created to show appreciation to your doctors. Doctors perform vital diagnosis, treatment and care for yourself and your family. When you are well, your doctor keeps you well. When you are sick, there is no ot... Read more

  • Been up for awhile - will be going for a walk soon- virus putting me first

    3/29/2020 7:21:49 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning- as you all know I have had an emotional torn weekend with my son and his situation with a disastrous marriage. I knew this from the start but who am I. It is his choices. My son can be a kind and loving person. What I heard and observed through FaceTime is such deep depression. H... Read more

  • National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

    3/29/2020 1:14:48 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always March 29 National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day celebrates small business owners. These individuals spend countless hours nurturing and growing their young enterprises. The workload demands, and lack of a hired staff, often translates into l... Read more

  • good morning - what a night

    3/28/2020 11:23:47 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning- Last night we tried to help my DIL but once again - she is off her meds for bipolar and she caused all this turmoil. We did not know she was off her meds at first. My DS had an accident and had to go into hospital to check on his concussion. He was not there very long due to the vir... Read more

  • Something on a Stick Day

    3/28/2020 11:18:06 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always March 28 Something on a Stick Day celebrates things on a stick. Isn't this just a neat day? We thought you'd agree. So what comes on a stick? Practically anything. The first thing that comes to mind is popsicles and fudgesicles. Hotdogs ... Read more

  • today

    3/27/2020 2:00:23 PM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good afternoon - I slept so late this morning.. It was heaven. I have been exercising so much that I know my body needed the sleep. I had developed some aches from my muscles. I took an Alieve this allowed me to sleep all the night through. I awoke in a wonderfully refreshed mood. DH went out ... Read more

  • National Joe Day

    3/27/2020 4:58:45 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always March 27 National Joe Day is a chance to change your name, if only for today. Many people do not like their given name. They wish they could change it. A few actually do. On National Joe Day, it is perfectly okay to have everyone call you... Read more

  • Just got off FaceTime with son

    3/26/2020 1:40:24 PM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good afternoon- we have not heard from him in 10 days. There are blessings in all this stress. He has a fabulous counselor who is video conferencing 2x a week since the virus. What a blessing! He has PTSD and marriage problems. He sounded good. He was at HEB getting his meds - some people start... Read more

  • Make Your Own Holiday Day

    3/26/2020 5:05:18 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always March 26 Make Your Own Holiday Day allows you to make today a special day for anything you want. The objective of today, is to allow one day for any topic or event that has otherwise escaped recognition... up to now. The topic for your special... Read more

  • receive an email from a friend

    3/25/2020 11:30:50 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning - I was so happy to receive an email from a friend of mine who I have known for decades. She is not a good writer. She had a liver transplant some years ago. She got Hep C from blood transfusion that was needed during surgery. At that time, they did not test the blood. Hep C does n... Read more

  • International and National Waffle Day

    3/25/2020 5:18:22 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : International Waffle Day- March 25th National Waffle Day- August 24th. Waffle Day is a day that you can waffle on issues and decisions. And, it certainly is a day to get out the waffle iron and eat waffles. International Waffle Day This ho... Read more

  • 2nd Blog.......Ever!!

    3/24/2020 11:50:07 AM, by PBVHCCVH

    This a letter that I sent to all the Teams on which I am the Leader or the Co-Leader. Several people asked if I would post this where anyone could read it, so here it is. Even if you're not on the Teams, I still care about you! MESSAGE TO ALL TEAM MEMBERS During this time of turmoil i... Read more

  • Taking the day off

    3/24/2020 7:24:37 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning - I got up and my legs are so sore from the 3 mile walk. I need to work on them today. I am taking my BP. I ask my DH to turn down the TV when I take my BP. My BP raises when I hear on the news - the health professionals still do not have supplies. DH was not in a good mood yesterd... Read more

  • National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

    3/24/2020 5:08:43 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always on March 24 National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day is a day to enjoy this tasty combination of chocolate and fruit. Chocolate lovers who like raisins, find the combination simply irresistible. Kids find them irresistible, too. Are yo... Read more

