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  • Spreadsheet

    1/17/2020 3:39:26 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    Check it out! This will help me be more organized and it will show me correlations between my goals and my weekly weight loss. By the end of the year, hopefully I can look back and crunch these numbers for better insights. I’ll make a tab for each week, and one f... Read more

  • Marathon Training Day 9

    1/16/2020 1:35:17 AM, by TRAIKAR

    I couldn't run today because I had errands to run. I know, excuse excuses, but I played RingFit twice as long as much as I usually do. It felt good! Also, eating that whole Godiva chocolate bar did too. Oops!... Read more

  • January 15 - finally saw a doctor but had his P.A. instead.

    1/15/2020 7:49:21 PM, by LINDYPOWER

    I'm on potent antibiotics and a very potent antihistamine Been in bed for weeks, and getting up to do small chores. No one has come by except 2 neighbors who left soup and a meal by front door So sweet and caring of them. I've wasted the first half of January in bed sick when I have huge jobs ... Read more

  • Marathon Training Day 8

    1/14/2020 8:00:30 PM, by TRAIKAR

    No running today even though I was supposed to. The lingering headache was still there and it seems it might be due to lack of proper sleep and dehydration. I refuse to use a painkiller. Hoping that it will completely go away by tomorrow! I'm itching to run, but my head won't allow me to!... Read more

  • Marathon Training Day 7

    1/13/2020 8:41:45 PM, by TRAIKAR

    Another day off from work and I am not feeling so good. I spent almost all day sleeping because I didn't get a good sleep last night. My head hurts and I think I should drink more water for it to go away. I can't wait to go running tomorrow! Time to increase it up to 45 minutes on the treadmill inst... Read more

  • Marathon Training Day 6

    1/13/2020 8:40:18 PM, by TRAIKAR

    I was badly itching to run, but the cold weather outside prevented me from doing so. I also wanted to go hiking, but I figured it was okay to take the day off and rest at home. I did do a 25 minute workout though using the RingFit!... Read more

  • Week 1 Recap and Week 2 Goals

    1/13/2020 6:00:26 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I didn’t do great last week at meeting all of my goals but I did lose 1 lb! Yay! Today I feel a lot better than I have in a long time, so I think my efforts are paying off. One thing that I’ve noticed Is that baths REALLY seem to make me feel better and allow me to sleep better, so I’m going to aim ... Read more

  • Here I Sit Waiting

    1/13/2020 3:09:52 PM, by PORTIA70

    Exterminator's suppose to be here today to give my room a really good spray. A little info about that is I live in a hotel in Los Angeles; which is why I say room. Still sitting here waiting on them to arrive. *yawns* LOL Otherwise, it is a typical Monday and so much to get done. I found ... Read more

  • Marathon Training Day 5

    1/12/2020 4:01:41 PM, by TRAIKAR

    I easily managed to run 2 miles on the treadmill today. I feel my body becoming stronger and stronger and I think it is because of the routine. My body is getting used to it again. With the added strength training I do from playing RingFit on the Nintendo Switch, my body feels good!... Read more

  • Happy Sunday Sparkers

    1/12/2020 12:20:28 PM, by PORTIA70

    I hope that all of you are enjoying your Sunday. Not a whole lot to report today. I plan to catch up on posting on my SparkTeams and explore other content that I may have overlooked. Picking up around the room also. I have to figure out a way to let the people in my building know th... Read more

  • Knee Replacement Fun

    1/11/2020 10:40:18 AM, by TERMITEMOM

    Well, I am having both my knees replaced 3 weeks apart, the first one next Wednesday (that's D-4, yikes!). As everybody knows, I am very nervous. A laugh is always good medicine to help calm nerves. Right? I found these gems. Enjoy! yes!!! recurring nightmare??? thankfu... Read more

  • Marathon Training Day 4

    1/10/2020 8:50:20 PM, by TRAIKAR

    I did it! I manage to run on the treadmill today with no excuses! It wasn't too difficult either. I did about 2.25 miles in 33 min. Slow and steady... I am hoping I'll eventually reach 6mph again!... Read more

  • Addiction

    1/10/2020 7:31:58 AM, by NEXTCHAPTERPLZ

    So I’m back at this. It’s been a great kick-off week. Now, I don’t know if I’ve been avoiding this or if it truly has never occurred to me but I now can honestly say I am truly addicted to food. I think the stigma wrapped around that statement leaves people rolling their eyes thinking “that’s not ... Read more

