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  • another take on fear.

    5/26/2020 7:28:09 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    There are those that have been abused. Are stilling being abused but can't get help. Why you ask? Their abusers are staying just in the legal realm on how they are abusing their victims. Mental abuse. Emotional abuse. Psychological abuse. Verbal abuse. Flat out control what a person does (wh... Read more

  • where did last week go?

    5/25/2020 7:52:39 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    It does feel like it should be Thursday of last week, not Monday evening. I know the weeks go by faster with each passing year, but doggone, it seems like its going to fast for what I feel it should. I am 40 and before saying I'm a kid or a baby still (please don't), i am not, I was treated like a... Read more

  • 05-25-2020

    5/25/2020 12:56:43 PM, by BE-THE-CHANGE

    I attended my first funeral when I was 10 years old. I remember it like it was yesterday. Edward Michael Maher, Jr. was born on April 4, 1947, in Bronx, NY, to Gladys and Edward M. Maher, Sr. He had five siblings including Carol, Ralph, Doreen, Patricia and Barbara. His family moved to Hi... Read more

  • nice surprise today.

    5/20/2020 7:53:32 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I play Pokemon Go and I was able to get a shiny Terrakion during a raid. I was the only 1 to get it. if the group was bigger (20 max people per raid), more would have gotten 1. If you dont know the game, its best to read up on the game than for me to try and explain it. I was also able to wal... Read more

  • blah day, again

    5/19/2020 8:31:43 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I so hoped that I would have been sent home today from work as I was tired, not really feeling it at work and that I fear leaving my home even more now as more places are opening back up and people coming in. And that could include people I don't want around me. I can't have them banned as they st... Read more

  • not so shocking title

    5/18/2020 8:47:26 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I was able to get out and walk both yesterday and stream both days. I am doing that to help those with agoraphobia see the outside world and start to build getting comfortable with going outside. It was anxiety filled, but it was worth it.... Read more

  • If hubby hadn't cooked before going to work,

    5/14/2020 7:53:11 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I would have done an order either through 1 of 2 places as I am not in the mood to cook. Especially with the amount of people we had, and the amount of fries-i cooked-about 90 lbs-and all the sandwiches I saw go out. I will be happy when we can go back to somewhat normalcy. That I can just de... Read more

  • Today.......

    5/13/2020 8:58:55 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    was a little bit quieter and a bit milder for customers. But still exhausting as I didn't sleep very well last night and still a bit understaffed today. But luckily we worked through it and got it done. . But luckily I have my lap kitty in my lap rumbling away. This helps with melting... Read more

  • as the united states is opening back up.....

    5/12/2020 9:27:17 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    And you decide to get food at fast food places, please remember that the stores are short staffed at this time. People are in positions they may not normally work. They are tired, sore, in pain, frustrated and most of the time wonder if anyone cooks at home. This in turn has a lot of us wanting t... Read more

  • miles

    5/11/2020 8:16:58 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I just realized if I hadn't taken any time and posted all the miles I had walked, I would be close 5,000 miles walked and logged. Which is a lot. but you can't tell by looking at me. I'm still fat, still out of shape. But if I could run I would. And convince hubby mine we need more fruits and v... Read more

  • May 10, 2020

    5/10/2020 12:16:05 PM, by BE-THE-CHANGE

    ... Read more

  • Another thing - eating slowly

    5/7/2020 3:48:15 PM, by BKBROILER52

    Since I am having dinners with more calories than usual, I am focusing on slowing down my eating and not going back for more. Also, I need to measure what I can, for example rice. I am working on making my meals stretch out for at least 20 minutes, putting down my fork in between bites, drinking w... Read more

  • sore legs

    5/5/2020 6:23:38 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I've been walking a lot while either working or exercising. Hate it, but understand as I went a few weeks of not really walking a lot like I had been. They will get used to it once more and it will be easier for me. It was cloudy/rainy today which really stinks as I need sunshine. Not just m... Read more

  • Focusing on not snacking

    5/5/2020 10:24:39 AM, by BKBROILER52

    During Coronavirus, I am using meal delivery services to save on going to the grocery store. The food is pretty good, but is usually higher calories then the recipes that I usually make. I tell myself that it is ok because I am exercising more, which I am (many days I burn 1000 calories exercises ... Read more

  • love hate relationship with cleaning.

    5/3/2020 8:26:10 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    While I love the feeling of actually cleaning, I hate doing it as I'm to do 2 hours a day per apartment building manager, as I myself don't know how to keep my apartment to standards and beyond. I do, just that expectations are so high that its hard for me to stay motivated to clean daily. The hou... Read more

  • Hope all is well!

    5/1/2020 9:04:47 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hi Everyone I hope you are all continuing to survive our crazy times and making the best of it. I've been doing really good with my fitness minutes. My current streak is on Day 162. I can tell the benefits are strongly kicking in. Today's highlights were: * Exercise bike for 20 mi... Read more

  • had a quiet couple days

    4/30/2020 8:06:10 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    and had a crazy day today. I enjoyed having my birthday off. I requested my birthday off as I have had horrible birthdays in the past when I worked them. Today was hectic as I worked in an area that I'm very weak in and stressed out over it. I will be happy when things starts getting back to... Read more