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The 5 lb Blues
Sunday, July 25, 2010      1 comments

It seems like I can always start a new lifestyle and be comfortable with it for about 2 weeks. That's usually the time it takes me to lose the first 5 pounds. The problem is I've never made it past those 5 pounds. Last time I around I gained the... Read more
Working through life's issues!
Wednesday, July 21, 2010      0 comments

I’ve reached yet another discovery in my journey. I’m afraid to be happy. It sounds ridiculous at first, even to me. I’ve realized just how true it is though. I use to be so very happy with every part of my life. I loved my family, friends, chur... Read more
Tough Workout=Sore Body.
Tuesday, July 13, 2010      2 comments

1332 calories 10 minute walk 38 minutes of zumba 100 crunches I'm already sore!! I think I might have overdone it just liiiittle bit today. I plan on only lifting weights tomorrow and walking. I don't want to burn myself out. One thin... Read more
Just Dance!
Monday, July 12, 2010      0 comments

Let me just start by saying that I'm really proud of myself for today! I haven't said that much lately, so I had to get that out. The only unhealthy foods I ate were a cookie and a brownie. I've never been one to resist freshly cooked brownies! ... Read more
Maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year! -All Time Low
Sunday, July 11, 2010      3 comments

Hey! So I'm gonna try to write a blog every night because I think it might help me sort through my crazy eating habits of the day. It's worth a try anyways! Today started out pretty well. I ate a banana for breakfast since it was 11:30 and had l... Read more
1 Step Forward & 10 Steps Back
Wednesday, June 09, 2010      1 comments

The title pretty much explains it! I was doing awesome and had lost 5 pounds in a little over 2 weeks. Shortly after that, I got lazy and started slacking off. It's been almost a week since I've been to the gym, and my eating habits are once aga... Read more
Learning to Love Myself
Saturday, June 05, 2010      1 comments

The road to becoming healthier is full of challenges totally unrelated to the number on the scales. I'm really beginning to see that. Since I gained weight, I have slowly began hating myself. The crazy part is I never even realized it! I've felt... Read more
Thursday, June 03, 2010      2 comments

Hello, everyone. I guess this isn't really what you would expect a first blog post to be. It's not enthusiastic about my new lifestyle change. I'm just confused about what's going on. I used to weigh about 120-130 pounds. Over the course of a co... Read more