  • Marathon Training Day 3

    1/9/2020 8:30:01 PM, by TRAIKAR

    Again, no progress. I took a break from running today because i was not feeling good from that time of the month. i don't know how you ladies do it! Do you still workout during that time. I hate how it always gets in the way.... Read more

  • Marathon Training Day 2

    1/9/2020 1:15:53 AM, by TRAIKAR

    I was supposed to run 30 min today at least on the treadmill, but I was so tired from working and my body was super sore from the day before. I hate making excuses. I was so close to going to my nearest gym to work out, but told myself, I don't want to hurt my body or I will regret it. Like they say... Read more

  • Have The Winter Blues

    1/8/2020 11:10:10 PM, by PORTIA70

    I seriously think that is my issue for the last few days. I am currently in the cycle of not wanting to do anything. I have good intentions the night before when I make plans to take on a task, but by the next day I have lost all energy to even get started. I would rather just lay here and do absol... Read more

  • Today

    1/8/2020 8:52:35 PM, by HEALTHYGRAMMY13

    This is one of my favorite verses. I have it hanging on my hallway wall where I can see it daily.... Read more

  • A word about Hygge

    1/8/2020 12:32:52 PM, by LUVSCLASSICS

    In the winter, the Scandinavians have learned how to be in a state of happiness. The word is “ Hygge” “Everyone can identify with a fragrant garden, with the beauty of a sunset, with the quiet of nature, with a warm and cozy cottage.” – Thomas Kincaid How do you pronounce Hygge? ... Read more

  • Marathon Training Day 1

    1/7/2020 10:14:08 PM, by TRAIKAR

    I took marathon training seriously today. I typed up a plan that will ensure that I am ready for this. I am still a bit discouraged that I won't be ready for the event, but I know that if I don't get anything done, I will regret it and it will be all my fault. Lets do this!... Read more

  • Health issues (and a note about commenting on my blog)

    1/7/2020 9:19:11 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    Hi guys. I want to first thank all of you who left positive, supportive comments on my last blog. I appreciate you. I really am excited about my goals this year and about posting here. But I need to make a PSA for some people: don’t bother leaving critical, negative comments on my blogs. I wil... Read more

  • Needing Exercise Support

    1/7/2020 12:52:19 AM, by PORTIA70

    The one thing I have found is not so much my eating habits as a problem. It is starting to exercise that is the single biggest obstacle. Trying to find out how much is safe enough for me to do, and to add to the fact that I have more energy one day then the next due to health issues. One da... Read more

  • Should I exercise while sick???

    1/6/2020 11:10:35 PM, by YOUNG-AT-HEART

    Sick with a cold... This was me this past week... I’ve been very sick with a cold this past week, not felt well, did very little exercise & tracking, felt guilty about I did a little research & found this helpful info for me to think about. Source: News5 webs... Read more

  • 2020/January/Week 1 goals!

    1/6/2020 7:18:57 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    (Actual photo of me being fat & adorable) Hello! I’m Jamie. I am 33 years old, female, 6’1” and 399.0 lb. about 53.6% body fat (much like the raccoon above). I’ve got the dream job; I’ve got the dream husband; I am loving life and am ready to make some serious progress on my health ... Read more

  • Give them the Pickle

    1/6/2020 3:59:32 PM, by LUVSCLASSICS

    Sunday, January 5, 2020 Less exercise time; Church at 11:40 Am- 12:45pm, Sister had agreed to attend diner, but when arrived back at house, she complain of anxiety, lying in bed, refuse to come outdoors. My husband and I went to diner ourselves at 2:30 pm, Got a cup of Manhattan clam ... Read more

  • Day 3 of 366 (2020)

    1/3/2020 11:34:41 PM, by ANAMAYB

    Drinking so much water, may have to move my work desk into the restroom... Started Piyo on the first with the plan that if I ever felt the need, I could replace any workout with any workout (and it need not be a Piyo workout either, it could be dancing, boxing, a crossfit type deal. Anything goes).... Read more

  • 01.02.2020

    1/3/2020 12:06:59 AM, by TRAIKAR

    Today, I did my first run of 2020. Of course, I am starting off small, but hopefully I'll be able to do those 6-mile runs easily again!... Read more