  • just did a 3 mile walk with DH

    3/23/2020 9:47:23 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning - I got up and after a cup of coffee - I wanted to walk. I gave DH a choice - I am walking now - would you like to join me or do you want to go later. I was not sure what his answer was. He got up and went with me. Normally he watches these news shows - but I have lost patience with ... Read more

  • National Puppy Day

    3/23/2020 4:47:38 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always March 23 National Puppy Day, also called International Puppy Day, celebrates puppies! It is a special day to recognize the unconditional love puppies give us, and the joy they bring into our lives. It should come as no surprise, that one of t... Read more

  • DH is in a funk again

    3/22/2020 8:48:16 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good Morning - we talked again about what is bothering him. I think it is the gym closing so he can not swim. We walk but it is not getting his mood upbeat like he got from swimming. He has always had a problem with change. I had a dream about dying from this virus. I woke up with my BP high. ... Read more

  • National Goof Off Day

    3/22/2020 1:23:54 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : Always March 22 Now here's a day that just about everybody can relax and enjoy. It's a day to do anything and everything.....except what you're supposed to do today. Assuming you won't get in trouble at work or school, go ahead and play some golf, or play... Read more

  • wonderful walk today before rain

    3/21/2020 12:58:06 PM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good Morning - My DH & I walked over a hour this morning. I am working on strengthen my body after the sciatica problems. My body does not hurt any more. We walk AM & PM weather permitting. We are sheltering in place other than walking. My GKs FaceTime with us. They think we are sick. We told... Read more

  • Credit Card Reduction Day

    3/21/2020 9:51:56 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always March 21 Credit card debt can have a crushing and devastating affect on our lives. It keeps us from buying the house of our dreams, or a new car. It restricts our ability to make other purchases. It adds stress to our lives. Credit card debt c... Read more

  • Just came back from a walk

    3/20/2020 7:11:43 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good Morning - we got a walk in before the rain which is coming. DH very grumpy this morning. I did not sleep well last night. I got up and got ready to walk. Dh was not ready. I told him that he can stay home, but he came. I do not regret. Due to the virus, I am really working on trying to ke... Read more

  • International Day of Happiness

    3/20/2020 4:51:56 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always celebrated March 20 Don't Worry, be happy because today is International Day of Happiness. According to the UN, "Today is a day to be happy, of course!" The UN created and celebrates this holiday annually and forever, as a way to "recognize th... Read more

  • The new normal

    3/19/2020 2:01:54 PM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good afternoon- I have been getting regular FaceTime from my grand kids. My daughter has them on a schedule. they go for a morning walk and an afternoon walk. They are reading books and have to do book reports. She is also keeping them busy with projects. It sounds like what I would do with the... Read more

  • Absolutely Incredible Kids Day

    3/19/2020 5:04:12 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : Third Thursday of the month Sure, your kids may be pretty good. But, my kid is absolutely incredible! As a matter of fact, all of my kids are absolutely incredible. As a parent, I am going to take full advantage of being the author of this page to exercise my braggi... Read more

  • YMCA closed - so I am walking

    3/18/2020 6:57:34 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning- our lives will change daily - that is what the news is saying. I am a planner so I got up early and walked. Normally I go to the gym. I had a routine which I loved. Now I have to change. I am walking with DH in the morning before it gets light. Then I will do a exercise video in ... Read more

  • Supreme Sacrifice Day

    3/18/2020 5:10:20 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : Always March 18 Supreme Sacrifice Day recognizes the ultimate sacrifice made by some for the good of others. History is filled with examples of people who offered the supreme sacrifice for other people. We offer these examples: Jesus Christ gave the... Read more

  • Erin Go Bragh - Saint Patrick's Day

    3/17/2020 5:07:45 AM, by ADKISTLER

    When: March 17 Saint Patrick's day is in honor of the Patron Saint of Ireland, who brought Christianity to the Emerald Isles, as Ireland is known. It is truly a day of celebrating Irish history, ancestry, traditions and customs. Saint Patrick's' Day has many symbols and traditi... Read more

