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Thanksgiving Blessings!
Thursday, November 28, 2019      1 comments

Hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving. We certainly did! Our daughter and her husband weren't here, missed them of course. We did have my husband's 100 yr old mother with us. We feel so lucky that she's doing pretty good ... Read more
52.5 Pounds To Goal
Wednesday, September 18, 2019      3 comments

That sounds like a whole lot, doesn't it? Yes. But, little by little it's going down. There aren't any hidden secrets behind the loss. My motivation comes from heaven....from God. I pray every day for His help. I would never have co... Read more
Prayer For Weight Loss
Sunday, August 18, 2019      3 comments

Gracious God, I have a goal and a desire to be more healthy. I know only true health comes from you. While it may be tough, I know if I stay the course I will succeed. However, some moments and even days are tough for my mind wants what wi... Read more
Progressing Slowly
Sunday, August 18, 2019      1 comments

Had a setback - ate fried chicken thigh - big mistake...ended up with irritable bowel. I lost a few pounds that was inevitable. But I find that I am eating less bread, less pasta, less sugary stuff and no chips. I was so accustomed to having ... Read more
Things Are Happening For the Better!
Monday, August 05, 2019      2 comments

I've been more careful when choosing the food I eat. It's complicated whenever starting a new diet or program. To make it easier I am choosing to eat more fresh veggies and fruit, less fried foods, salt, sugar, carbs. So far things are happe... Read more
Am I Really Ready?
Friday, July 19, 2019      2 comments

Got the newly adjusted bridge after the 2 teeth extractions. I was without it for about three weeks. My diet was different for sure. Not used to eating mostly soft foods. Now that's all over the bridge. I can finally get on with my plans to... Read more
Postponed Metabolic Plan
Tuesday, July 02, 2019      1 comments

I did not disappear. But because of several medical issues I am postponing the new Metabolic plan. Two teeth extractions, some blood work for another poroblem, and countless other tests, I had to be on lots of liquids and soft foods...not exact... Read more
More Active
Wednesday, June 19, 2019      2 comments

I haven't gotten the literature from Dr. Jonny Bowden about Metabolism yet...In the meantime I've been trying to increase my activity.. I can't believe it but I reached 12,000 steps the other day. Being active is one of the things I want to kee... Read more
Tap On The Shoulder
Tuesday, June 18, 2019      6 comments

I pray every day for help from God to get through the day and not go haywire overeating or eating salty sugary foods. I asked him to tap me real hard on the shoulder where I have the osteoarthritis when I go offtrack. Sometimes I actually fee... Read more
Back On Track (I think)
Tuesday, June 18, 2019      4 comments

It's been a long time that I added anything here. Been through lots of struggles, physically mostly with teeth extractions soon to be done, UTIs, fecal blood, so many tests it had me spinning. Everything calmed down a bit, enough for me to ge... Read more
Body Cramps
Tuesday, March 05, 2019      1 comments

Been wrestling with muscle cramping, my fam doctor stopped the statin I was taking for years because he thought it was causing it. Tonight at 5 30 pm I got muscle cramps from toes to neck and shoulders...all the way up and down my left side. ... Read more
Today is Day 1 of 100 More Days of Weight Loss Journey (DWLJ)
Monday, March 04, 2019      1 comments

We all begin the new 100 Day Journey to lose weight. This one really counts for my future. Didn't you ever say to yourself or even to others - I need one more chance to get on track; I really want to lose weight. I need to be healthy. I... Read more
March 4th is Coming
Saturday, March 02, 2019      2 comments

I've been following the 100 More Days of Weight Loss for a couple days, with three days on the BRAT diet...not a great choice, but it was a must for me. How can you go off the diet when you're on the BRAT? I hope that this time in my lif... Read more
Silencing Your Inner Critic-- Yessss
Thursday, February 28, 2019      0 comments

In my last blog, I recognize that I need to be careful of the emotional reasons that lead me to eat overboard. In a comment by SWEETENUFGILL on that blog, a SP article was referred to, 11 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic: https://www.s... Read more
100 Day Journey - 3
Tuesday, February 26, 2019      2 comments

What If I Fail? I have been there so many times in the past. So, what are my fears? Eating sweets overboard and quitting the food plan. Can I overcome those fears and what's my plan? Try not to think negatively. Start cultivatin... Read more

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