  • January 2 - been very ill with virus affecting lungs and throat. In bed for days

    1/2/2020 1:04:12 PM, by LINDYPOWER

    Fit and Active 45 Calorie Bread, 2 serving ⊗ 90 18 0 6 5 Pears, fresh, 1 pear, small (approx 3 per lb) ⊗ 67 18 0 0 4 Lemon Juice, 1 wedge yields ⊗ 1 1 0 0 0 Marmalade Mackays orange and lemon/ginger, 50 gram(s) ⊗ 127 32 0 0 0 Herbal Life Tea Concentrate Raspberry, 1 tsp ⊗ 10 2 0 0 0 BRE... Read more

  • 2020 - a year of seeing myself with clarity and awareness

    1/2/2020 3:12:55 AM, by LINDYPOWER

    So I joined SP in 2009 and have gotten almost nowhere in 11 years Hmmmmm when is it going to happen? When I'm almost diabetic and stroking out ? I'll be 70 on April 11th. Now that's a big wake up call. Perhaps I need to get real. In 4 months I can break this stagnation of teeter totte... Read more

  • Oh dear...

    1/2/2020 12:03:11 AM, by ANAMAYB

    Haven’t been on spark for almost a year. But I am back on now and apparently down .2 lbs. At least it is going in the right direction, lol. ... Read more

  • Goals for BLC Winter Round

    1/1/2020 5:42:50 PM, by VIBRANT4LIFE

    After a very stressful 2019 I knew I was going to need some help to get back on track with living a healthier lifestyle and was happy to find a BLC round was starting in the beginning of January. I have participated in other Spark Challenges before but not this one. My goal for this Challenge ... Read more

  • Happy 2020 Sparkers

    1/1/2020 3:27:07 PM, by PORTIA70

    I hope all of you had a safe celebration bringing in the New Year and decade. I had a pretty good time with the neighbors in my building. A few of us watched Rockin New Year's Eve and had a little wine to bring it in. It was not without events happening though. A few months ago, my friend a... Read more

  • 01.01.2020

    1/1/2020 1:31:49 PM, by TRAIKAR

    So today is the start of the new year, a new decade! I don't usually do new year resolutions anymore because I feel like why should we wait till the new year starts to make a change? I make resolutions whenever I want! Anyway, I ended off 2019 in tears because it was the first time I celebrate... Read more

  • January 2020

    12/31/2019 9:17:59 PM, by LINDAF49

    New year and old goals - Many medical issues but basically working at aging gracefully and maintaining health as best I can. Still dreaming of seeing ONE-derland on the scale someday!!! Maintaining a simple life, trying to do a couple flights of stairs daily and wear pedometer to be sure I ge... Read more

  • Checking in at the end of 2019

    12/31/2019 8:44:33 PM, by JUDI_CUTIE

    Everyone is so nice to wish me well as a spark motivator. I feel like such a fraud! I have not been logging in. I was tracking my exercise very steadily, but stopped that! And don’t get me started about holiday eating. I need to remember my “Spark roots” and do better! I have still kept off over hal... Read more

  • Healthy 2020

    12/31/2019 9:15:39 AM, by AURA18

    Sources - 593 2020 252 Health Community
    -weight-loss/ Compassion, Courage and Common "Even the healthiest of diets can use a little support. The level of nutrients we need for optimal health are hard to get just ... Read more

  • Did a really good job playing piano at NH on Christmas Day.

    12/30/2019 9:11:21 AM, by TEDDYTEDDY

    I’m pretty sure I had help from my favorite aunt who was a musical genius. I have her picture over my piano just like when I was growing up, feeling like she was listening to me play. Everyone at the NH was friendly and most of the residents clapped enthusiastically after each song. It was a ... Read more

  • New Year, New Decade, New Me

    12/29/2019 9:44:45 PM, by HEALTHYGRAMMY13

    In just a few days a new year will begin. It is also a new decade. I am looking to commit and set my goals for a “new me” as well. How do I figure a new me? Well, I need to commit to myself that I am going to travel this healthy journey one step at a time, one day at a time. No more excuses. I need ... Read more

  • Under calories!

