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  • Will I ever reach my goal?

    1/19/2020 6:55:49 PM, by GRAMLOCK77

    Well, just a little smile for everyone, but sometimes I do wonder if I can ever reach my long term goal. I'm so close actually, but it has been several months and I just can't seem to go anywhere. But I won't quit. I'll just keep trusting my Lord as I walk along and He will help me to get there o... Read more

  • An update: How I ended 2019

    1/18/2020 1:06:11 PM, by BLUECAFE

    It's been quite a while since I've made a blog entry. I'm just not disciplined enough to do them regularly. This past year was a very good year. The hubs and I are a few months in to our second year of retirement and we're loving the life! We have acclimated into our new "routine" which is to ... Read more

  • Old Eating Habits - A Treat for Every Meal

    1/14/2020 2:06:34 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    I felt the urge to write, but the topic was evading me - until I realized, you know what I haven't done since last year? Old Eating Habits! What a better topic to discuss in January, the time where you've made New Year's Resolutions and are resetting your health goals?! To Review: In "Cake... Read more

  • Where is your soul anchored? Have you found that rest?

    1/10/2020 5:21:28 PM, by GRAMLOCK77

    I can rest in the fact that the gospel is right from the beginning! Yes, that's right, it is in Genesis 1 and 2. I had never seen this before. God's wonderful plan has always been there! On the 7th day God rested from all His labors. His labors were done in the first 6 days and they were al... Read more

  • Overthrowing a Lifetime in a Week

    1/9/2020 2:20:53 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    I have an Apple Watch. The Watch in trying to encourage one in one's health goals gave me two goals for January: one was specialized for me and one was universal. The Universal one called "Ring in the New Year" was this: to get all three of your goals (Move, Stand and Exercise) maxed out 7 days in a... Read more

  • Yet Another New Year's Post

    1/3/2020 1:46:51 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    This time of year is always a bit of a weird one, I find. I love the holidays; Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday of the year. But the moment the packages are open, the meal eaten, the carols sung, the very next day after Christmas even, the 26th, the magic has gone and there's this weird "... Read more

  • 2020 - Vision of the Future

    1/2/2020 4:30:15 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    Welcome to 2020, where I'm already sick to death of the vision and Barbara Walters' jokes! Has it really been 20 years since we all freaked out that the world would collapse under Y2K?! Does that age me more than I already am? I have been silent on here mostly because I've been on vacation, enj... Read more

  • Feeling overwhelmed - Just Rest

    12/30/2019 4:35:35 PM, by GRAMLOCK77

    Just a quickie here: Feeling overwhelmed Why? Starting a new plan - The Trim Healthy Mama Plan Anyone else doing this? Trying to learn it and how to get started. On the bright side Reviewed my health from the past year and a half Down 55+pounds 21 inches l... Read more