  • This morning DH is disinfecting every where in our house

    3/16/2020 10:53:54 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good Morning - not sure it needs to be done to this extend, but my hubby was brought up by a nurse for a mother and a father who was a clean nut. He goes through these phases that he needs to clean. This virus has fueled it this time. I do not mind. I have learned to stay out of his way and no c... Read more

  • Everything You Do is Right Day

    3/16/2020 4:38:10 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always March 16 Everything You Do is Right Day just might be a perfect day. Life is filled with ups and downs. Some days are good days. Some days are bad days. Most often, there's both good and bad in any given day. You take life's ups and downs with... Read more

  • this week has taught me many things positive

    3/15/2020 8:31:12 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good Morning- My son is a wonderful and patient parent. I have been sitting back on numerous occasions and just watch him. I always knew that he would be a good parent. He has become more confident in managing his 2 1/2 year old daughter with his disability. My GD knows not to move when she is ... Read more

  • Ides of March

    3/15/2020 1:45:22 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : March 15th The Ides of March is the first day of the Roman New Year.It also marks the first day of spring in the Roman calendar. On this day in history, Julius Caesar was warned by soothsayers to "beware of the Ides of March". Apparently, he did not he... Read more

  • Peaceful morning - every one is still sleeping

    3/14/2020 8:19:08 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good Morning- I have not been paying attention to me. My sciatica acted up last night. I have not been doing my exercises. I got up at 1 am and did them. they work. With the amount of distraction in my house with my guests - I lose myself. It is non-stop. they are leaving tomorrow. DS is st... Read more

  • National Pi Day π π π

    3/14/2020 6:58:51 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always held on March 14 National Pi Day celebrates Pi, a mathematical concept and a number that never least no one and no computer has found the end yet. Often, we round it off to 3.14. If you are a mathematician, this is your day. For Na... Read more

  • DS and his family still here - leaving Sunday

    3/13/2020 7:59:23 PM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good evening- it is very hard to relax when you have guests. Dh and I eat relatively light meals. There is so much food in the house. I buy food for two days and it does not go that far. I forgot what people eat -when they are in their twenties and thirties. DH has been over eating because he is... Read more

  • Smart and Sexy Day

    3/13/2020 6:57:17 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always celebrated on March 13 This special day was created to show women that they can be both smart and sexy. As a matter of fact, being both is a very powerful combination. Strongly promoted by Alliance for Career Development Nonprofits (ACDN), th... Read more

  • trying to be supportive

    3/12/2020 9:49:43 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good Morning- DS and his family have been visiting since Monday. they are going home Sunday. Long story why this is happening. DH and I are out of our nice, ordered lifestyle. We are eating big meals - good food - not what we normally eat. GD is getting much attention from grandpa and grandpa, ... Read more

  • Popcorn Lover's Day

    3/12/2020 7:18:20 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : Second Thursday in March Many of us love popcorn. So, it only makes sense that there should be a special day just for popcorn lovers. Popcorn is good for you, when eaten plain. It is not as healthy, when it's loaded with salt and butter. But, all that butter an... Read more

  • Worship of Tools Day

    3/11/2020 7:13:28 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : Always March 11 There are few things that the male population worships more than his tools. To some, a tool is a natural extension of their arm. So, Worship of Tools Day is a logical day of celebration. And, it's definitely a guy thing. Please note however, there ar... Read more

  • perfect storm

    3/10/2020 9:54:31 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    Good Morning- DH getting over cold but still grumpy, me- did not sleep well last night, DS came here with his family yesterday. DS asked us to cook for his family. They came so unexpectedly that DH had to go to the grocery store. DIL being very nice -I am being welcoming but wondering what her g... Read more

  • Middle Name Pride Day

    3/10/2020 6:54:34 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always March 10 Middle Name Pride Day honors the seldom used middle name that often sets you apart from others. It was selected with care, so you should be proud of it. Here's two big reasons to be proud of your middle name: First, th... Read more

  • National Barbie Day

    3/9/2020 10:31:23 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Throw on some Aqua — March 9 is National Barbie Day! In 1959, an 11-inch tall bombshell made her debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York. Designed by Ruth Handler, the co-founder of Mattel Inc., Barbie was created to allow girls to imagine what their lives could be like in the... Read more