    12/29/2019 5:40:59 PM, by CHLOE0044

    Finally under my calories today! Yes, first time in a while! It helps that it's after Christmas. Lost my job just before the holiday season started, so instead of overeating, I am being mindful of calories. Less food equates to less grocery money spent.... Read more

  • Two Christmases

    12/29/2019 5:32:04 PM, by JLPEASE

    We had Christmas at our house on the 25th, but my sister is undergoing chemotherapy, so we had Christmas with her and her boyfriend yesterday. My sis is doing so well! She says she is feeling fine and she seems better than ever in terms of her spirits. It was still a long day because it's a 3-hour d... Read more

  • Getting Back Into Sparking

    12/29/2019 12:55:05 PM, by PORTIA70

    I posted in last night's blog that I would be back, and here I am. Did you miss me??? :) Today is a whole new day with new challenges, but we will get through them one way or another. Sometimes we have to go around the storm, and others we have to go through the storms, but no matter what... Read more

  • Was Gone For A Few Days

    12/29/2019 1:47:38 AM, by PORTIA70

    The last few days since Christmas has kept me busy, which is why I have not done my usual posting and getting my points. But I am doing well. I hope that all of you Sparkers had a good Christmas. I know that it is hard during the holidays when the stress of running around shopping, cooking, and spen... Read more

  • An apple a day...

    12/27/2019 7:30:56 AM, by AURA18

    New routine for after holiday cravings 211 Dash of ACV and lemon in warm water 1. Mornings before brushing teeth 2. 30 minutes before meals 3. Evenings before brushing teeth
    le-cider-vinegar-weight-loss<... Read more

  • What we can learn from people with intellectual disabilities and Special Olympics

    12/26/2019 9:20:33 AM, by TERMITEMOM

    My son is intellectually disabled. I read an article in the Washington Post today written by Timothy Shriver (chairman of Special Olympics) that I really liked. Let me share an excerpt with you. """" First, have faith, not necessarily in a particular religion or creed but in the goodness with... Read more

  • Wishing All Of You Sparkers A Merry Christmas

    12/24/2019 10:28:26 PM, by PORTIA70

    Probably not going to be a very long blog tonight. I wanted to stop in and wish all of you Sparkers a very Merry Christmas. Hard to believe Christmas is upon us again. And we are getting ready to head into a whole new decade. I have a feeling we will go through many changes in 2020, but will come ou... Read more

  • Walked a mile yesterday and almost took a Lyft home....

    12/24/2019 9:50:54 AM, by TEDDYTEDDY

    After I bought a new copy of White Christmas (I couldn’t find my copy I’ve had forever) I walked to the bus stop and the bus didn’t stop for me. I’m pretty sure the driver saw me but I was only 5 feet from the bus stop. So there I was on the block where Dairy Queen was and I went in and orde... Read more

  • Monday Made For Housework

    12/23/2019 6:01:25 PM, by PORTIA70

    Today is my housework day, and this is how Monday makes me feel I usually reserve weekends for my relaxation days, but with a cat it becomes such a chore. She wants to be under my feet wanting to know what I am doing. A restaurant a block and a half from when I live was giving o... Read more

  • Learning To Start My Day With SparkPeople

    12/22/2019 2:14:32 PM, by PORTIA70

    I am starting my day by checking in with SparkPeople first, before I do anything else. It is not only a good way to know how far you have come, but also a way to speak to others who are also on this journey. They can be much needed support to get you through the day. Sunday for me is usually... Read more

  • Forgot To Blog Yesterday

    12/22/2019 1:11:58 AM, by PORTIA70

    I totally forgot to get my points and post yesterday. It was on my mind, but then I got busy with other things and went to bed. It was only when I woke up today that I remembered 198 My neighbor took us out to eat today and I noticed that my clothes are starting to be too loose on me, and ... Read more

  • Allergies Or A Cold

    12/19/2019 10:34:23 PM, by PORTIA70

    Was up until 2 this morning with allergies or a cold. I could not stop sneezing and was so cold. Felt it a little bit this afternoon too, and had to lay down. I am doing slightly better now so I am starting on some much needed housework. I also watched my daily calories because on Thursday my friend... Read more

  • 12.19.19

    12/19/2019 9:58:13 PM, by TRAIKAR

    I am feeling like it's getting easier to run again now. Plus, my new running shoes don't hurt me as much anymore. I'm breaking in! Looking for that day I will be able to run around the lake easily again!... Read more